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soon2bmommy - July 31

Hello Sistahs:

Just checking on you all - trying to see if we have any new babies on the way - in the meantime - much baby dust.


megzrahh - July 31


I havent had any heartburn at all, just a slight irritation when i go to the toilet, its not often and it onlys lasts a few seconds. thanks for the info


baby dust


lili246 - July 31


Thank You,
Like I said I am in CD 42 and I will wait and test on Friday if AF hasn't Should up, Hope Not! Well Another sign are my Boobs sometimes they hurt and sometimes I feel a slightly pain all os a sudden. Also when I am laying down or sitting down and I stand up all of the sudden I get some pain in my abdomen. I don't know why this is, but I have to be careful and stand up fast because I can get that pain.
This is weired but I hope this is a good sign.
I am kinda sad right now because my son is sick, it seem that he has THRUST has any one heard of that? He has something white in his tongue and alsosome like cold sores (blister) they hurt when he drinks his milk. Poor lil thing he hasn't been able to eat since saturday cause of this.

Well hope that all of you are doing great!
Take Care..



springs - August 1


Yes I have been tested for infertility. I have 1 tube blocked but 1 is still ok. I found out about 7 yrs ago and started down the path of clomid with IUI, but bailed out. The timing just wasn't right for me and DH. Since then we haven't really been trying but we haven't used an BCP either. The baby bug has bit me again and we are going down the path again.

I am waiting on my b/w now. I hadn't heard of PCOS until a few weeks ago but I have many of symtoms. so well see?!

My real problem is that I don't ovulate every month and when I do it is usually on the side with a blocked tube. I am hoping that Ovulex at least gets me O'ng regularly. I also purchased the Ovacue FM as BBT just doesn't work for me. I always forget to take my temp and especially on the weekends get up at different times so there wasn't enough consistency.


LeslieAnn - August 1

Hey everyone,

I have a question for all of those who have undergone fertility counseling and/or treatments. I have my first appointment scheduled with a fertility specialist in August and I am getting nervous. Can anyone give me any feedback on seeing a specialist? Is it worth it? Maybe I am just scared of what I will find out, but I guess it's better to discover any issues asap. I have seen dr.'s about my painful periods since I was a teenager, but I never got any real answers as to what was going on with my body, so maybe this will be a really good experience.

To all the newcomers~ Welcome and good luck on Ovulex. I have had a good experience with it so far, and I wish the best of luck to you!

Lili and Juel~ Things look hopeful for you guys. It would be so exciting if this were the month! Be sure to keep us posted.

Good luck and baby dust to everyone and have a great night!



RNORST - August 1

Lili246, So you might test on friday? If af doesn't come on thursday, I may also test if my temp is still up.
Good luck and lets hope this is our month. How old is your son, I will keep him in my prays also.

Springs, What is a Ovacue FM? Is it some kind of fertlity montior? So will your b/w show if you have PCOS, and what are the symptoms?

Leslie, I think seeing a RE is a good idea. She can test you to see if any thing is wrong. Do you have insurance that will cover that? Mine covered the office visit and then if they do a HSG test and they send it to the insurance company through the X-ray dept. its covered, other wise the test is 1000.00. Good luck and keep us posted.



springs - August 1

Leslie, Seeing a specialist is a good idea. That way you'll know what your dealing with. I wish I had been more proactive earlier in the game....but better late than never.

RNORST, Yes it is a Fertiilty monitor that uses your saliva instead of urine. It is an improvement on the mircoscopes they have because I don't have to decipher what the results are....it does it for you and it is suppose to let you know when you O earlier. I got it b/c there are not any refills or anything. It was a little pricy ($383 for FM and a vaginal sensor) but I figured I would spend that and more TTC anyway, especially since my ovulation is so unpreditable. I just started using it today so I hope it works for me.

Here is the website if you want to check it out.

I got a call from my doctor's office and all my b/w came back normal. I'm going to call tomorrow and get more specifics....if they are correct then that rules out PCOS..I guess that's good, but I hoping that would help to explain the IF.


LeslieAnn - August 1

Renee~ How are things going? Are you late for AF yet? Let me know how it goes! Hopefully this month will be your month! I looked up the dr. I'm seeing in my insurance book and it says he's covered, but I'm unclear as to what services are all covered, so I will probably have to call my insurance company. That's the thing I'm most worried about right now.

How are your symptoms? Hopefully this will be your month! I am so excited to hear about some more bfp's!



volkim - August 1

Hey guys. I haven't written in awhile. I just happened to notice the bottle of Ovulex says to refrigerate it! Duh! I haven't done that, and I've been on it almost a month now. Do you guys think that is bad?? You think it makes it ineffective due to not being refrigerated?

Lili- Good luck! I hope you get a BFP when you test! Have you ever been this late before?



springs - August 1

volkim, I don't know. Maybe call the 800 number and they can advise you.


MaggiesMom - August 1

LeslieAnn, We can walk this road together if you wish. I have an appointment on September 15 for my first "consultation" at the local fertility clinic (makes it sound like the 7-11 or something) and I have no idea what to expect. They sent a huge information packet that I have to fill out and bring to the appointment. And I am absolutely afraid that I will find out something is wrong with me. My husband has four children so we know he can have babies. Or at least make them. And here I am... just coasting right along, BD'ing like there's no tomorrow with no results. So frustrating.

I was trying to explain to him last night how this makes me feel like less of a woman because this isn't working. He's really sweet and supportive and even told me that if this doesn't work we will adopt. Says he doesn't want me to go through life feeling like I've missed out. I cried silent tears after that conversation, I'll tell ya. But it is true, all in God's time if at all. I truly do want God's will in my life but spend most of my prayer time hoping God's will is my will.

Sorry to blather on, ladies.

Baby dust to all.


Lila - August 1

LeslieAnn and MaggiesMom: Just thought I would drop a quick post about Fertility clinics. I just started with one in July and I have to tell you that at least for me it has been a big relief. I love my OB but because of my age, 38, I just felt like she was being a little too laid back and relaxed in her approach. I was doing Clomide and IUIs with her but unmonitored. With the RE I just got the feeling that things were much more direct and the possibility of success was much better and if not successful than at least with all the additional monitoring and tests maybe I could at least get more information about where the problem was. For me that is one of the most difficult things about ttc is how little control you have – it just feels like you are always waiting and waiting and not understanding what or why any of this is happening. Making the decision to take the next step to the RE helped me feel like I was more in control. Like I said I am fairly early in this process so who knows how long this feeling will last but I can say it has helped my moods and outlook. I would also say that there is so much information on this board if you read other threads and I can not say how much I have learned from all these stories. It really is a such a great thing to be able to connect to so many other people going through the same thing – I can not imagine how difficult this must have been pre-internet when you really would have felt so alone.

By the way Maggie’smom I am also in the DC area – have you decided which clinic to go to yet? Best of luck however you all choose to go forward.


Mist - August 1

Hi Ladies,

I started my period this morning Thank God ! Well I know Ovulex is suppose to help with the symptoms of AF but I have really weird ones because I never had many symptoms with my AF before.Well now my back is hurting awful and bb's are sore and I have so much cramps that its horrible :( Thank God I only have to work a half a day today. Am I the only one who has experienced this?


RNORST - August 1

Thanks for the info. I might order that, its alot better than getting refills every month. When I had test done I had the same feeling, glad the test came back good, but still hoping that there would be a answer.

How are you doing? I have not got af yet. I should start maybe thursday if ovulex dont make me late. My temp went form 98.4 yesterday to 98.6 today, so I just hope it keeps going up or stays high. My boobs are still sore and swollen. I was going to try to wait until monday to test if I don't get af, but I don't know if I can wait that long. Well I guess I will just take it one day at a time.
When is your appt. to the RE? Call your insurance company before you go and see whats covered.
Good luck



jackie - August 1

Lili what you are talking about is called THRUSH. It is a type of fungus, candida or yeast to be exact. That with the fever blisters can be very painful. Is he immunosuppressed. You need to get him on antifungal meds asap. Probably you already know that. I hope he feels better soon.


lynn52377 - August 1

Hello Ladies
Hope everyone is feeling good...I was running around so much yesterday i totally spaced my ovulex. Do you think skipping one day will throw it off?
Good Luck to everyone and i hope we all see a bunch of BFP's soon!!!!



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