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Tosha - March 7

Hi Wishing and Hoping!

I have been reading the board, but have had nothing excitingly new to report or post. I was on Clomid for 3 months and nothing happened. I was very happy that I did not have any side effects.

We were in Vegas a few weeks ago and we went to a fertility clinic while we were there for a consultation. We have been told our only plausible option is IVF because of male factor infertility. Touch wood there is nothing found wrong with me.

So we are hoping to go through with IVF here in Alberta, but still have not gotten a phone call for a consultation appointment. We hope to be in for consultation by May and in for IVF by August. It's just such a big waiting game.

I'm glad to hear that nothing was found to be wrong with you and your husband. I pray that the Clomid does the trick and you do not have to pursue other options like we are forced to do.

P.S. Did you hear Alias isn't back on until April 19th? I thought of you when I heard that. Too long!


jackie - March 7

Wishing and Hoping...did it take the nausea away? What did it do? I took Zofran last time. All it did was make me less likely to throw up. Didn't do a thing for the nausea and the awful feeling. What did the unisome and vitamin b6 do? My doctor's wife said she didn't feel nauseous at all when she took it but I wonder if that was the case with your sister. Either way I was hoping that "hopeful2006" could try it so she could feel better.


soon2bmommy - March 7

Hello everyone I have been gone for a while - I missed all of you! Nothing new to report - yet! Lots of baby dust and God's favor to you all.


soon2bmommy - March 7


Thinking about you, whats going on with you? I hope you got my e-mail, if you haven't I received the book thanx a million.


Monica - March 8

Hi Soon2bmommy,

I am doing fine and have been very hopeful for the last week or so. I am glad that you received the book, and I truly hope that it has blessed you.
Have a Fabulous Day Everyone!!!

Blessings & Baby Dust To All!!!
Mrs. Love :)


WishingandHoping - March 8

Tosha - I am so glad that you are still around!! Like you I have had nothing exciting to report so just been reading the board along!! Thanks for the update on Alias. I have been checking ABC's website everyday waiting for an announcement. You guys in Canada sure seem to get the scoop quicker than us in the States. ;)
Anyways, good luck with the IVF. I know it is a long haul, but will definitely be worth it if all turns out well!!

Jackie - for my sister-in-law it did take away her nausea. She felt more normal with the combination than without.


NANCY - March 9

Feeling so blah today. Tired my girlfriend told me that 2 of these girls we know are pregnant and one of their sisters are having twins. I don't know I guess I am feeling a little jealous.

I hate it when I feel like this.


Peaches - March 9

Hello Everyone..sorry i havent been updating you ladies on my condition. i'm doing great..baby is growing and healthy...i had a drs appt Tuesday and baby's heart beat is strong...i'm loving every single second of being pregnant..thank you all for keeping me in your prayers and i love the sisterhood..

hopeful2006, Congratulations..how are you feeling???

I'm still trying to catch up, so i will be reading all of the post and keeping my fingers cross for everyone..love you all


Mahogany Heart - March 10

Keep the Faith!!!


Peaches - March 10

[glow=blue,2,300]hello sisters..I hope everyone is enjoying their friday..HAVE A WONDERFUL AND SAFE WEEKEND[/glow]

;) :) :D ;D :-* ::) :) ;) :D ;D ::) :P :-* :) ;) :D ;D :P :-* ::)


Jessica - March 10

I have been reading. I just started my fist pill of Ovulex.
I am very happy for peaches. I hope I get it this month.
I have been trying for 6 month.My husband is a little said because we had a miscarriage and he think I can not get preagnet anymore. I just hope I will this month. If any of you have any other Ideas please let me know.


Peaches - March 10

Jessica, just have faith and you will be blessed.. I took ovulex for 1 1/2 month and I know it helped me..I wish u and your hubby the best...just have faith..


Amanda Ivey - March 10

Hi all,
Just popping in to say hello!

Peaches it's so nice to read that you and baby are okay!
How are you feeling are you showing yet? When do you find out the gender?

I wouldn't worry about a miscarriage causing you never to get pregnant again, did your doc already check you out afterwards? I have been through 2 miscarriages and I was told to wait atleast 3 months before tring again. As peaches said just keep faith and know god will never let you down.

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Amanda Ivey - March 10

oh yeah congratulations on hearing the heartbeat. Did you have an ultrasound yet? Peaches...


Peaches - March 10

Hello Amanda..i have a dr's appt 4/10 to know the gender...i'm so excited..what about you?? are u going to find out?? how are you feeling?? I feel a lot better know..still very tired , but no more sickness..


Peaches - March 10

Amanda..hearing the heart beat was sooo amazing...wow it was so neat..i go back 4/10 to know the gender..so excited...

have you felt ur baby move yet?



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