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kaz uk - March 18

hi all

came across ur thread while looking in to ovulex .... im 29 hubby is 43 he has 3 kids all of which live with us .... we have been 4 years ttc, as u prob all know its very hard having to see "our" kids every day but not yet have one of my own, although god willing it wount stay that way for long, im in the process for going through test with doc, (im at blood test stage), do u think it would be ok if i started ovulex at this stage, if for nothing other than to regulate, and help blance ?


AliCat - March 19

Hello everyone! I have been reading all your posts for two weeks now and have finally decided to post!! Well, I am 23 yrs and my hubby is 26. We have been trying for only 7 months, well I shouldn't say only b/c its seems way longer than that! We have been married for 3 1/2 years now. We ordered Ovulex and Amberoz and started taking it now for five days. I have irregular periods so it is soooo hard to know if I'm ovulating or not. I hope this stuff is safe and helps. It still makes me a lil nervous but if it helps yeah!! Well thought I would pop in to say hi. Have a great rest of the weekend!


kaz uk - March 19

hi Alicat,

just wanted to ask in the week that u have taken ovulex! have u seen a difference yet ? im still waiting for my order to come through post. And how about the Amberoz any diff with that also ... by the way u asked if it was safe, ive been looking in to this for a while now and all though a lot of people out there have a prob with the company, ive never came across a report or complaint with the product its self in regards to it being safe, (and i really did look), the where a few that said it didnt work for them but on all the site ive look at that r sellin it, they state between an 85 to 90ish% success rate ... hope that helped xxxxx babe dust to u all xx


kaz uk - March 19

sorry ladies .....

just got an update on previous post ... there was some roport that oulex MAY!! be responsable for M/C because of and ingredient (Quoi king i think u spell it) but they
have now removed it.. apparently it was a good aid b4 ovulation but after oulation it was a bit dodgy... like i said they have now removed it. If any one wants info on where to look up all this stuff just let my know. ill b happy 2 point u in the right direction ... anyway im happy with what ive reserched so i will b takin mine :-)


rpoirier - March 19

hi i just did an iui an i was wondering if it doesnt work can i take ovulex at the same time as i do infertility treatments.


Mahogany Heart - March 20

Keep The Faith and Smile!!!!


DianaEvans2 - March 20

All: tying back to my posts #184 and 163 about Ovulex ingredients and its effectiveness in acheiving pregnancy.

Ingredients are NOT documented.
Results are NOT quantified by a statistical, analytical study based on blood tests on a controlled population.

Again, if a forensic chemist took apart Ovulex and analyzed the composition, there might be better clarity about the ingredients in question.

Your physician/REs might be in a more knowledgable position about the interactions of Ovulex with any other medications you might be taking as part of your IUI/IVF protocool.

Does anyone know of a forensic chemist that might help provide such clarity about Ovuex? THANK YOU!


NANCY - March 20

Happy Monday everyone!!

I hope that you all had a great weekend!


coconutt83 - March 21

yay i just checked my email and i got a confirmation that my package of ovulex was shipped on the 17th and i should get it tomorrow.... im so exicted!!!!

baby dust


Jessica - March 21

Hello, everyone

I have been on Ovulex for 12 days. Last night I couldn't sleep and my stomach hurted really bad. I was in so much pain. I don't know if it was the ovulex. But I will keep you posted in that. It gave be a really bad headache.

Baby Dust to call.


jackie - March 21

Hi guys,

Haven't been online...getting my house painted. I asked about the nursing, Jessica because I nursed mine big time. Either I nursed or they got it pumped in a bottle one for 17 month and one for 15. No formula. It stopped my periods for a year. That's why I asked. I was ok with that. They needed that time. Now I have an abnormal pap smear. anyone here have that?


NANCY - March 21


I had an abnormal pap smear once it turned out to be nothing.

Taking Ovulex has is delayed anyone's elses period and if so by how many days?

Baby dust to all!!!


Tosha - March 21

Good Afternoon Ladies,

WishingandHoping are you still there? I wanted to tell you that I got a consultation appointment with our regional fertility clinic next Thursday - March 30th! We are SO excited! We weren't supposed to get an appointment until May, but they had a cancellation. I am hoping things are getting on track now!

How is Clomid treating you?


coconutt83 - March 21

yea ... i have had an abnormal pap.. the 1st time i went to the gyno ... sigh i was sooo scaried n then she called me about it... it could be anything my mom told me she had one once and it turned out to be nothing. it could be an infection , bladder or likewise. or if you just got over a period... mine unfortunately was HVP on the cervix... sigh she knew i didn't have insurance but she ran the hpv test anyway now i have like 400 dollars in medical bills not counting the 200 i paid up front just for her to feel me up... since then my parents have put me on my dads business insurance but im tooo scaried to go back supposidely they have to remove some of my cervix the infected parts so i don't get cervical cancer... but i like to not think about it... ohhh speaking of the gyno when i got my exam she meantioned something about how high up my cervix was? and had to use a bigger thing to get further back... (tmi? sorry) but i have been wondering could that be causing me to be infertile?

i just got my ovulex today im going to take one last pregnancy test b4 i got on it just to make sure... baby dust


Jessica - March 21

Coconutt83 I wish you the best of luck while taking ovulex.
I am on my 12 day and finish Ovulating but let see what happen. I can't find out till I take a preagnacy test.



WishingandHoping - March 21

Tosha - So good to hear from you!! Just continuing to read cause nothing is too new here. I am so excited for you that you are finally getting into the doctor. It will help so much.

As for the clomid, it make my ovaries hurt a little and I definitely get dizzy but other than that ok. This is our last cycle to try and then we are taking a break from everything for awhile as we save money for the next steps. Thanks for checking in on me.

Have a great week everyone!!



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