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jackie - March 16

Jessica, you're 21??? Uh...how old is your oldest? I wish I'd done this young. It's easier then.


tinaxu - March 16

Hi. everyone, i am new, it is really nice to read you post.

I am 29 years old, had first preg when i was 21,after that, nothing happened, i checked with DR,everyhing is fine, bt, altrosond, and tubes.
i have tired 3 rounds for cm, nothing, i just ordered Ovulex on tuesday, hopefully it will work for me.

A silly question, how many are you get pg after using OVulex?

Best wishes to all of you


Jessica - March 16

Hello, everyone
Well this is my 6 day on the Ovulex? I haven't felt nothing different at this time. I am also taking my green tea every night. I ovulate on the 20th so I am a little nerves about that.

Jackie - My oldest is 6 years old but turning 7 on July.
Well, yes it alot easy. I got pregnant right after the other one was born. Like right now they are 6, 5, 4 years old. This year they are turning 7,6,5. I love them.

Please keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine. Baby Dust to all.


tinaxu - March 16



soon2bmommy - March 16

hello all:

I got my mc this morning - boooooooo - anyway hoping for good news from someone else very soon.

love to you all


Jessica - March 17

Hello, everyone I became a member so I can get to know you all that are in the same place like me.
Take care and keep you having hope!!!

Baby Dust to call!!!!!!


coconutt83 - March 17

hey yall... im going to try everything at once i got the folic acids, prenatal vitamins and later 2night im going to order the OVULEX... i also had my green tea b4 too.. but i think i need to switch to decaf lolol its keeping me up all night...

lots of luck

baby dust


Jessica - March 17

coconutt83 I wish you the best of luck. How long have you been trying the ovulex for!


coconutt83 - March 17

lololol hmmmmm im about to place my order right now.... lol so not at all yet


coconutt83 - March 17

hmm im sooo perplexed... idk what site is safe to buy it from.... either herballoveshop.com or ovulex.com help!!!!


jackie - March 17

Wow Jessica...how did you breastfeed? Or did you? I feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying for a third and yet I feel so like I do want one. Btw Peaches and Amanda...I also did the nursing thing. The older one for 17 months younger for 15 months. After the early stage didn't need any formula and they took it bottle and breast so I could go out if I had to. Not bragging here just offering whatever knowledge you guys may want. About labor...it starts and stays as a slight muscle cramp for a long time. If you lie down it's the worst. So walk around or sit reclining and it doesn't hurt that bad. Your body does the rest.....really. I realize there are exceptions but I don't think normal labor is all that bad. SO don't worry.


Jessica - March 17

jackie - I didn't breastfeed for long. Like only 2 months each.
I just wanted 4 children. I need one more but it kinda got hard on me now. I remarried so I am trying. He has no children.


Monica - March 17

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! Have a Fabulous Day! :)

Supernatural Baby Dust To You All!!


Jessica - March 17



tinaxu - March 18

Hi all
I just got my Ovulex this afternoon, but i am not ready yet, bc i am on 3rd round of Clomiphene, i'd better wait for another month to take Ovulex?
I have no cm all month long, i saw some fo sister's post that ovulex can increase the cm, hope it will work for me.
everything is fine with hubby, i did 3 month altrasond before i took Clomiphene, i did not ovulate at all, so Clomiphene is doctor's first option, i did ovulate very month since i take clomiphene, but still do not have CM, i feel dry all the time.
we all will conque this inferitility.

bady dust!


kaz uk - March 18

hi all

came across ur thread while looking in to ovulex .... im 29 hubby is 43 he has 3 kids all of which live with us .... we have been 4 years ttc, as u prob all know its very hard having to see "our" kids every day but not yet have one of my own, although god willing it wount stay that way for long, im in the process for going through test with doc, (im at blood test stage), do u think it would be ok if i started ovulex at this stage, if for nothing other than to regulate, and help blance ?



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