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lucyw - July 30

I did research based on the ingredients listed on the ovulex website and they are identical to the ingredients you listed. Some women have mentioned cayenne fruit in theirs. I think there was an earlier discussion that there are two different companies that make "ovulex". However, someone mentioned on this board that selmedica, which is the maker on the ovulex website, was the original maker of ovulex. I think all the ingredients listed sound like they could help someone with infertility issues. I wrote out a page of info on each ingredient and did not feel that they had a great potential for risk.


LeslieAnn - July 30

Meg~ I'm sorry if you felt that you were being ignored, but I just didn't answer because I haven't had any of those side effects and didn't think my responses would be particularly helpful to you. Sometimes if I haven't posted in awhile I will also try to answer people's questions without specifically listing their names, just because it's easy to get responses mixed up if there have been a lot of posts. I hope you don't feel discouraged from posting here, though, just keep asking 'til you get an answer!

Lynn~ This will probably be not much help but some people have experienced a late AF when on Ovulex. I personally have been getting AF's early while on it, so it's hard to tell if your late AF means you are pregnant or not. Have you tested?

Brite~ I haven't heard of the ingredients of Ovulex causing false positives, I think you probably got a real bfp. If you want to make sure, though, you could do what Nancy suggested and get a digital test, or you could get a blood test done by a dr.

Welcome to the newcomers! GL and babydust to everyone!



megzrahh - July 30

Thanks everyone for your support.

Also my ovulex does have selmedica written on the bottle. I just thought maybe because my bottle was different to the ones sold on the site i might have been conned.


baby dust


brite - July 31

I wanted to thank those that responsed and the support...I will make sure I set an appointment to find out and I'll let you know...But this is a blessing and I love the fact people are here and supporting one another...I pray and hope the best for all of you...


lynn52377 - July 31

I have had terrible back pain ...Anyone else had this? Could this be AF? Never had it before, but i am very irregular....Day 19 of ovulex
Thanks Stacey


springs - July 31

Hello! I have been reading your posts for a couple of weeks and thought that I better introduce myself. I have been struggling with infertility for 10 yrs. Over the yrs trying on and off. I was however blessed with a dd who is 10. I got pg with her the first mont off of BCP. We have been trying ever since to have another one.

I started Ovulex yesterday and I am hoping for a little miricale! I am on CD2. I have already noticed that ovulex really helped with my cramps. It has been great to find a source of support!


MaggiesMom - July 31

Howdy all! Sorry it's been a while since I posted, but I've been on vacation! Stayed at home, but managed to get some good work done around the house.

I decided to quit the Ovulex; I'm convinced it was making me gain weight. Hubby and I have decided that we'll just keep BD'ing until the visit at the fertility clinic in September.

On that topic ... I've been having some cramping for a couple of days and am wondering what's up. It's not time for AF so I'm wondering if it could be implantation? I've heard of some women having cramps then, but of course I don't want to get too excited about it.

That's all for now. I'm reading trying to get caught up with everyone. Babybop, I am sending you big cyber-hugs. That is a tough, tough situation. Did you think of offering to adopt the baby?

Hugs and baby dust to all!


Honey - July 31


I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!

The two test that were very light coul;d have been from the lack of pregnancy hormone. But yeah you should deffinatly go to your doc for some prenatal pills. You don't have to doubt it! I also have never heard of anyone taking Ovulex to have a false positive as Nancy said. It's just wonderful how God works. :) No remember to stay out of the heat and drink lots of water!

This is just great! Let us kow how your feeling and keep us updated when new things come up!

God Bless! Baby Dust to all!



RNORST - July 31

Sound like good news! Keep us posted on what you find out.

Welcome all new ladies.

sorry about af. I know its so hard to see it again. Just keep praying and keep trying, never give up!



sammy71 - July 31

Hey all,
I'm the one that mentioned the raspberry leaf and the cayenne fruit ingredients in my Ovulex. I purchased my bottle from the "original" ovulex site owned and developed by Selmedica. My bottle is purple and says "Helping Families Grow" on the front.

These two ingredients are not listed on the bottle but when I called the Selmedica 800 number about the side effects the customer service department told me that these two ingredients are in the product. I also searched on "ingredients in Ovulex" on google and these two items were listed on several websites I found.

Hope that helps. Sammy71

PS. Brite, I haven't heard of anyone getting a false positive on Ovulex so I agree sounds like it worked for you. Everyone else keep the faith.


lili246 - July 31

Hi Ladies,

Howz everyone doing!
Well I am in CD 42 and no sign of AF. I went to the fair yesterday and got into 3 rides after riding them I felt so dizzy and some nauseous, this is the first time I fell like that. I've always like riding them and they weren't those kinds that just go in circles and just makes you dizzy. For some reason I felt like this, I hope it's because thats a sign of a PG.. I'll keep finger crossed.

So this was so weird and I don't want to get all excited cause I am not sure yet! But I'll keep that faith!

Keep all that faith I think that this month will be our month and we will be blessed.



Juelferret1 - July 31

Hey all--

I'm on cd 37 and still no AF. My DH and I decided that if she doesn't come by this weekend, we are going to take a hpt. I am praying for a BFP but preparing myself for a BFN. I know that ovulex is supposed to delay your af by a few days, but not sure how long. It's 5 days late so far. I've had a lot of the classic signs--sore bb's, headache, tiredness, and heartburn. Of course, those are all classic signs of PMS too!!

I've stopped taking the ovulex until I either get AF or get a BFN. I'll keep you all posted on what happens!!

Keep praying!!



RNORST - July 31

Lili and Juel,
I hope the best for both of you.

Lili, how long are you waiting before you test? Do you have any other signs?

Juel, I'm so pround of you for waiting. I just cant wait to test, I usual test a day before its suppost come.

I'm on cd 28, I should get af on thursday, which I'm hoping she doesn't come. I have been on ovulex for 3 weeks. My temp. has done some funny things, usual it always 98.5-98.7 untill the day of af. This month it went from a 98.9 to 98.2, 98.2, 98.4. Usual it never gets as low as 98.2. Well today it went back up to 98.4. I have had 12 days with my temp over 98.2, so I will test if I have 17 days above 98.0. My boobs are still sore, but maybe not as sore as 2dpo. They are still swollen and my nipples are still sore. Yesterday, sitting in church I got so dizzy, I thought I was going to fall off my chair, it only lasted a min. and only happen once. I want this so bad, but I just know if this is my month. I'm still praying for all of you.
God bless.



RNORST - July 31

Springs, have you our your hh ever been tested for inferitilty? Ten years is a long time. My hh and I have been tring for 2 1/2 years. Do you keep track of you bbt?

My first 2 preg. came very easy also, first try for both, one was a m/c and then the 2nd is my son. He is 4 1/2.

Good luck



Cassee - July 31


I personally have not taken Ovulex, I was very much on the fence regarding the issue. But, I have been reading everyones posts for the last couple of months and I just noticed alot of the ladies cycles seemed to be all over the place. Mine has not been to bad so I dont want to make anything worse. I sat down and researched each ingredient in Ovulex as well as a bunch of others and picked the two main ones I felt would be most benificial to my PCOS and hormone imbalance. (vitex/chasteberry/chaste tree and Red clover) I am due for AF anyday now so we'll see how it goes. Vitex can take up to two months to fully regulate you. the book i found was " the Natural diet solution for PCOS and infertility found on http://www.ovarian-cysts-pcos.com.
I decided to take red clover after watchin HOUSE the women on there was taking it before insemination to assits her in getting pregnant. I then talked to one of my girlfriends you told me she had taken it and she got preggo quite soon.
I am have been really depressed about all the symptons PCOS causes, I sat and cried with my sis this weekend, I just want to feel and look normal.

Also on the ovulex it contains Ginger and Garlic, which are heating herbs and will also give you heartburn, I have taken it ginger to aid in digestion and end up with serious heartburn.


soon2bmommy - July 31

Hello Sistahs:

Just checking on you all - trying to see if we have any new babies on the way - in the meantime - much baby dust.



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