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WishingandHoping - March 21

Tosha - So good to hear from you!! Just continuing to read cause nothing is too new here. I am so excited for you that you are finally getting into the doctor. It will help so much.

As for the clomid, it make my ovaries hurt a little and I definitely get dizzy but other than that ok. This is our last cycle to try and then we are taking a break from everything for awhile as we save money for the next steps. Thanks for checking in on me.

Have a great week everyone!!


tinaxu - March 22

Hi everyone;
mY OPK test shows i have a little LH, this is my 14 days in 30 days crycle, i will wait 3 days to take Ovulex, bc i can tell if i will have next period after ovulation.
Best luck to myself.
best wishes to all of you. baby dust!!


coconutt83 - March 22

when i was growing up i was always so happy i didn't have to worry about my period... sigh now i wish i was normal and i got it i have no idea wat cm is... or if i have it idk if i ovulate lol... its so difficult being a woman.


tinaxu - March 22

Hi coconutt83, i really understand your feelings, i have no cm for almost 2 years, even before i did not pay any attentio to it, when i want to have a baby i found out, it was so hard for me to accept, bc i had one pg when i was 21, 8 years past nothing happened at all. i almost lost patient, but hubby always say even i can not have a baby, nothing will change, i knew so sure that he loves children.


AliCat - March 22

Hey everyone! Hope everyone's week is going well. Don't have much new but keep praying and God will provide. Have a great night!



Monica - March 22

Nancy: Yes, the 2nd month that I was taking the Ovulex my period was 7 days late. That is because the Ovulex made me ovulate later, and therefore my period came on later. I had gotten soooo excited & thought that I could possibly be pregnant because I had never been late in my life; but low & behold...my period came on 7 days later & I then realized that it was because the Ovulex had caused me to ovulate later.
I really hope that this information helps.

Les23: How are you?

Baby Dust To Everyone!


NANCY - March 22

thanks monica I think that I ov on the 16th day so that would make my period due about the 30th day keeping my fingers crossed but I don't want to keep my hopes up just for them to come crashing down.

Baby dust to all you are all in my thoughts!!!



Monica - March 22

Nancy, according to your ticker....you are on CD 35. Do you normally have long cycles like this, or is it because you are taking the Ovulex? My cycles are normally 28 days, but using the ovulex, I had a 35 day cycle once.
After that I stopped taking the ovulex for various reasons........


Monica - March 22

I asked that because if you don't start until the 30th......that is another 8 days. That is a REALLY long cycle, even with the Ovulex.......so I will keep you in my prayers that your miracle has occured.......

SuperNatural Baby Dust To You!
Monica :)


NANCY - March 22

My cycle is usually about 29-30 days long. So I think that it is because of the ovulex that I am up to cycle day 35.

Thanks for keeping me in your prayers I hope that I can be another success story. I talk to my husband about it this morning we are thinking of waiting until Saturday morning to take a test I figure that will be 38 days. I never ever went that long.

much baby dust your way too and thanks again!!!!


coconutt83 - March 22

i wish i had a cycle that was 29 or even 40/50 days lol instead it comes whenever 3/4 times a year... always by suprise... but it usually always happens when i go to a water park on vacation. maybe thats how ill solve it... once a month ill go to a water park lol. so far i have taken 2 pills... lets see!!!!! yay... guess im kinda excited


NANCY - March 22

Not to be a downer but that has to be really frustrating!! I hope that ovulex regulates you.


tinaxu - March 22

This afternoon, i feel a little bit discomfortable with my lower abdomen--left side, i hope it is a good sign for ovulating.
this is 15th day of 30 days cycle.[url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/]


NANCY - March 22

That sounds like your ovulating. Do the baby dance!!!


coconutt83 - March 22

to tinaxu... are u taking ovulex? and if so how lomg have u been on it?


coconutt83 - March 23

so i have been on ovulex a day and a half lol and i went to the bathroom n i think i saw CM!!!! im positive!!... i think it was the most fertile one so i grabbed my cutie n BD BD BD... lol who knows i have been drinking green tea for like 2 weeks now i think or maybe a week and a half .. well anyway as long as i got to BD lol

gn everyone



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