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Peaches - January 18

SADGIRL77, welcome. Ovulex helped me get pregnant along with my hubby ;) you just have to stay positive and not think like it wont ever happen to you. I'm praying for you.

Nik, your too cute..just be patient and take it day by take day okay :)


Monica - January 18

Welcome SADGIRL77!!..... Although I wish I were saying "HAPPYGIRL77" :D. Keep your head up & it will surely happen for you & your DH again.

Nik, I think that you & I are in the same boat regarding our AF cycle. The first day of my last period was on December 22nd as well, and this is the 28th day.....so I should be starting today.......I think. Now I am a little confused ::) I too am experiencing some weird cramping, and for the last 2 nights in a row, I have had really weird dreams about a bunch of babies being in my stomach. I mean, I could literally feel in my sleep ALOT of arms & legs moving around in my womb. Something similar to an octupus. CRAZY HUH! The movement in my dreams were so profound that it literally woke me up & I have to honestly say that I felt a little scared and awkward. My DH and I HAVE been praying for twins, but if they feel like that....then I don't know ::). I'm just playing....... So I really don't know what to say......I will just have to wait it out as well.

Baby Dust To Everyone!


jackie - January 18

Nik don't do it. I've taken pregnancy tests. You will get such a faint positive if you are that it will drive you out of your mind with worry about "is it or isn't it". I know I am not pg I've gotten premenstrual cramps since day 14 so I know that by the time we were allowed contact it was already to late. However, it is day 27 and though I feel premenstrual I have not gotten my period. I guess that's something good the Ovulex has done since my problem is a shorter cycle since my last pregnancy. You're gonna get there. What's this about caffeine? Is it a problem? I mean I never drink coffee or tea. My weakness is Pepsi and the only caffeine free kind they sell where I work, is the diet one and I won't drink that. Is there so much caffeine in Pepsi? When I skip a day I don't get a headache or anything. I've been trying to drink more water but it's a struggle.


nik - January 18

has anyone ever taken a whole bunch of test they all come out negetive and weeks later they find out they are pregnant...
don't worry im not testing. todays here. i just gotta see if it comes tomorrow


Monica - January 18

Nik, is your cycle normally 28 or 29 days? Mine is 28 days, so my AF is due to come on today....not tomorrow. I am just a little confused since the first day of your last AF was December 22nd like mine.......


nik - January 18

okay i looked at my ovulation calander im 28days..it should be here today but i would be officially late tomorrow. for the past2 months for sure i can recall getting my period on 11/24.12/22 and today it should be here


nik - January 18

is it still too early to test?


nik - January 18

if i have a 28 day cycle i should get it tomorrow. tomorrow is day 1 (if menstrual starts)


Monica - January 18

Hi Nik,

It is definitely not too early to test.......I just haven't tested because I am afraid of being disappointed again. Also you are right. With the 28 day cycle; day 1 would be tomorrow...I just normally always get mine on the 28th day.....so I don't know. I am praying for the both of us however. Please keep me posted.



Shara - January 18

Hey Nik,

I am glad you calmed down and stepped away from the preg test!!!

I have heard of ladies that got 3-4 negatives on hpt's and then went to dr for bloodwork and was BFP!! So it is possible, but just dont set yourself up ladies!!! Be prepared for the worst and when the best comes- it will be all she wrote!!!

Well - im in michigan and it is snowing like all get out, i have been trying to get dh to transfer and go to warmer climate, but it is not happening - boohoo!! Well we will be in FLorida next month, so I guess I will get a little break- huh.

For the newbies, welcome - I love you and much babydust is in the air!!!


Peaches - January 18

Hello ladies how is everyone doing today :) Good I hope.

Nik, just take it easy and don’t think about it. I truly would prefer you wait a little longer to test. When I got my BFP, I had taken 3 tests before, and all came back negative, so I was real disappointed. I just tested to early. So sweetie, I would just wait. Give it a couple of more days. Just keep your mind on something else. Every girl is different. If you do test just be prepared for whatever the answer ma be. I have you in my prayers and I'm praying for that BFP.


Les23 - January 18

Hello there all. Okay remember what I told you all about the Saturday night from hell this past weekend? Well I got to talking to Dh last night and I told him I think that I may have made Julie and Robyn mad at me. I have not heard from them all week via email like I usually do. Or they think I am mad at them. So me being the stuborn one was not going to be the first to contact them. I know, I know I am in high school still evidently. HEHE

Well Robyn emailed me today. She wrote a very simple line one liner that is. Here is what she said.... Have You seen American Pie Band Camp yet?

That was it!!!I guess she thinks I am mad at her with that little toe in the water testing line. So I told her yes I have and blah blah blah. So I guess we are okay now. Someday I am sure we will grow up and be adults!!

So I am feeling a little bad about getting so upset on Saturday night. But the one thing that did tick me off was said by Julie. She does not think sometimes before she talks. She goes Sorry but I have nothing else to talk about but babies (she just had one not to long ago) besides if you can not get pregnant now you could just wait and adopt and then maybe you can have one. there are a lot of people that adopt and then get pregnant with one of their own.
I could not believe she said that, I yelled at her in the resturant and told her to F%$#ing adopt and then tell me how it feels!!!
That was so stupid of her to say. I was like adopting is not like buying a pair of shoes you really do not want but they will work for you until the spring line comes out and you can get what you really wanted. SHe can be so stupid sometimes.

Okay sorry for all the venting. I am only 25 and I have plenty of other options and time to have a baby. If we adopt it will be when we have relaxed all other options. I want to be sure we can not get pregnant before adopting. Because I feel when you do adopt it should be that you are looking at that child and loving it as much as you would a biological child.

So on to better things. I know that there is going to be a lot if us getting pregnant this year. It just seems so right.

My boss and I have entered a chili cook off for Feb. Our team name is Chilly Beans!! I thought it was cute. We are going to have a banner made up that says.....
GOT GAS? I think it is funny, or we could go with...
Gas Yourselves Up For State Farm!!!

Hehe. well i better go before this novel gets any longer!!!
Oh by the way the reason we were so interested in the American Pie is because the lead actor Tad Hilgenbrink is from here and went to school with us, just to let you know he is not like that in real life. He is a super nice guy. He has always been in the arts. Anyway we are very proud of him. Poor thing his dad passed away last week I think Thursday was the funeral.


nik - January 18

hey ladies no need to test.....my unwanted "guest of honor" showed up today.......lolo
monica you were right. atleast i know the ovulex is working exactly right...well im about to play a couple hands of poker. i'll catch you ladies later


chynnadoll - January 19

nik...sorry that unwanted guest of honor showed up, just get ready for the next go round, do you have preseed? Try not to focus to hard, I'm still waiting I don't want to waste a test and get a BFN when indeed it might be a BFP if I just wait a couple more days! Good Luck....China


nik - January 19

i play with my dh and his cousin and bestfriend. i usually do win...:)


cin - January 19

Hey Mheart
if your on here today send me an email directly, have NEW bout Ovulex coming from my FERTILITY DR. !!!!!
and will let you know how my visit went yesterday.



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