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lili246 - July 11

Hi Ladies, I really love this site because it makes me feel better when I read the comments about those of you who are pregnant I am so happy for you! I have the faith that soon I'll be giving you all the good news. But not yet! This is my 5th day of me taking ovulex. I haven;t had no symptoms, only been more sleepy than usuall, has any had this problem? Or it could be cause of this hot weather in California.

CityGirl I know how you feel! Before I found this site I thought I was the only girl having problems to get pregnant! I've been trying for 6 months and not yet!
So hang in there girl and God will bless us soon! With a Lil one. I am so excite and have faith that Ovulex will help me!
Listen to Nancy she knows!

Baby Dust to all of us!!!!!



lili246 - July 11

How long have you been taking Ovulex??



sammy71 - July 11

Hey girls, question.

I ran out of my Ovulex about two weeks ago and the place I ordered it online tells me it's backordered until the end of this week. I started taking just Vitex as soon as I ran out of Ovulex. Do you think I've got any luck or am I going to have to start all over again with Ovulex?

It would be a bummer to have to go through all the side effects I went through the first month on Ovulex. Let me know what you think.

BTW, feeling much better today and we BD last night. Still no sign of the big O accept change in CM and we are on CD16 so it appears that you O late each month on Ovulex.

Take care and Baby Dust, Sammy


LeslieAnn - July 11

Hey Sammy,

I'm not sure if you will have to go through the side effects again or not. I guess it depends on which ingredients caused the side effects. If it's the Vitex, you might not experience the side effects again (and hopefully you won't). Either way, I think the Vitex is one of the most effective ingredients in Ovulex so it's good that you at least are still taking that. Good luck this cycle!

I seem to be ovulating earlier than usual this month (my second on Ovulex). I haven't gotten a + opk yet but the line has been getting darker so I think it should be in the next few days, and I have EWCM already. My usual cycle is 35 days but last month on Ovulex it was 31. I have always o'ed late in my cycles and I seem to be ovulating much earlier than usual this month. Hopefully this will lengthen my LP! My EWCM is also usually very hard to use in charting because it comes and goes all throughout my cycle. This month it's happened at the right time and I've got more than usual. I think it's probably because of the Ovulex because I've never had a cycle like this before, so hopefully that's good news and brings hope to some of you on Ovulex.

Good luck to everyone and have a great afternoon! :)



volkim - July 11

Hey girls. Well, I took Ovulex for the first time last night and then again this morning. I just started my af last night, so I thought it would be best to start Ovulex along with the beginning of my cycle. Hope it does not make my period last longer than normal cuz I'm headed to the beach on Saturday! Anyway, wish me luck. I'm scared I'll have some 25 day period like some of you girls on here have mentioned! Hope not! Good luck to everyone.



lili246 - July 11

Hi Kim,
Well I just started to take Ovulex 5 days ago, and yeah I hope I don't get any of those bad side effect like that long period. But I have faith in ovulex and hope it work soon!
Nancy has a success story from Ovulex! She will give you some good feedback.

Well hope it will work for us all who is trying to get pregnant and please keep in touch with any news.



babybop - July 11


Just kidding.....big movie buff! But Welcome, nonetheless!

CD8 and counting...............and counting.........and counting. I have never counted or charted or graphed so much in my life. I don't think my calculus final was this meticulous, LOL!

I was a member of another board about a year ago and this is what we thought of (collectively):

There is a support ribbon for just about everything out there nowadays. Wouldn't it be nice to have a ribbon of support for ladies ttc. It should say something along the lines of "Support TTC'ers, your parents would!"

Let me know what you think!

Baby dust.....


ambersparkle - July 11

Babybop- I think that is an awesome idea! Someone should totally make one of those...

Well, just an update on me...I have no idea where I am in my cycle...All the advice I got told me to wait on charting until I had my period again (since I haven't had one in 3 months)and then start charting and BBTing...so it's really frustrating. I am on day 19 with ovulex and have virtually no more side effects, other than good ones. In the past 2 or three days I have noticed a major increase in CM, which is a good thing. Hopefully my AF will come in a timely manner and leave in a timely manner as well... :P

Only time will tell....ugghh...that is the hardest part!

Baby dust to all! Have a great afternoon!


Citygirl - July 11

Thanks for the warm welcome!
I really appreciate it.

Babybop: I also think the ribbon is a great idea! I also understand the counting. . . counting. . . more counting and even some guessing. I actually stopped all charting, tempt taking, cm checking etc since starting the ovulex. The only thing I will be doing is the OPK's from day 10+ until I have the big O. Since ovulex is suppose to exted it, that's it for me. I bought the cheaper strips online instead of the wal mart, I got 25 for $27.00 - shipping included.

We'll see how long it lasts! :-/

I'm trying to keep the stress and frustration down.

Lots of baby dust to all of us !


lili246 - July 11

Where online did you get the 25 for $27.00 stips? I think I should order some!

Please let me know.



volkim - July 11

Babybop- Thanks for welcoming us newbies! I was having a hard time getting noticed! :)

Lili- So, we are in this Ovulex thing together I guess, huh? We'll see what happens. Did you start it at the same time as your period too, like me? Let me know.

Knock on wood...no effects from Ovulex yet, but it is only 2 days now! By the way, I did not even tell my hubby I bought Ovulex b/c he is convinced anything like it will cause us to have like 5 babies or something. So....I'm hoping I have no ill effects or I will have to end up telling him I am on it! Is that bad of me???


LeslieAnn - July 12


I don't think it's bad that you are afraid to tell your husband you're trying Ovulex. When I told DH I started taking it he wasn't happy about it because he thought it was a scam. But I explained my reasons for wanting to take it and told him I'd checked with lots of other women who had taken it and he respected my decision to do so. Maybe if you are honest with your husband about your reasons for wanting to try it, he will support you, even if he doesn't agree with your decision.

I'm pretty sure Ovulex and the other fertility supplements can't cause multiple births, and it sounds like you know that, but if your husband is freaked out about it maybe you could ask your doctor about it and tell him what the doctor says, or something like that. Then you wouldn't have to worry about keeping it a secret and your husband would be assured that you guys won't have quintuplets. :) Whatever you decide to do, GL! You have my support.


Mist - July 12

[quote author=lili246 link=board=4;threadid=2624;start=90#21858 date=1152634369]
How long have you been taking Ovulex??

-Lili r>[/quote]

Lili ,

I have been on ovulex about 5 or 6 weeks now


Juelferret1 - July 12

Welcome Volkim and Citygirl!!!

Sammy- I think you will be ok for a week. I think that the vitex is the most important herb in Ovulex to regulate your cycle, at least from the information I read about the different herbs in the supplement. How far away do you think you are from the big O? Are you charting or anything? Good luck and lots of baby dust your way!!

I wouldn't worry about not telling your hubby. But if you want to tell him, research the ingredients in the supplement and tell him what each one does. Vitex has been used for hundreds of years to balance hormones and menstrual cycles. It does not cause ovulation, but creates a balance of hormones necessary for ovulation to occur. More specifically, it increases progesterone, LH, and creates a longer luteal phase. Lots of the other herbs, such as echinacea, St. John's Wort, have nothing to do with hormones, but can aid in reproductive health.

An increase in CM is a great thing, that usually signals that ovulation is close! If you haven't had your cycle in 3 months and have been on ovulex for 19 days you could be there. Even if you're not, showing signs of change is always a positive thing! Good luck!!

I'd wear the ribbon!! Sounds great!

As for me, I've noticed that starting today I have very sore BB's, I don't know what that means. According to everything I've read, it's normal to have that when you ovulate and after ovulation. Weird, because technically I am not supposed to O for a couple more days, but the ovulex may have changed my cycle. I need to start charting, but I was never good with that stuff, I always forget a day and everything. I'm thinking of getting the Clearblue Ovulation Monitor, the expensive one, but don't know if it's a good thing or not, you can get them cheaper on Ebay. Has anyone used it? Well, going to BD tonight in case I am Oing. Send me the baby dust!! Good luck to everyone TTC, I'm praying for all of you. Thanks for all the support that each one of you give me and each other.



Inga - July 12

Hey Everyone,
I don't post too often, but I love to read your posts for some support in this process.

Lili-You can go on www.early-pregnancy-tests.com and get ovulation tests and pregnancy tests for really cheap. They are the ones that I use. They work really well when I ovulate. And I know the pregnancy tests work b/c when I recently got an HCG shot from my Dr, I tested just so that I could see those two pink lines (I know so lame). Anyway you can get a whole bunch for real cheap. Ovulation and pregnancy tests are soo expensive, If I tried to count how much money I've spent on them this past year and a half, I think I would be sick.

Anyway good luck to all. (wish me luck, I am two days away from AF and hope she doesn't arrive. I am not taking ovulex. Doc put me on clomid this month).


Inga - July 12


I recently purchased the ovulation monitor. It's very good, especially if your cycles tend to be irregular. I havent been able to use it last month b/c it doesn't work when you take high doses of clomid. I used it for a month and it pinpointed the two days that you are most fertile and few days before that are considered "high" . It not only tests the LH in your system but it also tests the estrogen in your system, which regular ovulation tests don't do. You have to buy the monitor and then the test strips seperately which can get pretty expensive but you can get those for cheap on ebay also. Good luck.



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