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Peaches - March 10

Amanda..hearing the heart beat was sooo amazing...wow it was so neat..i go back 4/10 to know the gender..so excited...

have you felt ur baby move yet?


Amanda Ivey - March 10

I think I won't be able to find out until April either (waaaahhhhh) I wanna know so bad. My Hubby got all teary eyed when we heard it. It was 148bpm we had it done at 13 weeks. My due date moved up to the 21st, but I've heard you never really know when they come, I've had 5 women within the last week come up to me and tell me their labor horror stories which I didn't really care to hear right now I just want to think it's going to be the most bestesttsestst most peaceful labor that anyone has ever gone through ;)hehe. What do you think you are carrying, I'm thinking a girl and hubby wants a fishing buddy so bad. I wanted it to stay a surprise but we decided to find out. I am feeling soft kicks or punches, not hard enough to feel on the outside,but hard enough to catch your attention and kinda say "hey it's me! I'm still in here, I'm okay, just getting a little bit more comfortable" hehehehe I know you are stretching also since we are back to back oldnavy has maternity clothes for some good prices.


Peaches - March 10

dont listen to those stories..my sister just a little boy on saturday and it was soo easy for her..she was in labor for only 2 hours..every woman is different..we just have to wait and see how our goes..all i know is that i cant wait for this baby to come out..i feel little kicks too..wow it's sooo amazing..i feel like i'm also having a little girl..mu hubby also wants a little boy..but at this point it doenst matter what we have as long as it's healthy.. are you craving anything weird foods??


Mahogany Heart - March 12

Glad to see the Mommies are up and feeling well.

Keep the Faith we will be joining them soon!!!

Smile and Give God the Glory!!!!


Breanne - March 13

Hey im new to the board and found it while looking up information for Ovulex.... i think i have PCOS i didn't have insurance so i wasn't able to get fully tested at the dr's but the dr didn't care about running the HVP test... well anyway... i never had full periods i miss like 6/7 months sometimes so naturally it will be hard for me to conceive. I just got engaged to my bf now my fiance and we have been TTC for one year this friday. I was on Metformin but the dr. prescribed it wrong and I don't even know if im insulin resistant due to no tests. But I want to conceive desperately. i don't know when I ovulate I don't know when im going to get my next period but i DO know im going to order Ovulex at the end of the month. just a question? do i have to wait till my next period to start taking it? or can i just take it? i would hate to have to wait another 4/5 months!.... I would apperciate any info you can provide... thank you so much



Monica - March 14


Regarding your question about Ovulex: No, you don't have to wait until your next period to begin taking Ovulex. You can start anytime during the course of your cycle. When you receive your package in the mail from Fed-ex, it will also give you the same information.
Good luck with Ovulex, and I will also keep you in my prayers as well. Again, WELCOME!!

Baby Dust To You Breanne!


Jessica - March 14

Hello, every one I am new 21 yrs old. I have had 3 children my youngest is 4 yrs old, but they were with my ex husband. I remarried about 8 month ago and I have been trying to conceive for 6 months now. I had one miscarriage about 3 months ago. I have been taking Ovulex for 5 days now. I heard that is good to drink Green Tea before going to bed. Is this something anyone has tried? I just wish this Ovulex works. Anyone have any advice for me. Please let me know. Thanks


Monica - March 14

Welcome Jessica :)

Yes, when I was taking the Ovulex...I too drank the green tea & it was very soothing. Green tea also helps with your CM.
The only advice that I can give you is to continue taking the Ovulex & just wait and see what happens. Have a Good Day!

Baby Dust To You!


Breanne - March 14

lol i didn't order the OVELUX yet but yesterday i did go to the foodstore and get some green tea to start early!... i guess it can't hurt


soon2bmommy - March 14

Hello everyone:

Congratulations to the new mom. Happy to see our other mothers up and about. Monica - much love girl.

May the blessings of the Lord overtake all.


Monica - March 14

I RECEIVE THAT!!!!!!! ;)


sharlene - March 15

hi im new to this site... i have been ttc about 4 years now...i took clomid and did the IUI and without success nutting worked ...now im starting the ovulex i hope it works...since there are so many success stories here im keeping my fingers crossed..baby dust to everyone trying..god is good


coconutt83 - March 15

i just made a name... i think i added a sn a website, a ticker and a pic... lets just find out now


Lablane - March 16

Hi Ladies,

Peaches - I was so worried about you. I am glad that you and baby are doing great. Prayers and faith can do it.

To my sisters, some of you I have talked to in a while I'm sorry. To the ladies I haven't meet yet, Welcome.

Well we did 1 failed IUI, the 2nd one didn't count b/c I didn't ovluate. So RE put me on a version of Metformin 2000 mg for the insulin resistance b/c of PCOS. Dh and I were down with the flu so we had to skip this cycle of shots and IUI, she said said there is still a possiblity to get PG. So this month we are doing Metformin & Ovulex. Hopefully it will work.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Lots of Love, Hope, Prayers & Baby Dust,


jackie - March 16

Peaches and Amanda don't worry. Chances are when you start labor you won't even know it. Feels like period cramps...nothing big. Thought it was just Braxton Hicks even though I'd never had them before. By the time I realized it was the real thing I was 4 cm dilated. By the time it was really bothering me I was up to 8 and got my epidural. Epidurals are great. The pushing is the worst of it and that's over relatively quickly.


jackie - March 16

Jessica, you're 21??? Uh...how old is your oldest? I wish I'd done this young. It's easier then.



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