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nik - January 14

hey i was reading something on the internet about how there is something in the brain that produces a hormone i think it was something like the hcg or something BUT what im trying to get at is maybe the headaches are from the brain producing that hormone....i don't know. i wish i could remember what site i was on. i've been going through a dozen sites a day tryin to find different insites on pregnancy symptoms and i ran across that one.
just reading that though puts me at ease more letting me know the ovulex is doing something good


Peaches - January 14

Shara, funnny girl..

Nik good point... I do a lot of research myself especially now that i'm preg, i want to see what goes on in my body every day. One think i do is that i'm starving all the time, and going to the restroom every minute of the day. But it's all worth it and I will do again :)


chynnadoll - January 14

Welcome Helen, So glad to have you here with us, I have not takin Ovulex because my doctor is considering putting me on Clomid or something else I won't know until the 25th. Now with the green tea I just use Lipton 100% Natural green tea it's not decaf, I don't know if one is better then another, I also drink organic raspberry leaf tea, it helps strengthen and tone the uterus. My DH was told he had a low sperm count I just have him on alot of vitiamins and herbs, and he's also trying to stop smoking that's huge. I use to use the ovulation sticks but I stopped I just try to have sex every other day as hard as that is ::) that's what my doctor told me to do, so we will see, I'm in this 2ww so hopefully I don't get my cycle next week :D we will see! Hope you get all the good advise you need, were here for you. Take Care....China


chynnadoll - January 14

Monica, I look forward to Saturday as well, Sometimes checking for ovulation can get so frustrating, This is the first month I did'nt check, we just used the pre-seed and did it everyother day for 2 weeks as soon as my cycle ended! So I'm in that dreaded 2ww right now, my doctor told me that every other day is good because the sperm can live for up to 48 to 72 hours, So I don't know we will see, I will definently keep my sisters updated...Good Luck....China


chynnadoll - January 14

Shara, That was so funny can't get rich, can't get pregnant, can't bd I am LMAO! Don't be a stranger stop by and say Hi sometimes....Much baby dust to and the other sisters...Take Care...China


chynnadoll - January 14

Peaches, I'm so happy you have never expereniced a miscarriages, It is horrible I would'nt wish it on my enemy, Just stay prayed up and leave in Gods hands and don't stress or worry....Take Care Sister.....China ;)


Nanci And Dessie - January 14

[color=Navy][size=4]Hi everyone... Hope all is well this weekend... I'm been taking Ovulex for 108 days now I have a 28 day cycle.. I'm on cd 10 now and I feel like I'm ov'ing...My abdomen seems to be a little tender and I have ache/cramps... know what I mean.. BABY DUST !!!! How are our mom's-to-be? [/size][/color]


Peaches - January 14

chynnadoll, i pray to god everyday that everything goes well..I WONT EVER WISH A MISCARAGE ON THE MOST UGLIEST, MEANEST PERSON ON EARTH.. baby's are precious and they are a god send from heaven...



Peaches - January 14

Nanci And Dessie

LOTS AND LOTS BABY DUST! I can feel the baby dust is up in the air and ready to hit someone :)


Mahogany Heart - January 14

[size=4][glow=yellow,2,300]Today!!! Today!!! Today!!![/glow][/size]

[move][size=4][glow=blue,2,300]TOP SECRET 01142006!!!![/glow][/size][/move]

[size=4][glow=red,2,300]Get Ready!!! Get Ready!!! Get Ready!!![/glow][/size]

[move] :) ;) :D ;D 8) :P :-* :) ;) :D ;D 8) :P :-* :) ;) :D ;D 8) :P :-*[/move]

[size=4][glow=green,2,300]Hugs and Love
I Love my Sister Hood
Twenty-five Sisters on the Pledge:
Mahogany Heart
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[move] :) ;) :D ;D 8) :P :-* :) ;) :D ;D 8) :P :-* :) ;) :D ;D 8) :P :-*[/move]


sha - January 14


Thanks for your reply chynnadoll. What sort of vitamins is your DH taking and the herbs? How is your diet intake. With taking ovulex is better not to have sugary foods and drinks and deep fry foods and also dairy product. Any advise on diet because my diet included a lot of tea, sugary snacks and takeawys. Especially those of you who got pregnant how was your diet before conceiving?

A lot of baby dust to all my sisters


nik - January 14

this sucks!!!!!!!im on cd24....4 more days to go.

mahogany heart...i still want to be apart of the pledge,even though im not apart of whats going on today...is that posssible?


Mahogany Heart - January 14


I am at a total lost with you. I have email you so many times. I been waiting on your reply and you haven't said anything. I even sent you instant messages. I sent you an email this morning and you haven't answered. In the subject a line I put my name Mahogany Heart so you would know it was from me. I'm putting forth effort to contact you but not receiving anything from you. I always reply to my emails. Check your email, check your spam mail and check your instant message on here.


Amanda Ivey - January 14

Thanks for the thoughtful prayer sent out. Made me smile this morning. Hubby left for VA today for the weekend...you know that means I have tons of sleep, sleep and more sleep coming my way. Yay for me. We are on a 3 day from work, so happy. I am in the military and I have been so tired lately, but trying to not take any leave until next month. Me and Hubby prob celebrate aniversary a little early before he starts his new job when he gets out. know of discounted vacation packages? Thanks in advance.

I pray that this is your month for an extra blessing. God hasn't forgot about any of you...so just hold on.
How am I?
I am okay m/s has eased off a little, so I am able to stomach more food. Feeling good about this one. My next appointment is on the 1st but I really want to reschedule to the 8th. That is when I will get a clearer view through u/s to show to you guys and 4 weeks later with an on schedule appt I will get to look and see the sex.

You are still in my prayers. If you don't mind me asking why are you high risk?

Still praying for you. I hope everything is fine. How is the preseed working? At first my hubby hated it so much... sorry tmi, but at the same time it felt so much better for me, so I made him suck it up.


Amanda Ivey - January 14

How do you post pics on this site?


Peaches - January 14

Hello Amanda you stranger...check ur e-mail..I hope u doing good...how is everything with the little one..Girl ur always in my prayers



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