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soon2bmommy - March 23

Oh okay - i understand


soon2bmommy - March 23

Is it decaffenated tea?


Jessica - March 23

Yes it is. I get really sleeping since at times. Like all this week.


soon2bmommy - March 23

I have some of the ladies here say drink it at night, but I drink mine in the morning at work as the substitute for my coffee. So I really dont know, but it sounds like you having some problems with taking it at night maybe you need to drink it a little earlier in your day.


Jessica - March 23

Yes you maybe right.
I will go ahead and take your advice thanks alot!
Baby dust to you!!!


Monica - March 23

Nancy; Have you taken your temperature lately? That would be a good way to find out before you take the HPT. Typically if your temp. remains high after 14 DPO, that is a REALLY good sign........

Take your temperature & see......



NANCY - March 23

If I take my temp what number should it be at I don't take my temp every morning??? Can I still take my temp and know any info??


Jessica - March 23

Monica - About the temp.
I have had my temp high for 5 day now. Is this a good thing? I also have a ovulation kit which since 5 day ago the test come out with 2 lines. LH surge test. Is the also normal.


Monica - March 23

Okay: I normally take my temperature every morning, ESPECIALLY after I ovulate. My normal temperature is 97.4. That is my baseline. After ovulation my temperature goes up to 98.4 - 99.0 for EXACTLY 14 days after ovulation. On 15 DPO, my temp. all of a sudden drops back down to my baseline temperature (97.4), and that is when I know that my period is getting ready to come on; and it ALWAYS comes on within a day or so.
Nancy, if you normally don't take your temperature on a regular basis, then at this point it will be a little hard to know what your baseline temperature is & what is not normal for you :-\ You have to know what your average baseline temperature is, so that you will know what is high for you.

Jessica: It is very normal for your temp. to be high for 5 days after ovulation. It should stay consistently high for about 12 to 14 days in a row. Now after that timeframe, if it is still high & you are late for your period.......That is a REALLY good indication that you are pregnant.

For example, my period is late right now....but this morning I took my temperature, and it had dropped back down to 97.5, so I guarantee you that my period will come on sometime today or tomorow. That is how I always know when I am pregnant & when I am not, even without having to take a pregnancy test.........

I will copy some information for you guys in just a minute............


tinaxu - March 23

To Jessica, right you should take green tea in the early of your day. as you said your temp high for 5 days, it showed that you already ovulated before the first day of high temp, if temp stays 18 days, it is a good sign for pg.
you mentioned you tested for LH by opk it showed 2 line, it is normal only if you will ovulating next 12-24 hours(some might say 24-48 hours) since the possitive result. i mean the opk test was possitive and you temp raised \, you ovulated. if you had BD 2 or 3 days before you temp was raise, good luck, you have a great chance to be pg


tinaxu - March 23

to monica:
I Detected LH by use opk on March 21, it was 14 day of 30 days crycle, (my temp was 36.6 ) i did it again on march 22, it was negative (temp was 37.0) i think i was ovulated on march 21,beacuse only if you ovulated your temp will raise! i had bd on march 19th, do i have chance to be pg. thanks. baby dust


Monica - March 23

Okay ladies; Below is the information about your Basal Body Temperature.

What is Basal Body temperature?

Basal body temperature (BBT) is your temperature when you first wake up in the morning. Before you even get out of bed to brush your teeth or start your day, pop a basal thermometer (available at drugstores) into your mouth. (It's important to try to wake up and take this reading at about the same time each morning.) This thermometer shows the minute incremental degree changes that a regular one can't. Most basal thermometers come with a temperature plotting chart. (For instructions on how to fill one in and a sample you can download, click here.) Make some extra copies of the chart in case it takes you a few months to get pregnant.

Your BBT probably ranges from 97.2 to about 97.7 degrees before ovulation. During the two or three days after you ovulate, hormonal changes have caused a rise in your BBT of between 0.5 and 1.6 degrees, which lasts at least until your next period. You'll probably notice your temperature spiking on other days, but unless it stays that way, you probably haven't yet ovulated. If you become pregnant, your temperature will stay elevated throughout your pregnancy..........


coconutt83 - March 23

yea green tea has been killing me... keeping me awake all night lol then i over sleep in the morning and have been being late for work. lol but during lunch i have been trying to drink green tea. i have been buying arizona ice tea green tea its really good it has ginsing and honey does that count? is that the same? bc it tastes MUCH better then the one i make at home!!! today i got blueberry green tea from arizona... i just pray it is the same thing and counts... anyone know?

baby dust.


Monica - March 23

Tinaxu: It is my understanding that sperm can stay alive anywhere from 2 to 3 days, or sometimes longer. So if you had intercourse on the 19th, then you also have a good chance of becoming pregnant.......I am not a doctor OR a nurse, by any means.........but all of this information is from my own personal research that I have done over the last several months.......


Mahogany Heart - March 23

Keep the Faith!!!

Supernatural Baby Dust!!!

Smile and Stay Focus!!!


Monica - March 23

By the way, the website that I copied the BBT information from is:

That way you can look it up as well..........Ladies, I am gone for the day. Have a great evening!

Baby Dust!
Monica ;)



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