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Amanda Ivey - December 25

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Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves on this wonderful day.


Peaches - December 26




Les23 - December 27

Hey all. I hope everyone had a great christmas. I know I did. AF showed up yesterday and that was a real treat. with everything going on i did not need that!! oh well another month. i am sure we will all conceive this up coming year. i can just feel it.

have a great one.


Faith76 - December 27

:) Hello Sisters...

Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Holiday! Well, just thought I'd drop by and wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season. Another year is approaching us and more Success Stories too, right? Right! Hang in there ladies, it'll happen soon, I feel it!!! ;)


Peaches - December 28

Hello sisters...how is everyone doing..how was everyone's Christmas? Mine was real nice..Santa was real good to me this year...Love ya ladies


babydust_69 - December 28

hello, this is my first post, not for sure if im making this post corectly but i will try, please bear w/ me.
i had a tubal reversal in Nov 04, one tube closed back up, so now im trying ovulex, been taking it now for about mmmmmm, 3 or 4 weeks, started my period on christmas day it lasted one day and spotted very very lightly for 2 days then stopped, has anyone experienced this with taking ovulex. Please let me know


Peaches - December 29

Welcome babydust_69..Before I got a [color=Maroon][/color] I took ovulex for 3 1/2 weeks..I spoted (one drop only) for one day and then after that no more..So then I took a preg test a week later and found out I was expecting (blessed)...Ovulex worked real fast for me..I suggest that you wait for at least 1-2 weeks, and take a test just to make sure, you know. Or it could be that you body is reacting to Ovulex...Do you have regular cycles?

Sister I went to the Dr. today and everything seems to go as plan..I'm so excited..I had an ultrasound done, and I saw my little angel (looks like a little shrimp), I have the ultrasound pic, so I will try to scan them and e-mail you ladies...LOVE YA

:) ;) :D ;D 8) ::) :P :) ;) :D 8) ::) :P :) ;) :D ;D 8) ::) :P


Peaches - December 29

;D I'm so ahppy ladies


Peaches - December 29

Sorry I meant HAPPY!


Nanci And Dessie - December 29

Hi Everyone... Welcome Newbies,
Glad to here everyone had a nice Christmas Holiday.!
I'm so excited for yall... Enjoy every minute of it.. Looking forward to the New Year... I know we will all beat this Infetility thing.
I've been taken Ovulex since Sept 28th and so far My cycle has went from 30-32 days to 28 days.. But this month when I was due to ovulate I couldn't tell.. But Bd'ed On those days anyway.. But the this past tuesday and wednesday I feel ike I ov'ed... But BD'ing was had to accomplish..( but managed on night) The holiday season has had me a little nuts... I've been late taken the ovulex.. I've missed My green tea a couple of times.. LOL .. I'm hope I didn't mess up to much... :-\ I'm staying Positive... I've already told everyone that next Christmas will be at my house... Cuz it being his/her 1st Christmas... :)


Faith76 - December 29

You go girl! I'm sooo happy for you! I can just feel the LOVE! Glad you got a chance to see your little one. It's been 3 weeks since I've been on Ovulex. As far as I can tell, there hasn't been any noticeable changes both with my cycle and physically, . But, I'm counting it as a blessing and keeping the faith! I believe that in due time, I'll be blessed with my own little one. Take Care....and have a happy and healthy 9 months!


Peaches - December 30

Hello sisters..how is everyone doing ;D

Have any of you heard of a herbal liquid called Lydia Pinkhman? I was reading on line today that i's supposed to be good for you if you are trying to conceive or are pregnant. A friend of mind @ work was telling me that she got pregnant after trying for months after drinking one bottle..It's all Vitamis C & E..heres an article about it if you are intersted

Here is what the bottle looks like

say there's baby in every bottle ;)



Peaches - December 30

Goog Morning Ladies....Just dropped in to say, I hope you all have a wonderday Friday...

Not feeling very well this morning..I have alot of nausea and my brest hurt so bad...my body is aching too.


Keish83 - December 30

Hello to everyone! My name is keisha and I've also tried ovulex 4 about 3-4 weeks w/vitamins and green tea, but then I stopped b/c i thought it was pulling my hair out and haven't finished my whole bottle. I started taking them a week b4 my prd. And it came on as normal which was dec 4th. Now dec 29th i'm having pinkish discharge at 11am. And for the rest of the day i continue to wipe its a light brown discharge. now on dec 30 i go to the bathroom and have bright red spotting and mild cramping not to mention the sore breast, unexplained headaches, and gassy stomach :-[
any advice would be great!
Thanks! ******BABY DUST TO EVERYONE*********


Mahogany Heart - December 30


The only advice I can give you is "Please Go See Your Doctor."


Happy New Year!!!


Faith76 - December 31


Hope everyone is doing well. As the new year approaches, let's continue to keep the faith and conquer this infertility! I'd like to wish everyone a joyous and properous new year! May all your wishes and dreams come true....Baby Dust to all!



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