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Juelferret1 - July 12

Hey all--

Thanks for the info Ambersparkle, I was wondering what was going on there! As for the green tea, I am drinking it cold but making it at home. Lipton sells the green tea bags and it's really good. It takes like black tea to me. I have a gallon pitcher and I boil a half gallon of water and brew 10 tea bags in it then add another half gallon of cold water to the tea. You can control how much sugar goes into the tea that way. I think Lipton makes both caf and decaf. I drink the caf, but I totally gave up all soda (and I was a 44 oz drinker of diet mt dew daily at work) so I think I'm getting less caffeine anyway. Hope this helps!



LeslieAnn - July 12

On another note, I chose to drink decaff because I usually can't resist a soda each day, but I don't think tea has very much caffeine in it so you're probably fine either way.


ambersparkle - July 12

Since we're talking about caffeine...I gave up most caffeine about 2 months ago. I used to drink 2 or 3 caffeinated sodas a day; but I cut it down to about 1 every other day or so...I feel a lot better, actually- and believe it or not I am less tired and lethargic than I was before!

My weekness is Dr. Pepper and sometimes a good cup of coffee!

Juel~ I think I will try your method of green tea and see how it works. Thanks for the info!


gavinsmommy - July 12

Hi Steph,

I was wondering how you and your dear AF are doing? I hope that she has gone off to bother some teenager. It really messes up your counting and charting when she starts and stops and stays longer than she is welcome for. I hope you are doing much better. Mega Hugs and Baby Dust!!!!


Sarah Rose - July 12

To all the green tea drinkers, I have tried to drink it but I just can't suger, lemon,etc. But I did find some green tea vitamin supplement that has the eq. of 4-6 cups(and without the taste or caffeine.) I was looking a my reg. healthfood store and the one that they had had tons of caffeine so you may want to look at that if you are cutting back on caffeine. I am not sure if it is as effective but it is a suggestion to others that don't like tea.

Also what kind of robitussin do you take I know that there is one that you are not supposed to take because that one dries everything up.

Thanks Sarah


gavinsmommy - July 13

Hi Sarah Rose,

I was taking the Robitussin DM, it is an expectorant. It helps open your mucous membranes. It certainly did because I noticed a big difference with my CM. I hope this helps. How are you doing after your wicked AF? I went through the same thing. I luckily didn't end up in the ER though. I sure thought I was going to though. What did they ever tell you or do for you anyway?? Take care and Mega Baby Dust!!!!!


Citygirl - July 13

Hey All!

Lili246: Inga was right, I bought my strips at www.early-pregnancy-tests.com. when you buy 20 - 49 they are .90 cents a peice. The strips are cheaper than the midstream ones (the ones that look like the pregnancy tests you get at a drug store). I just bought some of the small dixie cups and have them and the strips (they are individually packaged) in a pretty little basket on a shelf in my bathroom and no one knows they're in there.

Leslie Ann: Regarding your opk test. What time did you take it yesterday. It was explained to me that it usually runs a 24 hour cycle. For example: If you took the test at 11:00 yesterday morning (Negative) and the cycle started at 11:00 last night. When you tested this morning at 11:00 it should have been a very dark line(positive - mid cycle), and the reason it was lighter at 3:00 is because you were going to the end of the cycle.

I hope that makes sense.

Baby Dust to ALL!


Inga - July 13

Leslie-Did you take an ovulation test the day before as well? What usually happens to me is that the second line starts to get darker and darker as the days pass (say days 12-14) and the afternoon that the lines are the same in color is when your LH surge is. You ovulate anywhere from 24-36 hours after that.

Sarah Rose- Have you heard of Mucinex? It is pure Guafenesin in pill form which is the ingredient in Robitussin that this your CM. It's concentrated to I think 600mg in one table so all you have to do is take one tablet per day instead of drinking lots of yucky robitussin throughout the day. The taste of that stuff is unbearable.


LeslieAnn - July 13

Thanks Inga and Citygirl,

I tested at about 11 am both days and yesterday at 11 am was when it was darkest. Then at 3 it was really light. Thanks for the input! OPKs can be so confusing sometimes! I got a temperature rise today, but not a huge one, so I guess I'll keep charting and see what happens. We BD'ed both last night and the night before so I think we should be covered whether I actually ovulated or not.

So how is everyone else doing in there cycles? Hopefully good! Inga~ any sign of AF yet? Hopefully not!


Honey - July 13


If you would like I can find a way to send you an OM. I bought two on Ebay trying to be the highest bidder! LOL It's brand new and I was just going to sell it anyway. Its a saliva based ovulation moniter and you test everyday. There are unlimited tests. You can email me your address and I can send it to you when I get some extra money. It's called Ovulite. I used it with the Ovulex and WAM! I'm pregnant!!! So maybe it will have the same affect on you!

Does that sound great? I would be soooo happy to be a part of your journey.

Let me know!



ambersparkle - July 13


OMG!! That would be AMAZING! I have wanted one for a while since I am so irregular; but Dh says to wait a while. I am sending you a personal message!


lili246 - July 13

City Girl,

I am not too sure how to use the fertility test strips, I have tested two times and the first time the second line was very very light and the second time it got alittle darker not too much but darker than the first time? What does it mean when the two line are dark? Does that mean that I am about to ovulate? Please give me some feedback. I am new at doing this testing.

Hope that everyone is doing ok.

Baby Dust to all of us!!!!



lili246 - July 13

Another questions? What kind of Robitussin is that you girls take?? Is it the cough medicine Robitussing?? As you can tell I am new at all of these things??lol

So best wishes to all of you!



weazie - July 13

When the second line gets as dark or darker then the first line it means you should ovulate within the next 24-36 hours. But Bding before the line gets as dark is a good idea while waiting for ovulation to happen as well.

Robitussin is a cough and cold make sure you get the one that the only active igredient is Guaifenesin. It loosens mucous which is what will thin out your CM. It doesn't create more CM but will thin out what you have. I think they say you want to tsart taking it about 5-6 days before you ovulate, but stop taking it after you ovulate...at least that what I have done in the past.


soon2bmommy - July 13

Hello All:

Thought I would drop in to let you ladies know that I send many well wishes to you and tons of baby dust your way.


Juelferret1 - July 13

Hey all!!

I ovulated today, at least I think I did. I don't use the OPK's, even though I'm thinking about it. But I have had the EWCM for the past couple days and today I had a sharp pain on the left side that lasted about 15 min. Everything I read signaled that this is it! My DH and I BD'ed this morning so hopefully if my hormones are balanced, this may be it! Of course I've been hoping for that for a year, but I'm staying positive! As long as there is ovulation there is a chance, right? I'm going to keep praying that it will happen. I have felt differences this month due to the Ovulex.

I hope everyone else is doing well. I'm sending lots of prayers out for each of you!! Baby dust!!




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