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Mist - July 9

Hey Meg,

I completley understand how you feel! I am just going to trust in God!

I read the Sisterhood reunion board and it made me a little depressed I seen many women whom were taking Ovulex stopped it because it did not help them :( now I am wondering if I am wasting my time? I sure hope not

Ok I have to stop thinking negative! I believe I lbelieve, I believe !

Thank you Jesus for what your about to do for us by blessing us with a child! Amen

God Bless



Juelferret1 - July 9

Hey all!!

Sounds like everyone reacts differently to the Ovulex. I had achy pains and sore bb's for the first week and a half, but now i'm pretty much ok. Still get the pains from time to time.

Sorry you're sick!! I hope you feel better!! Good luck, it's your time!!! The hardest part IS the TWW. I start thinking every little pain or ache, every time I'm tired, that "Maybe I'm Pregnant!" I'm probably going to keep thinking that especially since I've had the ovulex this cycle, even though it's probably too soon to have results. But I'm keeping the faith!! I'm sending lots of prayers and baby dust your way!!!

I'm sorry you feel so down. Keep positive, feeling stressed and upset won't help. Anything is possible!!

Good luck everyone, keep praying and stay positive!!!



Juelferret1 - July 9


Does anyone know how many days before you ovulate that you are supposed to get the EWCM? I am supposed to ovulate in 4 days, and I don't have that yet, just the creamy(TMI). I wonder if Ovulex has delayed my ovulation....

Keep the faith,



babybop - July 9

Good afternoon, Ladies!

After a few hours of studying, cooking all morning, and cleaning....I just need a break!

Mist: I am so sorry to hear that you're tummy was hurting. My stomach hurts on occasion, also. I think it's from all of the vitamins that I am on. The Geritol makes me constipated so I'm sure that has something to do with it also. So, you've taken FB for 6 - 8 months? And it didn't do much after the first two? OH NO! That doesn't give me much hope. I am going to stick to it for atleast three consecutive months before I formulate an opinion but I understand why you've switched to something a little more aggressive.

Liz: Babyhopes is a great website!! I guess we've all been through the same stuff, it's funny that we have so much in common and we've never met (most of us never met). I am taking Fertility Blend three times per day, Geritol twice per day, and robitussin once per day....I sure hope this helps OR becomes the great concoction for the fountain of youth....SOMETHING MAJOR BETTER HAPPEN!! LOL!

LeslieAnn: I've read that the reasons why your chances are better for conception after orgasm are: I read that your uterus contracts while orgasm is taking place and that makes it easier and faster for the swimmers to get to the finish line, I read that your brain releases endorphins that give your body an extremely relaxed state and your brain (which is your largest sex organ) becomes chemically euphoric. I don't know how true that may be since I seem to be able to enjoy one each time and I am still not pregnant.

Juel: Thanks for the pick me up.....really appreciate it! Remain encouraged throughout your TWW. We are all rooting for you!

I am on CD6, no tww yet....no O yet.....infact, very little CM. We'll see what happens, this is my experimental cycle where I am trying all these things together at once, for the first time.

Ladies.....May the Force Be With You All (whatever Force you believe in!).



sammy71 - July 10

Hey all,
Just a quick note since I'm still feeling under the weather. I can't seem to shake this summer head cold.

As most of you know I'm on my 2nd month (and bottle) of Ovulex and the question I had about ovulating late like the first month seems to be answered.

Today was supposed to be the big O day (pre-Ovulex) and it didn't happen today. CM is clear and strechy so I'm in the "opportune" time but the big day isn't here yet and it's CD14. So it appears that you do continue to Ovulate late each month you are on ovulex. Last month it was CD 17 on my first Ovulex month.

Anyway, hope that answers someone else's question besides me. Wish me luck...I'm going to try and pretend I feel well tonight so I can get DH to BD.

Baby Dust Everyone. Also, a BIG Hug to YJ, Juel, Steph and Honey.



ECARROLL - July 10

Good Morning Ladies,
I haven't posted in a while, been on vacation. Well I still haven't seen AF. Been taking ovulex since 27May. Really I'm not sure what to do, should I test? Start my second bottle of ovulex? Really confused comments are welcomed! and Thanks in advance!!


ambersparkle - July 10


Have your AFs been really irregular before you started taking Ovulex?

Because I am in the same boat. I still have a week until AF is supposed to come, but I have already been questioning if I should continue Ovulex if AF doesn't come when it's supposed to...

I say, if you were already really irregular that your body probably just needs a little longer to regulate. The Ovulex site states that it is supposed to take up to a month to reach potency, so if your body is irregular on top of that it would probably take longer...

The choice is ultimately up to you; but how much of a supply of Ovulex do you have?


LeslieAnn - July 10

ambersparkle and ECarroll,

I think ambersparkle is right. It probably just takes awhile for your cycle to regulate, and it could take even longer if you already had really irregular cycles. It's just really frustrating because when you're trying to get pregnant, you don't want to sit around and wait forever wondering when you can start your next cycle, or when you will be regular, etc. etc. It seems like the whole ttc routine is nothing but waiting, waiting to O, waiting for AF to come, waiting for AF to leave, and then it starts all over again! So when something makes your wait even longer, it can be frustrating. I guess whether you want to stick it out with Ovulex is a personal choice. I almost decided to stop taking it last month when I had so much spotting, because I just had no idea what was going on or where I even was in my cycle. My cycle seems to be going more normally this month though, so hopefully it will for everyone else too.

Sammy, hopefully you're feeling better soon!

To everyone else, GL and loads of baby dust!


ECARROLL - July 10

Thanks guys for some guidance, well AF is inregular so maybe I should start my 2nd bottle,baby dust to all!!!


StephMalkowski - July 10

Hello Ladies,
Hope everyone had a great weekend! AF is still here and doesn't seem to be leaving soon! I'm on DAY 12! I started the ovulex again on the first day of my cycle and am wonder if that has something to do with it. On Saturday if seemed like it may be stopping and then a couple hours later it started up again like it was before. It's nothing heavy, but it's there. Has anyone else ever experienced an unusually long AF on Ovulex. I know I was 24 days late on my first bottle of ovulex, but shouldn't my body have "fixed" itself by now on the second bottle? Hopefully once it does stop, "o" will come and be just as long as my wait and af. :) Should I stop Ovulex again and leave it into God's hands? I'm lost and confused!

I was by my in-laws house over the weekend and the big news was that my brother and sister in law found out that they are having a boy, the same old question kept coming up "when are you going to get pregnant?". Will they all just get off my back! Geez! A friend of my mother in law came over and she pointed at my sister in law and said "she's pregnant" then pointed at me and said "she's NOT!". Thanks for the support hey! They have no idea how hard it actually is, and those kind of comments don't help! DH felt really bad and said to just ignore her, but it's kind of hard to. She even went out and bought a crib to keep at her house for her "unborn, unconcieved (in our case), grandchildren" to use! Talk about "jumping the gun".

Sorry ladies, I just needed to vent a little....it was a rough weekend! Hope things are going better for everyone else, extra sticky baby dust to all!!!!




lili246 - July 10

Hi Ladies,
I am in the same pace ;) I just started to take Ovulex and hope that everything goes well. I keep praying and have the faith that ovulex will help me get pregnant. So hang in there and keep the faith with you. God will help us all and will bless us with a wonderful child.

Baby dust to all of us!!!!

God Bless us all!!!



LeslieAnn - July 10

Hey Steph,

Sorry about your weekend! :( That lady sounds like she could definitely work on her manners a little. I know how you feel though. My MIL has been a big support to me through the ttc process, but even she sometimes says things which bother me. DH's cousins are all getting pregnant and she is constantly talking about how exciting it is that they're pregnant and how she wants a grandchild of her own. She knows we are trying and she knows about the chemical pregnancy I had in March and she says all of this in front of me anyway. I know she doesn't mean to hurt my feelings but it still makes me feel bad.

Hopefully you will get your bfp soon and you won't have to deal with it anymore, but until then, I know what you're going through!

Have you talked to your dr about why AF has stuck around so long? Maybe they could give you some advice for what to do. Did you have a fairly normal cycle before?



StephMalkowski - July 10


Thanks for listening to me vent. It's good to know that someone else is going through the same thing. Hopefully ALL of us will get a BFP this month, we need to keep positive.

I haven't talked to my Dr. yet since I just switched insurance and I may not be able to go to my regular one anymore. My husbands work was actually getting him information regarding that, hopefully soon. In the mean time, I'm trying not to think about it so much and just relax. Before the Ovulex I was pretty regular at every 34 days, and AF would usually last 3-4 days, but extremely heavy the entire time. This time I haven't had any heavy days.

I appreciate your kind words and will keep you posted.




gavinsmommy - July 10

Hi Steph,

Sorry to hear about your insensitive situation. I was just like you with the ovulex. My af was regular usually 26-28 days. It was rather heavy for about 4 days and then would taper off the next 3 days. I started ovulex in May got Af on 6-14-06. She wasn't to bad at first, just like you I thought it was ending and then I started spotting. I stopped the ovulex for 2 days and then boom she hit me with the vengence. I called the ovulex people and they said to start it again because it is like taking bcp, your body has to get use to it. Af stuck around here for a total of 24 days. My doctor was worried that I would become anemic. Hopefully you will straighten out sooner then me. I am still taking the ovulex and I am hoping this month will be either a bfp or at least normal. Does your mil know you are ttc?If she does then she is really being inconsiderate to your feelings. Much Baby Dust and Hugs to all of You!!!


Juelferret1 - July 10

Hi All!!!

I'm in the final countdown now to the TWW. Getting excited, I hope that Ovulex will make a difference. I've been feeling different but we'll see.

I can't believe anyone would say something so mean! Saying she's pregnant and she's not??? Even if you weren't TTC, that's out of the social boundaries to say about people. It is none of their business but you and your DH. When the time is right, it will happen. I would go see someone about your AF though, that's a long time to be having her visit! Remember, the vitex in Ovulex is for hormonal balance, and it takes at least three months to fully see if it's going to make a difference in your cycles.

Well, you have a couple extra days to keep trying! Good luck and have fun with the BD!! :) Keep thinking positive! For you to keep trying after all these years and keeping a positive outlook is such an inspiration! Baby dust to you this week and hopefully that ovulex will kick in this month!! :)

To everyone else-
Good luck and baby dust to all, keep praying and think positive, don't let depression and negativity bring you down. Remember there is a plan for all of us, and our time will come!!! Keep The Faith!

Baby dust and prayers,



Juelferret1 - July 10

I forgot to say I hope you are feeling better Sammy and Babypop! We're all thinking of you!!




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