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beans - December 20

Amanda & Peaches - I'm very happy for you both, please keep us posted on your progress. What a wonderful Christmas gift! I like the poem Peaches.

TTA - I'm sorry to hear your having a bad day. Sometimes the stress of ttc and the holidays makes us say things we don't mean or create arguments - trying to release our frustrations. Dh and I often argued over the littliest things and said a lot of not-so-nice things to each other, especially when we had many dr's appts. We eventually sat down and really talked about what we was going on inside (it was never really about the dishes or house being clean) and we began arguing a lot less. We still have our moments but are more understanding and it take less time to makeup. I think both of us needed to talk out our frustrations (I am thankful to have found you ladies to help me do that & I try to remember that DH doesn't really talk with anyone about this). I'm not sure if your situation is the same, if so, I hope this helps a little. Please know, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Much Love.


beans - December 20

Welcome Newbies,

Shara - I didn't tell my in laws for a while and sometimes I wish a few of them didn't know. But for the most part they are really supportive and stopped with the insensitive comments.

I just made an appt with a different fertility clinic. I wanted to get another opinion. The dr.s at my current clinic aren't sure why I'm not getting pregnant. This new office also has a money back guarantee for IVF, if I decide to go that route again. There are specific medical qualifications I must meet first, so I'm trying to get my medical records together for them. I am still very hopeful I will become pregnant on my own. I am faithfully taking ovulex, green tea, vitamins, yoga, eating healthy, lots of water and journalizing everyday. I am 2ww and keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope everyone is having a great day.
Baby Dust to All!


Faith76 - December 20

OMG Peaches....CONGRATS TO YOU, GIRL! I've been very busy lately and didn't have much time to check the Board. Now that I'm here, I read all about the Good News! I'm happy for you.

By the way, how long have you been taking your Ovulex?


sarah soveran - December 20

hi ladies hows everyone doing today...

peaches thanks for making me feel alot better sometimes i just feel down ive been crying for the last week just out of nowhere i will sit there and watch shows like a baby story or bringing home baby)) and it just really hurts so much i really never would have thought trying to become pregnant would be so hard nd now its sooo difficult like come on i can remeber the days i was so scared to get pregnant and would be really careful now its like a huge challenge i have to face.

i have hope still i do really i belive God will send an angel to each and everyone of us and to every women out there with infertility. we all deserve it we really do

babydust to you all ladies


Mahogany Heart - December 20


Yes you should take it like the bottle said to take it.

Welcome Ladies.


nik - December 20

good evening ladies!!!!

QUESTION?????......has anyone else noticed their breast getting fuller from the ovulex?


Peaches - December 21

Hello my ladies..how is everyone doing..good i hope..

Faith76, OH MY GOD, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, I'M PREGNANT...AAAWWWWWW ( ifeel like telling the universe)..thank you girl..i'm so excited too, my next dr's appt is on the 28th, and i'm having an ultra sound DONE..so i'm very excited to see my little, in my belly :) SO HAPPY....

Sarah S..my dear, i know it feels like the whole world is just going bad/down for you, and it feels like your never going to get what you want..I have faith, and I know that if one thing got me preg (besided my hubby ;} ) is FAITH. and i know that god listens to all of our prayers, and he makes things happen..so we are all praying for eachother and I know that, that baby dust that hit amanda and myself is going around to everyone on this site and soon it'll be you giving us the good news, and everyone else... TRUST ME, it's going to happen...dont cry over it, and dont think about yesterday, or the day before, from now on, lets just think about tomorrow... I predict that pretty soon we are going to have more success..I just know it, I can feel it in my heart..

TTA, swettie take it easy..remmeber stressing is not good for you..


sarah soveran - December 22

hey there ladies awww finally got all my shopping done last minute but its over .... now i gotta just wait for saturday and have lots of fun i cant wait i love getting together with all my family its great.. another thing would be great if i had a baby to share it with that would be nice to

wow peaches-amanda just think you lucky ladies are going to be spending NEXT xmas with your own baby wow thats all i gotta say so do you ladies have any names in mind for a boy or girl.......... whats some fav names you to have if you wanna share


cin - December 22

Just wanted to drop in and say HI... Hope everyone has a merry xmas.
Congrats to the ones who have accomplished the ultimate goal 'CONCEIVING' !! way to go :-)

MH- tanks for the info on other topic.

To all who are ready to start the NEW YR with a fresh state of mind and much determination GOOD LUCK to us all and remember there are OPTIONS. My 1st dr. appt in 3yrs is Jan 18th for consultation to determine next route to take etc and to have my fiance chk (the swimmers). I won't know what state of mind I will be in or reaction to have until I hear the financial part of this to the dollar (ivf or surgery, is wht i reference to) and the sucess rate of either. So with that said I will keep you all posted.
Ohya hello to ALL the newbies, there is great info on this forum and great place to just VENT!!
merryXmas to all & Happy NwYr. xxxxxxxcin


amanda - December 22

Thanx, I am trying not to get too worried this pregnancy or count my eggs bef.... but I have been through two mc 2yrs ago and I am just trying to know everything will be okay with this one. I have been praying really hard so I do have a good feeling, but I think I am going to save the names for another 4 months along with everything else you know.


Peaches - December 23

Hello sisters..how is everyone doing...Sarah, i know what you mean about doing all of your shopping done...i finally finished all of mine. I've been going crazy about the name fror my little angel..if it's a girl, her name is going to be Linsey Celest, and if it's a boy Raymond...My hubby and I really like those two names.. I dont mind what i have as long as it's healthy...so excited..

Amanda, just take it easy my friend..dont worry or think too muvch about it...just stay positive..I'm praying for us


tta - December 23

thanks everyone for the advice.
looking at it now i really agree with Pst23 that it's really not about the dishes or keeping the house clean.
i'll make out a way of us talking out our frustrations: it's really the ttc thing underneath.

thanks so much ladies i'm so grateful for your advice.




Nanci And Dessie - December 23

[shadow=green,left,300][size=4] [glow=red,2,300]MERRY[/glow][/size][/shadow]
I hope everyone's in good spirts... I so love the Holidays... :D. !! Looking forward to being with Family and Friends.. oh yeah and the food.. :P..

Happy Holidays !!


Mahogany Heart - December 24

[move][size=6][glow=green,2,300]Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year[/glow][/size][/move]

[move][size=6][glow=red,2,300]To All My Sisters, the Newbies and Visitors!!![/glow][/size][/move]


and Love[/glow][/size] [/move]

[move][size=6][glow=orange,2,300]Mahogany Heart[/glow][/size][/move]


beans - December 25

Wishing everyone a happy holiday. May all our dreams come true.
Merry Christmas & A Happy Healthy New Year!


Amanda Ivey - December 25

C:\Documents and Settings\Mandy\My Documents\My Pictures\mr\mr 004.jpg
Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves on this wonderful day.



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