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Les23 - February 7

I was just thinking. I was kind of curious how many people were still taking Ovulex. I know that most of us were at some point but it seems like most everyone has quit taking it.


Mahogany Heart - February 8

I'm no longer on Ovulex...


Nanci And Dessie - February 8

I've been taking it since Sept. 28th I've got another 3 months of it left with all the other things I've been taking.. If no Luck then, I'm headed to the fertility Doctor... But Ovulex has helped my cycle go from 32 days to 28 days except for this month... crazy..


Monica - February 8

I am no longer using the ovulex either..........


ErinG - February 8

I am taking it, and hopeful!!! but then again this is my second week if that, I am praying!!! Baby Dust to all!!


chynnadoll - February 8

Good moring sisters, check out the post I put up under Bulletin Broad called Fertility Blend, sounds like some good information.

Take Care, Baby dust to you all sisters!


soon2bmommy - February 8


Congratulations! Why didn't you share your good news about your BFP on Ovulex VI. I am sooooo happy for you... Praying for a healthy and unhindered labor and delivery - Baby dust to all......


Shara - February 10

I am no longer on OVulex either. I might pick it back up once I regulate my cycle. For now, it is making it worst than it already is.


jen hamilton - March 12

hey girls.. i'm not sure if ovulex is a good product.. i've never taken fertility anything and my husband and i have been trying for 10 months now and have had no luck... for those of you who are not on it anymore what is the reason? We think i had a miscarriage in oct/srpt the end and or beginnign of ... and ever since then i've skipped everyother month for my cycle. so the dr thinks since i'm already wanting to and this may help regulate cycles a little more and give me a better chance at getting pregnant.. i should take these for the next 4 months ... or if i get pregnant before then, then to stop and just take the prenatals all along.. but i need to know how others feel about OVULEX...if you could write back that would be much appreciated!
thanks all


Mahogany Heart - March 13

Ovulex is a good Product and it works for some and not others. I stopped using it because it did not regulate my cycle. We have a Ovulex board and on our board we have a couple of Success stories and we thank God for them. Good luck on your journey with Ovulex and Supernatural Baby Dust!!!


scorpiondime06 - May 8

hey everyone I have been taking ovules for about eight days now and I feel myself ovulating already. Is that a good thing or a bad thing. Me and my bf have been trying to have a baby for over a year now. My last period was march 31st and its not here yet. I will keep you posted


NANCY - May 9

wow scorpiondime06 how long are your cycles?

If you get the BFP you will be a week behind Monica and myself


mrs d williams - May 9

hi all my name is darlene, i've been taking ov 4 aweek 1/2 ovla this weeks also pray 4 me that ov will work 4 all of us sooner or later,good luck 2 all and congrad-2 all the preg-moms,wish all have healthly babies



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