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NANCY - March 3

in ticker.com

(Fertility Friend's Circles, phpBB, Invision Power Board, vBulletin...)
cut what is in this box and paste it in your signature

I hope this helps!!!


hopeful2006 - March 3

ok i tried it .. i cut and paste the bbcode

hopefully you guys can see it ..


hopeful2006 - March 3

Nancy you are great -- who knew it was that easy ??

I was putting the ticker url information in the wrong place - i was putting it under URL because i did not know it needed to go under signature ..

Thank you very much ,,

baby dust


NANCY - March 3

thanks but i cheated i went back into all the boards and found were Mahogany Heart explained how to do it

So thanks MH!!


hopeful2006 - March 3





Monica - March 3

Hopeful2006, You are funny....... :)

So how does it feel to be pregnant? Do you think about your baby all the time?............


hopeful2006 - March 3

Yes I do, especially today this lil bugger has me green at the gills - i can't keep one single thing down and I feel like Iam going to faint every time i stand up .

You know they say it is good to be sick that the baby is healthy .. but i tell you what i am soo miserable today, but still i would be sick all day for 365 days just to make it to d day and hold my lil baby ..

we have already started talking about what we are going to do to the room , but of course DH is not going to let me do anything by myself . so i have to bug friends to help paint and pull up carpet and stuff like that ..

i think i want a little boy for my husband - he has a daughter from previous marriage and i have son from previous relationship, but we don't have one child together and his blood line will end with him.

Good luck,


NANCY - March 3


How did you conceive?


hopeful2006 - March 3

IVF - 1st try .. 3 eggs transferred on day 3 .. the grade 8 took i am sure becuase the other were not more than grade 5 .


NANCY - March 3

that's great

I know you want a boy but I read that you have a better chance of having a girl through IVF. I read it in a magazine I wish that I could remember what magazine I read it in.

I am hoping that the ovulex works. My insurance doesn't cover anything with IVF so we have to save about $15000.00 to go another round. It would be nice if I saved all this money and got pregnant on my own.


hopeful2006 - March 3

absolutely and i am sure you will be fine as long as you follow what your RE tells you ..

I am not sure what Ovulex does - my problems persisted not becuase I could not get pg b/c of hormones or other issues - i have blocked tubes, endometriosis and ovarian cysts so i could not get pg without going past the tubes and directly into the uterus. we got lucky though first time and we did it - so we are very happy - i don't know if i could have gone through another bout of all those horrible shots.

what is it that you have to do?


NANCY - March 3

I was told the my husband and I had unexplained infertility. They say all tests came back fine. I did a round of IVF and they retrieved 11 eggs. 6 of the eggs they let nature takes it's course and the other 5 they did ICSI. Out of the 6 eggs 1 fertilized and out of the 5 eggs that were ICSIed 4 made it. They said that my eggs were probably to hard for my husband's sperm to penetrate. I got pregnant with the first round. I just went another round of IVF and ICSI last month and I had 17 eggs 10 fertilized and 9 fertilized normally. They put in 3 a 8,7,6 cell. It didn't work.
So now I figured that I would try Ovulex which makes you ovulate longer hoping that would help. That way I could also try something while I am saving money.


hopeful2006 - March 3

So you have one child with IVF already ? how old?

I don't understand if you had such great eggs why they are telln you to ovulate and produce more - but trust me i understand about saving money and trying to do it on your own . Have they mentioned clomid ever to you so that you produce a lot of eggs and they are really fertile?


NANCY - March 3

My little girl she is going to be 15 months on Tuesday!!
She is wonderful after everything that we went through my mother calls her the miracle baby.

Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. I loved being pregnant. Feeling her move inside you is wonderful.

Are you going to find out what the sex is?

yes I started with clomid
I did get pregnant once with that but i miscarried

They did the IVF so that they could do ICSI


hopeful2006 - March 3

wow - i know i can't wait to feel the movement - i already get super syked when i see him/her on the sonogram machine - i am like look that's my baby - and he/she has little arms and legs now - really tiny, but if they magnify you can see them. it is so cool. i go in again on March 14th.

I also had a m/c at 5 months because of incompetent cervix so before my 14th week they are going to sew my cervix up so i don't dialate and lose this baby as well. I don't know what to expect after that, but i am hoping i am not stuck in bed for a long time . but if i am then i am - i will do whatever i need to do to keep this baby .

well i am outta here - going home - lay down and try to stop feeling so sick..

talk to you soon,


NANCY - March 3

ok talk to you soon and feel better!!!



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