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Mahogany Heart - January 23


Check your email!!! Thank you


chynnadoll - January 23

MH, Thanks my dear I got um! China ;)


Peaches - January 23

Hello sisters how is everyone doing.. i'm feeling better today, i just have to be in bed all day.. I'm a little nervous going to the dr's office tomorrow, but i know everything is going to be ok.


Peaches - January 23

Mh, i'm trying to stay strong my dear, as hard as it is for me i'm doing it all for my baby..

Thank you sisters


Mahogany Heart - January 23


It was a very nice and wonderful experience to meet Nanci.


I know it is hard but you must not lose your focus nor your Faith. You know I'm here for you we are all here for you.


nik - January 23

goodmorning ladies! another cold day in indy.
Peaches, i tried sending you emails but they got returned...i dont know what im doing wrong. please take care.

a little bummed this week but hey it could always be worse.i'll be feeling a little better the closer i get to my daughters bday.it sucks not being able to beat this infertility but i honestly do appreciate and glad to have my little girl....she just wants a sister or a "bra-der" (like she says) so bad and i can't give her that and i don't know why. i don't know. i've just been upset and frustrated for a little while now.
sorry.....just had to get that out. no one else to talk to


Monica - January 23

Goodmorning Everyone!

Nik, keep your head up. It is very hard, but we all have to keep pressing & moving forward. My AF still hasn't shown up yet, but I am a little relunctant to take the test because I do not won't to be disappointed again. Even though this is the first time that I have ever been late in my life (except when I was pregnant before), I still feel that it could be because I ovulated a little later than usual this time....so I am just going to wait until I go to the doctor's on Friday to find out.

I called Selmedica on yesterday and asked them if Ovulex normally makes you ovulate later in your cycle, and they said that is didn't make you ovulate later.....but that it just extends your ovulation period. Well, I KNEW THAT from reading the bottle; so the man who answered the call didn't exactly make me feel any better. So we'll see......

Nik please feel free to vent anytime because that is what the sisterhood is here for.

Peaches, you & your baby have definitely been in my prayers.

Everyone have a wonderful day today, and by all means, KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!

Baby Dust!


jackie - January 23

I'm back guys. Peaches, I hadn't heard...you are of course in my thoughts and prayers. I don't know why your doc says you will have a hard time or what the problem is. Just remember you're almost in the double digits (in terms of weeks) and things do get EASIER AFTER THAT. What does your doc say is happening here? My mother did have spotting in the first trimester and the result of that is sitting here and typing to you.

Monica, what the heck does that mean, if it extends the ovulation period then it means you ovulate later doesn't it?? I'm on day 6 here of my cycle. I think I will get a clean check tonight. The question is will that make it too late in terms of ovulation by the time I immerse. My husband's gonna be out of town on the night I immerse so that means it's a day later anyway. I'm waiting for my blood test results to see if menopause is causing this. I broke down and bought an ovulation test which I will start using tonight. Or should I use it tomorrow since it's 7 days then and there are only 7 in the box?

My best to all of you especially peaches. This baby's gonna hold on with G-d's help. You will see.


jackie - January 23

Just read one of your posts peaches. Just remembere that if your placenta was that bad the baby wouldn't be growing. Also having had ultrasounds numerous times, remember that they can't see everything. They worried because they couldn't visualize my little guys heart. He just didn't feel like moving to let them see it. Bear that in mind and try to stay calm. It may be better than it looks.


Monica - January 23

Jackie, I don't know what they are talking about...and plus everytime I call, a man answers the call; I am really trying to figure out just HOW MUCH they really know about the product, without using their written script. So, I am just going to wait it out. I really don't like this though because I feel as if my body is "teasing" me & I don't like it........I am still keeping the faith however ;).



Nanci And Dessie - January 24

Good Morning,
I hope all is well..
MH.... absolutley enjoyed meting you this weekend... You have a wonderful family.. Looking forward to seeing ya again.. (next time you have to come to the house )
Peaches.....I'm praying for you and Your little Angel..
Chynnadoll.....Tampa huh? Is that where ya moving?
that's not to far away :)
Monica......Here's Selmedica'd e-mail address... [email protected] Everytime I've had a question they have replied with helpful information and then if that wasn't enough for me I'd call and ask for the person that replied to my email.. I hope this helps
Jackie..... I start using mine when I feel like I'm ovulating. If there is a faint line it says I'll be ov'ing within 24 to 36 hours.. So then I'd test again in a day or so... and then continue with the testing.. Anyways that's how I did it..
Nik.... Stay positive !! We all understand what your going through.. I've been ttc for what seems like "forever" since I've been married.. (longtime) Don't you worry about it... There has been a lot of prayers sent up for all of us... :)

Baby Dust On Angel Wings....

Have a Wonderful Blessed Day !!!!!!


jackie - January 24

thanks Nanci...Tampa sounds so good. I really don't like winter. I was told to start at day 6. I really can't tell at all when I'm ovulating. I have no telltale signs. Just in the last few months since September I get premenstrual cramps. Never really did before. I've been off a few times with the ovulex in terms of when I take it. Do you think it's such a precise instrument that being off a few times will mess it up? I've been thinking of Peaches all day yesterday and today. I hope the doctors have good news.


Mahogany Heart - January 24

Of course Nanci, anytime.

Sisters, today is my Anniversary and I just remembered it around 5:12pm.


nik - January 25



Mahogany Heart - January 25


Three Years today!!!!


Nanci And Dessie - January 25

[color=Purple][size=5]HAPPY ANNIVERSERY !![/size][/color]
[color=Red][size=4]MH and DH[/size][/color]

Three years Huh?.... Awesome !!!!



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