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lynn52377 - August 1

Hello Ladies
Hope everyone is feeling good...I was running around so much yesterday i totally spaced my ovulex. Do you think skipping one day will throw it off?
Good Luck to everyone and i hope we all see a bunch of BFP's soon!!!!


lili246 - August 1

Yes thank you, I did take him to the doctor yesterday, they gave him a shot for the infection and out him in antibiotics. He is feeling better today because last night he did drink his milk. Thank you for caring!

My son is 22 months old. I am actually planning his birthday party, yesterday after I took him to the doctor I saw some clown passing out business cards, so I am having a clown again for his B-day.
Yes, I will be testing on friday, hopefully I will get a BFP! I need all your prayers.
Should I stop taking Ovulex for right now until I test!

Thank you and ofcourse I will keeo you posted with either good or bad news. But I really hope this is my month.

I actually have been late a few times in the past as far as CD 49, so hopefully this time is for sure! I am now in CD 43 today.

Ladies, Thank you very much for your support, I have all of you in my prayers.

God Bless you all.



lynn52377 - August 1

sending you my prayers that you get your BFP!!!!!


lili246 - August 1


Thank You I do need all your prayers. I hope I do get good news, if not there will always be a next time. I am trying to keep positive and at the same time with some strength. I don't want to feel bad if I don't get good news. God will know when is my time! I just hope this is it!
I will keep you all posted on friday!

Much of Baby Dust to all of You!

God Bless! You All!



RNORST - August 1

I have been thinking the same thing about stoping ovulex. I dont know what I will do. I guess I will take it until the day af is suppost to come which is thursday. What is your temp? I'm glad your son is feeling better.



lili246 - August 1


My temp. today was 98.6. I've been thinking of stop taking ovulex for right now until friday when I test just in case it comes positive. If I get a negative I will continue taking them. So I guess I will stop takiing them until I test for PG.
I don't think it will matter that much will it?
Anyone please give me some advise.

Thank you for your support.

Renee, keep in touch of any news.

Baby Dust to all Of Us!



lili246 - August 1

what CD are you in? When are you testing?


RNORST - August 1

Iam on cd 29. I usual have a 31 day cycle. I should start on thursday, unless ovulex makes me late. I thought about testing friday, but if I can, I want to wait untill monday, I would be 5 days late then. Or I wanted to wait untill my temp was up for 18 days, which would be Sat. I guess it just depends on my temps, friday or sat.

Today right before lunch, I started not to feel well, it lasted about 10 min. and then on the way back to work I got sick again and though I was going to throw up, but it passed after about 10 min. again. I sure hope this is a good sign. I feel fine now. My boobs feel a little more sore today, at the top of them.

Do you have any more symptoms?

Lets pray hard for each other and everyone else.
Nothing is to impossiable for our God!!!



RNORST - August 1

I think you will be fine missing a day, it should be fine as long as you dont do it all the time.
How long have you been taken ovulex and what cd are you on?



springs - August 1

I think you'll be fine if was just 1 day....I almost forgot to take mine today too. I had to go back home after I dropped off my dd at camp.

I am praying for you that this is the month you get your BFP!!!

I called and got more info about my b/w and my hormone levels are all normal. I talked to them about scheduling a lap and/or hysteroscopy to make sure that everything is normal. I'll know more tomorrow. I am going to keep pushing for more testing because I have such irregular cycles and over the yrs my blood work always comes back as normal....who knows.


lili246 - August 1

Wow that is a big sign, I really hope that you are PG, Best wishes!
I know it's kinda a hard to wait till that day to test, it's something that you can't avoid doing!

I haven't had any other signs, I hope that I do get a BFP! I will keep praying for you and me and all of you ladies.
Hang in there and don't give up no matter what!

Together we can!


Have a great night and TTYL.


NANCY - August 2

Lesleiann I conceived my DD through IVF. They do blood work, paps, semen annalysis. Discuss your past about your cycles any problems. Not to bad. Then from there they decide what route you should take. If you want you can ask me questions and I will try to answer them from what I remember from the experience of my DD.

Wishing you all good luck

Much baby dust to you all!!



lynn52377 - August 2

I am on my 20th day of ovulex, my AF is so irregular though the last one was feb 27th so who knows when she is due to come again. I have always been irregular.
I start to get somewhat regular then it stops
I have been having back pain recently so not sure if its about to come or not....we shall see.

Good Luck to all those about to test!!! I hope you all get the BFP!!!!
Much Babydust all around!!!!


LeslieAnn - August 2

Hey everyone~ Thanks so much for your support. I have decided to definitely go see the RE. Maybe I can at least get some answers.

Maggies Mom~ I am so glad I'm not going through this alone. My appointment isn't 'til the end of Aug. so we will be starting at around the same time. Be sure to let me know how it goes for you.

Nancy~ Thanks for the advice. My sister also conceived her dd through IVF. She had unexplained infertility. Now that I'm ttc I seem to be having the same problems. Hopefully I can get some answers or at the very least some help when I go to my appointment.

Renee~ Those do sound like really good signs. I will keep praying for you!

Lili~ How is your son doing? Hopefully much better. Good luck to you too this month!

Mist~ I have also had some weird AF symptoms this month. I finally have decided to quit taking Ovulex, for a number of different reasons, the biggest one being that it's expensive. Another reason was that I had very weird pre-AF symptoms this month, and my AF was so bad yesterday that I missed work. I normally only have cramps, but yesterday I had very painful cramps, bad headaches and really bad backaches. Advil didn't help at all and my flow was very heavy. This is much worse than what I usually experience during AF. I have decided to try FertilityBlend because it's sold at GNC and it's much cheaper. It has Vitex in it, which was the ingredient I was most after anyways.

Well, I have to go get ready for work. As always, good luck and baby dust to everyone!



Mist - August 2


I totally understand how you feel. I have one more bottle left and after that I think I may be done with it too. It really has not helped me one bit at all! Matter of fact I think I am worse of then before I started it but we will see what this month brings!



RNORST - August 2

Well today is cd 30 for me and I think af might just show up tomorrow. My temps yesterday was 98.6 and today 98.0. I was cramping a little off and on last night and also this morning. Very different cramps than usual, usually if I start to cramp I keep cramping until I start.
Well if I get af today or thursday, at least I'll be thankful that it didn't make me late. I'm also having a very different feeling its like a light pressure on one side that comes and goes.

lili246, how's things going, what was you temp?

Leslie, I have taken fertili-blend from GNC before, and didn't have any luck, but maybe you will. Best of luck. Keep us posted on what you find out at RE.

Springs, I have never had irr. cycles. It has to be even harder not knowing when she coming.

God bless all of you with fertility.



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