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Juelferret1 - July 10

I forgot to say I hope you are feeling better Sammy and Babypop! We're all thinking of you!!



Citygirl - July 10

Hi Everyone!

I'm new to the board but have been reading it for a couple of weeks now. I have been on Ovulex for a week now and not showing any side effects. I did take
Fertility Blend for 5 months over the winter and My DH took the Fertility Blend for Men and it did not help us at all. I saw no changes in my cycle. I am very regular but it is a 25 day cycle. My luteal phase in not long enough. When it implants, it triggers my af. I am 35 my DH is 32 and we have been trying for almost 2 years.

I just want to say thanks to everyone. I'm so happy that I'm not alone in the feelings i've been having. especially when i hear about someone being pregnant that didn't really want to be! AArrugh. I thought it was just me that thought that way sometimes. (it does pass though - I'm not always grumpy about it)

I do appreciate each and everyone of you for your support of each other, kind words of understanding, faith and hope that you bring each other without any judgements being placed. It's great to see that even when someone is having a bad day - they can voice it here with no repecussions. It is Wonderful and all of you are Wonderful!

Thanks again!


Mist - July 11

hey girls,

Still nothing, AF will be late for 3 weeks now in 2 days.I am thin of waiting a week and testing and if there is a BFN I will call my doctor and get provera and Femera again. Would that be safe?

When I first heard of Ovulex I was on Femera and I had the free sample of ovulex. Well I took it along with my other meds and I had major hot flashes and I knew when I ovulated . And i know for sure it was a good deal with the mixture of the two because the month before on femera I had no effect so I am thinking of doing it again, But I would love some input so I don't hurt myself.

Babybop I took FB for a long time. Like over 6 months and at the begining it seemed to help and then it kinda just wore off. But your body maybe different then mine I wish you the best!



StephMalkowski - July 11

gavinsmommy & juel,
Thanks for the support and suggestions. I will definitely give my dr a call once I get the info from my dh employer about my plan coverage.

gavinsmommy 24 days! wow! did your doctor do anything to make af stop or did it just finally go away? did your doctor tell you to stop the ovulex? My dh or I have never come straight out and told my mil that we are trying, but I'm sure she knows, since she comes to our house twice a week to let our dog out while we're at work (we both work 2nd shift) and my bottle of ovulex is sitting in my fridge. I'm sure she's also seen my ovulation microscope in the bathroom (she's a real busybody). Either way I thought it was very inconsiderate and I didn't think that I was overreacting when I got upset.

I agree with you, when the time is right, it will happen. I just need to stay positive and try not to let what other's say bother me. Regardless of who it is!





NANCY - July 11

Mist I concieved on Ovulex and my DH was on amberoz it took us 2 months

Best of luck and much baby dust to you all


gavinsmommy - July 11

Hi Steph,

Your MIL is really nosey. You poor thing. Maybe you could teach the dog to let itself out,LOL. Yep I had AF for 24 days. I thought I was going to pull my hair out. My AF was acting just like yours. The DR. told me to take it for the rest of that week and if it didn't stop he wanted to see me. I did continue to take it and I still am. I sent AF off to visit some teenage girl hitting puberty, because we are all getting BFP's , right girls!! When you were describing your MIL the movie "Monster-IN-Law popped into my head.LOL. Juel was right , whether she knows or not , it is none of their business. You already have enough pressure on you. You certainly were not overreacting, it is great that your Dh understands. My father always says if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all. Boy was he ever so right. Steph how long have you been on the ovulex? I am taking the Geritol tonic along with my ovulex. I am so glad I was because I certainly needed the iron this month. Keep thinking positive and stay focused. Big Hugs And Mega Baby Dust!!!!


StephMalkowski - July 11

I am also taking the geritol tonic as well. this is my second month on ovulex. the first was when i was 24 days late and stopped the ovulex after i was one week late, just in case i was pg. then i started it again after af came. I really appreciate all of your support and kind words. I feel a lot better about the whole af and mil situation. Every time i describe my mil a lot of people say she sounds like the mother from "everybody loves raymond", LOL. I definitely agree, Monster in-law also fits her well too! hugs and dust to all!



ambersparkle - July 11

OMG- I've actually had people use the Marie from Everybody love Raymond to describe my MIL...actually that whole side of the family is sort of like that show... ;D


StephMalkowski - July 11

Marie...that's her name...well amber I guess i'm not alone. The funny thing is that my dh doesn't like to watch that show with me b/c he says "i can't believe anyone can be like that", i just start laughing! :)



ambersparkle - July 11

:D That's funny- My DH LOVES that show. We both do. I guess when he watches it, it reminds him of home! Just kidding...the difference between Marie and my MIL is that Marie does things to purposely be mean, my MIL doesn't always even realize what she's saying, which makes you feel even worse about being upset. :-\ Although the longer we are married, the more I am convinced that she does realize it...Anyway...

An extra helping of baby dust to you to make up for your traumatic experience! ;D


gavinsmommy - July 11

Hi Steph,
I guess we can call ourselves ovulex starting buddies with the same insane symptoms. That is great that you are taking the Geritol also. This way you will be getting your iron. You gave me a perfect mental picture when you described your MIL as the mom from Everybody Loves Raymond. I just started giggling after I read that. You are very welcome for the support, that is what we are all here for. You take care and I will talk to you later. Mega Blessed Baby Dust To All!!!!


gavinsmommy - July 11

I just want to tell you welcome aboard. Please chime in with all of these wonderful ladies at anytime. You are in the right place if you need anything.Welcome aboard again. BLESSED BABY DUST TO YOU AND EVERYONE!!!!


dreamerbeyond - July 11

I have a question- Did anyone here take the Depo Provera shot for birth control? I did and my gyno told me theres definately a chance that it was what messed up my cycles and ovulating. Just wanting to know if anyone else experienced this from that shot.


LeslieAnn - July 11


How is everyone doing today? CD 14 for me so I should be ovulating pretty soon. It seems like I've been waiting forever! We have tried to BD every other day anyways, just in case.

Steph~ That's too bad about your MIL, but it sounds like you have been the bigger person and taken it in stride. You should be proud for handling the situation the best you could, anyways.

dreamerbeyond~ I never took the shot, but I was on the patch and it messed up my cycle for awhile after I went off of it. I have heard that it may take awhile to conceive after being on the shot, if I remember right one of my friends told me that when she was on it.

To everyone else, good luck and don't give up! Baby dust!



Mist - July 11

[quote author=NANCY link=board=4;threadid=2624;start=75#21820 date=1152581789]
Mist I concieved on Ovulex and my DH was on amberoz it took us 2 months

Best of luck and much baby dust to you all

Nancy, that is so awesome! Did you have regular AF before taking Ovulex? Were you late on your first month of Ovulex?

Thanks Sweetie and Congrats!



lili246 - July 11

Hi Ladies, I really love this site because it makes me feel better when I read the comments about those of you who are pregnant I am so happy for you! I have the faith that soon I'll be giving you all the good news. But not yet! This is my 5th day of me taking ovulex. I haven;t had no symptoms, only been more sleepy than usuall, has any had this problem? Or it could be cause of this hot weather in California.

CityGirl I know how you feel! Before I found this site I thought I was the only girl having problems to get pregnant! I've been trying for 6 months and not yet!
So hang in there girl and God will bless us soon! With a Lil one. I am so excite and have faith that Ovulex will help me!
Listen to Nancy she knows!

Baby Dust to all of us!!!!!




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