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Les23 - March 2

Oh yeah I wanted to tell you all.... My friend is getting induced tonight at midnight. So we will have a new baby boy here tomorrow sometime. I am super excited about it. They have one little girl already and she will be 2 in April. She is a cute little thing.


Sylvonne - March 3

Hi Andrea congratulation your getting pregnant ,i was just wondering if you are selling the rest ovulex,since i'm trying to get pregnat ,i also living in canada.my email is [email protected]

thank you sylvonne[quote author=Andrea link=board=4;threadid=1925;start=150#15374 date=1140618686]

I also live in Canada. I had to order it direct from Selmedica and it came the very next day!
I got pregnant my first month on Ovulex and Green Tea!!

I ordered 4 bottles so I have a three left over as I only used one bottle.

Jackie I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You are in my thoughts. Take care.



jackie - March 3

Everyone says decide what you want, think things through. I DON'T know what I want anymore. I feel like whatever I choose I will regret. It's a no-win situation. My husband does do whatever he can. He works long hours as well. Les23 I'm glad AF came on. Go with the ovulex...I think it will help.


DianaEvans2 - March 3

Hello All !

Congrats to your friend's new baby, Les23!

Back to Ovulex and to tie-out my posting #164.

Ovulex did not get me pregnant per se. I used IVF with ICSI in a top clinic in NYC to acheive chemical pregnancy so far.... What Ovulex did (since I changed no other variables in that month time frame) is bring my E2 down. Two prior months, my E2 was 110 and 126 respectively. My clinic won't even let me START on the stimulation meds, unless my E2 was closer to 60. One month of Ovulex and my E2 hit 25. These are real metrics by blood work, nothing else changed. AS a result, I was able to start an IVF cycle which has a positive result so far.

HOWEVER, I do stand by my comments in posting #164 about forensic chemistry and profit margins in Ovulex. There are no controlled studies available. Nothing scientific per se. Hope that clarifies. Wishing all the very best. Diana


NANCY - March 3

Jackie I wish there were words that could help you or make you feel better. The only thing is time. I know that is a horrible answer and you don't want to hear that. I really wish that there was a magic wand we could all wave to make our problems go away.


Mahogany Heart - March 3

Keep the Faith!!!


Mahogany Heart - March 3


I'm trying to send you something. I hope this work you would need to cut and paste. This is just for you. I hope it helps as much as it helps me. For some reason it is not working. Check your email.



beans - March 3

DianaEvans2 - If you dont mind me asking, what clinic did you go to? I was going to a clinic but not too happy so switch to another - both in NYC. I'd love to get your opinion and know a little about your experience. MYyemail is [email protected].

Jacki - I was planning on emailing you this weekend. I'm so sorry to hear about your father and depression. Please take care of yourself. Youre in my prayers.

MH - How are you doing?

Hope youre all doing well.


Monica - March 3

Mahogany Heart: Check your e-mail. I received what you sent to me, and it was definitely right on time. I REALLY needed that today. So thanks again.
I have missed your informative & encouraging posts on this board lately, so please don't stay away too long anymore ;)

Jackie, I will keep you in my prayers....Please try to stay positive.

Peaches: How are you doing? How is your pregnancy going?

Les23: Thanks for your quick response to my questions. I guess that I was just "hoping against hope" that you could still possibly be pregnant :-\. Oh well, I guess that it will happen for all of us when it is time. As Mahogany Heart said in her previous post; let's ALL continue to Keep The Faith!!

Supernatural Baby Dust To Everyone!!!!
Monica :)


NANCY - March 3

Happy Friday everyone!!!

My husband and I were talking last night and I was just thinking is this Ovulex going to work. I am hoping that it does in the mean time we are putting away as much money as we can to save up for IVF and ICSI and I think that I am going to even talk to the doctor to see if I should do assisted hatching.

It's hard I am glad that I found this board. You sit there and watch people get pregnant talk about how they got pregnant and weren't even trying. It gets so frustrating. It's nice to know that you are not by your self. Thank you all for making me feel better.

Does anyone have unexpained infertility??


beans - March 3

Nancy - I have unexplained infertility. Ive been seeing docotrs for about 3 years now. They dont know why I'm not getting pregnant but looks like an egg issue. I had several IUIs and failed IVF attempts. Ive been taking Ovulex for about 4 months now. I think its doing something good. I've also made a lot of lifestyle changes. If nothing in the next few months, I'll go back to the doctors. With every try at the clinic I had a huge improvement over the last, so I know I am on the right track with these changes. If you want ot email me [email protected]

I have to change my ticker, Im on day 26.


NANCY - March 3

Pst23 - I had several IUI, then with clomid, then with gonal - f I got pregnant with one of them then to miscarry. I went through IVF with ICSI and became pregnant I had a DD. I went again thinking that there was going to be no problem and they told me that my preg test was negative I just couldn't believe it. I have a retroverted uterous they were thinking that maybe my egg was to hard for my husband's sperm to penatrate. With my DD they retreived 11 eggs 6 they let nature take it's course in a dish and the other 5 they did ICSI 1 of the 6 made it and 4 of the 5 made it. It gets so frustrating. YOu think to your self when I was a kid and thought about when I have a family you never in a million years imagine that this is what you have to go through.


NANCY - March 3

where in your profile do you paste your ticker


hopeful2006 - March 3

good question i have been trying to do my ticker for a month - i put it in and my whole screen goes wacko -- i have asked for help, but noone has ever told me where exactly to post the ticker information


NANCY - March 3


let's see if it works


NANCY - March 3

in ticker.com

(Fertility Friend's Circles, phpBB, Invision Power Board, vBulletin...)
cut what is in this box and paste it in your signature

I hope this helps!!!



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