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Mahogany Heart - January 13

Yes baby I got your email!!! I been so busy!!! I did email you!!!


Peaches - January 13

MDM girly, i was one Ovulex for a little over a month, and I drank a lot of green tea..I honestly think and belive that Ovulex did it for me..GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND LOTS OF BABY DUST TO YOU!

Jackie, i just havent been feeling too good. the cramping is not soo bad, but dr told me if i experience any cramps/pain to see him right away, since i have a high risk pregnancy. so i just want to make sure everything is ok..PRAY FOR ME SISTER


Mahogany Heart - January 13

Hugs and Love
I Love my Sister Hood
Twenty-five Sisters on the Pledge:
Mahogany Heart
Nanci And Dessie
Andrea (Conquered Infertility)
Sarah Soveran
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Christie (Hugs31)
Peaches (Conquered Infertility)


nik - January 13

Mahogany Heart.....what about me?


Mahogany Heart - January 13


For some reason you are not getting my emails. Check your instant message.


Peaches - January 13

Nik , check ur e-mail :)


Peaches - January 13

Nik, what's ur e-mail adress?

I dont think ur getting my e-mailes either ???


chynnadoll - January 13

Mahogany, I got the e-mails, be sure to check yours!


chynnadoll - January 13

Peaches, How long had you been TTC? I don't know your story I believe you joined when my computer was down for awhile..Girl my story is so long if you look under miscarriages it's all there....God Bless....China


helen - January 13


I am new on this board. I have been reading your messages for quite some time. I think it is a wonderful place for people like us. I have been ttc for four years now. I had different test done.


helen - January 13


I was just testing to see if this thing works. Congratulations to those of you who got pregnant following ovulex. I have been on ovulex for three days now and I get really bad headache. Has anyone experienced this. Also I would like some advised on green tea and how to test for ovulation from my sisters. Does it have to be decaffe green tea or normal green tea? I have normal periods but when they test my blood doctor told me that I ovulate one month and not the other month. My husband has low spermcount and low molity. But he is taking amberoz. Has anyone partner had the same problem or used amberoz? Please help me with this quries. thanks


Morgan01 - January 13

Welcome, Helen. I have been taking ovulex for over a month now. I did have severe headaches to begin with, but mine went away within a week or so and I haven't had them since. I still haven't seen a period yet and I am on cd49, but I do think it will work and that it works different for different people. I just came off of clomid before taking ovulex, so I will give it some time to work. I have not used the amberoz. I wish you luck with this. Don't give up. You will achieve your dreams!!


Peaches - January 13

Welcome Helen, you will love this board more every day. Everyone here is so awesome and we all keep eachothers spirits up. I was on ovulex for a little over a month before I got a BFP. I experience a lot of headaches too. I drank normal green tea.

Chynadoll, I was ttc for more than 2yrs. I was diagnosed with PCOS, so it was very frustated. I have not experienced no miscarage (thank the lord), so It took a lot of praying and help from Ovulex and drinking a lot of green tea. So this is my first pregnancy and I'm so excited. I'm just taking it day by day, you know.




Monica - January 13


How is everyone doing? I am well. I am a little frustrated today because it appeared that I ovulated a week later than usual; so I used the Preseed that I ordered way too soon. Without using the ovulex, my cycles were always very regular...in which I ovulated every month on day 14. Well this time I ovulated on day 20, so I guess that I am going to have to start using a fertility monitor from now on. I thought for sure that this would be the month that I would conceive (and it still could be with the Lord's intervention), but in the natural...it appears that I miscalculated my ovulation, and therefore missed my fertile days. Oh well, I am still here & keeping the faith.

I am sooo looking forward to Saturday's call, and I can't wait to meet everyone!!! I will talk to you guys then.

Be Blessed & Baby Dust to you all!


Shara - January 13

Hello Ladies,

I am glad to see everyone in good spirits.

To all the Newbies - Welcome!!
Sorry I haven't been here in awhile, I am wrapping up one of my classes from hell. Why couldn't I be one of those self-employed people that became millionaires and never went to college. On top of that my dh is on hiatus from BDing to start on his yearly health kick, which is cool I am starting my kick also ( ;) wink wink)
This is too funny can't get rich, can't get pregnant and cant bd. I am cursed lol!!

Well I will talk to you guys later and I hope your day was not long and you are still showing those beautiful smiles with upbeat positive attitudes!! Much BabyDust to all of you - its coming for us all.


nik - January 14

hey i was reading something on the internet about how there is something in the brain that produces a hormone i think it was something like the hcg or something BUT what im trying to get at is maybe the headaches are from the brain producing that hormone....i don't know. i wish i could remember what site i was on. i've been going through a dozen sites a day tryin to find different insites on pregnancy symptoms and i ran across that one.
just reading that though puts me at ease more letting me know the ovulex is doing something good



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