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babybop - July 7

Ambersparkle: I know that with Ovulex, it is supposed to strengthen your uterus and your cervix so perhaps this is just from that, however, I am no expert so it could be your AF as well. It may be that it is forcing a period on you so that your cycles will regulate. Think good thoughts!!!!


lili246 - July 7

Thanks for your feedback. I really hope that I become one of those success person on Ovulex.
How long did it took for you to become pregnant while taking ovulex?
Well Please wish me Luck, hope that God listens to my prayers!!
This is my first day on ovulex! I hope that I don't get any side effects or else I might get scared!
But please all of you Pray for me!



babybop - July 7

Lili, good people don't need luck, they need faith. No matter what you try, something has got to give!!!

ORDER ORDER ORDER!!!!! Don't be nervous, if it doesn't work for you, oh well....on to the next suggestion.....but whatever works for you!


LeslieAnn - July 7


I had some spotting during my first month on Ovulex. I was really freaked out, too, because I've never had spotting before, but I had no pain and from what I hear it is a normal reaction until your body regulates. It's kind of like starting or stopping birth control, your body needs time to adjust. I started my cycle a few days earlier than usual and I'm having a normal cycle so far the second month.

As for whether this is AF, you will probably just have to wait and see how long the spotting lasts. That's what really annoyed me about the spotting last month, I didn't know whether to count it as AF or not. I had 2 episodes that lasted 3 days, so I counted both of those as spotting.


lili246 - July 7

Yeah with Faith everything can be possible! I have a good positive feeling about ovulex. Hope that my dreams come true soon!
How are you doing by the way?

Take Care,

Lili :)


Juelferret1 - July 7

Hi all!! Hope everyone is well today!!

I posted this on the ovulex side effects board by mistake, I only realized I was on the wrong one when I sent it. OOPS!! :)

From what I've read about Ovulex (and Fertility Blend and Fertilaid), it will only work if you have a hormonal imbalance to start off with. For those with estrogen dominance, PCOS, high prolactin levels, low LH levels, endometriosis, etc., it can work for these issues. If you have always had perfectly normal periods, I would check with a dr. before using it, just because there may be another problem, like a blockage or something. If that's the case, you would want to get that checked out asap. I have an estrogen dominance problem, that is, I have too much estrogen and not enough progesterone floating through my body to create regular cycles, and the Ovulex is supposed to increase the progesterone levels naturally through time.

I have been taking Ovulex for about a week and a half. The only thing I've noticed is twingy pains. I've noticed also increased CM which is a positive sign. As far as I can tell by my signs, I'm finally getting on track as far as my cycle goes. I know it might be a couple more months before it completely works, but I really like what I see so far. I think though that I am going to take Fertility Blend after this bottle is gone, because the one herb that is the most important in the aspect of cycle regulation is the vitex, and Fertility Blend has it. It's cheaper which is a plus. We'll see..maybe I'll get that BFP before then!!

Baby dust to all, and good luck!!! I'm praying for all of you!!



Juelferret1 - July 7

If you haven't had AF in 3 months, this could be it! I would keep an eye out on how much and how long it lasts...then when it's finished, try to chart your bbt and your CM to see where you are in your cycle. I would say if it lasts 4 or 5 days it's probably AF. If you haven't had your cycle in awhile it might take a few months to get your cycle regulated and looking normal from the Ovulex. Good luck!!



ambersparkle - July 7

The spotting from this morning has already stopped, so I am just pretty much counting all of this as a good sign- that my body is trying to regulate itself and everything with the Ovulex...

I have also been feeling light cramping (not painful at all) yesterday and today, so I think it's just the Ovulex doing it's work! Anyway, I'll keep you updated.

Baby Dust to All!


babybop - July 7

Lili246: Thanks for asking, I am doing......so so. I am an emotional mess. Not only that but I find it hard to enjoy anything in life. My husband is fed up with the whoa is me act and he is very sympathetic and everything...I am just so tired of being miserable and unhappy.

When does it end? I am glad that we are trying and everything, but I break down in the tampon isle every month! I feel selfish for unloading my gloom on all of you but I am just so down today.

How are you doing? Did you start Geritol?


sammy71 - July 7

I'm off the board for one day and I miss three pages of messages. Hope everyone is doing fine and welcome new ladies.

I've been battling a cold or sinus not sure what it is accept I've had no energy and my head is all whoosy feeling. It started with a sore throat on 4th of July and has made me feel terrible all week. Which really sucks because this weekend is the big O weekend. I tried to muster up some strength last night but DH is more concerned about me feeling better not BD. He said, "let's see how you feel on Sat or Sun". Doesn't he know times a wastin' LOL

There's not time to be sick, I've got work to do.

Anyway, glad to see the board is going strong and there are lots of new gals talking.

YJ, Juel and Steph, how are ya'll doing? We are all headed into the wonderful two week wait soon. Let's hope we get to join Honey with a BFP this month....if not at least it's fun trying.

Talk later, time for a nap. Boy, I hate being sick. Sammy


StephMalkowski - July 7

Hi Sammy,
Sorry to hear that you're sick. I hate getting sick, especially in the summer! Things are pretty good here...extremely busy with my many work "projects". I started AF on the 29th (finally) and she's still hanging around (8 days). Hopefully it ends soon. I started the ovulex again as well as geritol tonic...dh is doing the geritol as well. Hopefully this will be our month, if not we'll just have to keep trying. My sister is due with her first any day now (a boy), we are all very excited. One of my friends just found out that she is having a baby boy as well and I'm waiting to hear from my sister in law to find out how her appt. went today and what the sex of their baby is. There are babies all around and the ironic thing is that our friend and my sister in law are both due on my birthday! God works in mysterious ways! DH says that preganancy is "contagious" and hopefully I'll "get it" soon too!



lili246 - July 7

Well I actually started taking ovulex today! I am so excited because I have heard good things about it and hope it will work soon!
I am doing good and I am with fingers crossed!


Good bless us all with a lil one!



NANCY - July 7

lili246 I was on Ovulex for 2 months. I actually thought that I messed up that month. Instead of doing the baby dance we had fun and bingo here I am 15 weeks pregnant!!!

I am sending so much baby dust to all of you!!!!


danahcam - July 8

Hi Girls, I am brand new to this bulletin but thank god I found it. I live in Australia and I am 27yrs old and have been TTC for 5 months. Went off the BCP in January 2006 and my cycles have been around the 30 days. I went on Ovulex at the start of June and I am now at CD 36, 6 days late for period. Is this a common side effect of Ovulex? I have done 3x HPT and all have been a BFN. 2 days ago I went and had an internal examination to check on my ovaries. the nurse said that my cervical lining was only half what it should be for the period in my cycle. Please help me as I am so confused and just want to know if all my dreams have come true and I am pregnant or it is just a side effect of Ovulex.

Thankyou all so much for your posts. I have only read the first Ovulex bulletin.


tinaxu - July 8

Hi, ladies
I am so happy to hearing so many good news. I finished all my 3 months supply of Ovulex, does anyone know how to do refound, i have saved all my empty bottles.
BTW, I have 3 bottles of fertilyaid want to sale in lower price or can be free if you needed it. (i living in ottawa,Canada)please feel free to leave me a message or you can sent me an e-mail: [email protected].

Hope you have a great nite!!
tons of baby dust!!!


StephMalkowski - July 8

Hi Dana,
Welcome! There are quite a few of us that were late our first cycle of Ovulex. I am on my 2nd month of Ovulex and was 24 days late my first month. When AF finally did arrive last week, it's lasted pretty long (I'm on day 9, which will hopefully end soon). If you are 6 days late I'd wait another week and test again. Stay positive! Are you having and pg symptoms? Have you had any other unusual "side effects" since you started? Please keep us posted.




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