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Inga - July 12


I recently purchased the ovulation monitor. It's very good, especially if your cycles tend to be irregular. I havent been able to use it last month b/c it doesn't work when you take high doses of clomid. I used it for a month and it pinpointed the two days that you are most fertile and few days before that are considered "high" . It not only tests the LH in your system but it also tests the estrogen in your system, which regular ovulation tests don't do. You have to buy the monitor and then the test strips seperately which can get pretty expensive but you can get those for cheap on ebay also. Good luck.


volkim - July 12

Thanks for the ideas about telling my hubby about Ovulex, girls. I can't decide if I'll wait to see what effect it has on my cycle before telling him about it or what. I'm gonna wait it out for now I think.

Thanks for noticing me and talking to me! I need people to talk to about all this trying to conceive stuff. I am 33 and have only been married about a year and a half...first time to be married. It took me sooooo loooong to find my hubby, and now I'm screwed when it comes to getting pregnant. All I ever heard was, "Oh, you've got plenty of time!" Uggg...that always drove me crazy. Now, it's been 7 mos, and no baby. It's very frustrating. But, I know a lot of you are in similar boats. So, it's good to vent to somebody! Thanks!



ambersparkle - July 12

Inga~ Which Ovulation Monitor did you get? I am thinking about getting one since my cycles are so irregular. Are they really expensive?


YJ - July 12

Hey to all you lovely ladies!

How are things with everyone? Im sorry to have disappeared for some time. My pc was hit by the virus!

Anyway, a HUGE WELCOME to all the newcomers!

Sammy: Thanx for the hug! Really appreciate it.

I am in my mid cycle but don't think there is much CM. Guess I'll just wait and hope things turn out better this month.

Baby dust!


LeslieAnn - July 12

Ovulex did cause me to ovulate quite a bit earlier than usual, so it's possible that you are ovulating earlier than normal, too. I should be o'ing today, I even had a temperature dip the day of ovulation. This is my first month charting properly so I'm not sure if that's usual for me or not, but I was pretty excited about it since fertility friend says not everyone gets them. We BD'ed last night and hopefully will again tonight.


I bought a Clear Blue Easy fertility monitor off ebay, but there was something wrong with mine. :( However, I have heard that many people buy them off ebay and they work just fine. It is (usually) a great way to save money on them. The refill test strip packs are expensive, though, so you might want to get those off ebay, too, like Inga suggested. Since mine doesn't work for now I am just using opk's, which work alright, the only problem is that if you have an irregular cycle you can go through tons of them before you o.

Inga~ GL! Hopefully AF will stay away this month. Be sure to keep up posted.

YJ~ Good luck with your cycle, hopefully things turn out well.

To everyone else, good luck and have a great day.



sammy71 - July 12

Hey Volkim,
I didn't tell my DH that I was taking fertility pills because it really isn't. He wants things to happen naturally not chemically induced. I told him that I was taking herbal supplements that are suppose to regulate the female system. I even showed him the ingredients on the back of the bottle and he seemed fine with that.

Today is CD17 which is the day I O'd last month on Ovulex but so far I haven't felt any aches in my side. I have had clear, stretchy CM for the past four days so we've been BD like crazy (even with a head cold)...take one for the cause right. LOL We'll see what happens this month.

Sorry about your computer. How's the cycle going? Are you at the TWW yet?

Well girls, I'll be offline for a few days. We are going to DH's 30 class reunion in Tampa. We are leaving Alabama today and will be back on Monday. Talk to you then. Hugs to everyone... Sammy


Inga - July 12

ambersparkle- I bought the clearblue easy one. I didn't buy it from ebay b/c I didn't know when it would arrive and I was on day 1 of my cycle at the time and I didn't want a whole cycle to go by but ebay is the best bet since it's much cheaper. I bought mine for abt 200 which included a package of those test strips (usually $50 on their own). I got it from that website early-pregnancy-tests.com.

Leslie-Thanks for your well wishes, it's really hard to stay positive. I think i've have psyched myself out. There is this little voice in me every month which say's stay positive but I can't shake the thoughts that for some reason it wont happen. Like this morning, I am on CD 13 and my BBT dropped alittle. It should be going up or atleast staying where it is so now I am doubting.

Ladies, I think we all need to be proud of ourselves for handling this emotional rollercoaster as best we can b/c no one really understands how we feel unless they go through this process. I am a social worker and plan on opening up my own practice in a few years. This experience has made me resolved to creating a support group for women going through this. I see how supportive you guys are with each other. It's amazing how we can bond without even knowing each other. Stay positive ladies.


ECARROLL - July 12

Good Afternoon Ladies,
Well, AF still hasn't came, I have finished my first bottle of ovulex and with her not being a regular vistor I'm not to sue what to think. DH wants to test Friday, I don't because I am afraid of BFN and getting depressed. I'm not sure if I will start my second bottle or not. I'm considering clomid, my doctor says she's ready when I am. I guess I will test Friday, DH is really thinking I am, I'm not sure, I mean no symptoms, vomiting, cravings or anything like that, only thing sore BB's but others have had that too. BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!


Juelferret1 - July 12

Hi all!!

ECarroll, I have sore bb's also, started yesterday, but it's the middle of my cycle. Don't know if this is a side effect of the ovulex or what.

LeslieAnn-That's good information to know, most people say they O later but maybe that's what happened to me. I guess we'll wait and see what AF does in two weeks, and I'll start doing the BBT charting.

Have fun on your trip and good luck with the big O!! Baby dust your way!!!

Inga-You are so right, no one understands how TTC makes you feel. Fertile people think it should be easy for everyone and they don't understand when you try and try and get nothing every month and how it can make you feel. That's why I appreciate everyone on here for the positive encouragement, advice, and knowledge that we all contribute to each other.

The clearblue monitor sounds great, I am going to have to save up for it, but it sounds like it would be worthwhile. Thanks for all the info!!
I have also thought about using those ovulation microscopes too, like Fertile Focus. Has anyone used those? They make it sound easy to see the "ferning" that is supposed to show up right before ovulation, but I wondered how easy it really is to see.

Well, I still have sore and achy bb's today, which is very strange, I have never had them this early in my cycle before. Other than that, no other symptoms or side effects.

Good luck everyone, I'm thinking of all of you and I'm sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way!!



Honey - July 12

Hello to all and to all hello! LOL

Sorry I was gone for sooooo long but I went to mississippi for a family reunion and it was a loooong drive. I got sick almost everyday we were down there and that wasn't fun. I'm going to the doc's today at 3pm to make sure I alright.

So whats new in the group this wonderful day?

Any BFP I've missed? :) If not that just means there will be some! :)

God bless and keep your head up!

LUV YA (**Baby Dust**)


ambersparkle - July 12

What kind of Green tea is everyone drinking? Hot or cold? I found this lipton green tea with citrus. Has anyone tried this? Do you think it would have the same effect?

I was looking at the nutritional values and comparing them to one of my soda cans and was amazed that the green tea is nearly just as bad sugar-wise! Anyway, if it will produce a BFP I will drink bottles and bottles of it! :)

Juel~ I also had tender BBs starting with about day 16 or 17 on Ovulex. I don't usually get sore bbs unless I am expecting a really bad AF so I attributed it all to the ovulex. It wasn't painful, just sore. Anyway, I'm on day 20 now and the soreness is gone. Hope that helps!

Inga~ Thanks for the info on the O Monitor. I will have to save up for one!

Honey~ Welcome back! Sorry you are sick. Hope you feel better!

Baby dust to all! ;D


lili246 - July 12

Yeah I am in the same boat with ambersparkle, please let us know what kind of tea is that you ladies drink?
Thank You for your support and hope that our dreams come true soon!

baby dust to all of us!!



LeslieAnn - July 12

Hello everyone,

Sorry, this is not about Ovulex, but I need some advice. I said yesterday that I thought I should be ovulating today and I got a dip in temperature this morning. So I used an opk this morning at about 11 am, and the lines looked pretty much the same, so I assumed this was positive. To be sure, I retested at 3 pm and now the test line is way lighter than the other one. Does this mean my surge is gone already? Is it too late to BD now? I don't know what to think! I've never tested twice in a day before so maybe this is normal. Should I try BD'ing again tonight or would it be a waste of time? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!




LeslieAnn - July 12

lili and ambersparkle,

I stopped drinking green tea because I don't have any decaff on hand, but when I did drink it I drank hot tea before bed. I don't know if hot or cold is supposed to be better, though.


gavinsmommy - July 12

Hi Ambersparkle,

I was drinking the Arizona green tea with the honey and Ginseng. You can drink it either warm or cold. I was also taking the robitussin. They sell it in gallon bottles or in the regular glass bottles. I got pregnant with twins in 2003 about 2 months after doing that regimen. I am not saying the tea or robitiussin caused the twins, but dh and I were trying for 6 or 7 months after our m/c. Then boom after drinking the tea and taking the robitussin I was pregnant.

Honey I hope you are feeling better now, but they told me the sickness meant the pregnancy was going well. Hope everyone is doing fine today. Looking forward to all the BFP'S.

P.S. Amber I am taking the ovulex right now with the green tea and geritol. I am praying this works.
Big Hugs And Tons of Baby Dust:)


Juelferret1 - July 12

Hey all--

Thanks for the info Ambersparkle, I was wondering what was going on there! As for the green tea, I am drinking it cold but making it at home. Lipton sells the green tea bags and it's really good. It takes like black tea to me. I have a gallon pitcher and I boil a half gallon of water and brew 10 tea bags in it then add another half gallon of cold water to the tea. You can control how much sugar goes into the tea that way. I think Lipton makes both caf and decaf. I drink the caf, but I totally gave up all soda (and I was a 44 oz drinker of diet mt dew daily at work) so I think I'm getting less caffeine anyway. Hope this helps!




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