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RNORST - July 28

your temp. doesn't go down untill a couple of days after af. Mine always drops the day of, so I know she's coming. My temp. yesterday was 98.9 and today 98.3. (I was hoping and praying that maybe it dipped because of implantation???) Well my boobs are still sore and swollen and I'm still peeing alot, I did have some mild cramps off and on yesterday. I just even hate having any signs, because I get excited thinking this may be the month and then disappionment every month for 2 1/2 years.

How bad are your cramps? are they keeping you from doing things? How may days have you had high temps over 98.0? I think if you have 16 or more its a really good sign. I have had 10 days of high temps. I hate this waiting period.

Good luck to all and baby dust to everyone!!!!!



dreamerbeyond - July 28

Is anyone else beginnning to this this ovulex stuff is a bunch of bull? I mean, they are just herbs and after 2 months of taking them with no results......


lili246 - July 28


Let just pray that AF is not coming and that this is your lucky month and be PG.
I will be thinking of you and keep you in my prayers.

Well my temp. is going up each day, yesturday it was at 98.6 and today it is 98.8 so it keep going up. I hope that this is my lucky month and get PG. I still have faith that god will listen to my prayers and will bless me with a lil one.

I will wait for my turn God will know when it will be my turn, he decides do I will be patient and keep enjoying my 22 month old boy. His birthday is coming up in September and I will need to pay attention to his upcoming B-Day. So yes I will be busy in doing all the preparings for that special event.

I really think that he needs a brother because everytime he see's a lil baby he runs up to that baby and wants to hold him up or even touch him, so I know he loves baby's and if I get lucky and get PG I bet he will not be jeolous of the new baby.

Well ladies God bless you all and have a great weekend take care and keep that faith!!



Cassee - July 28

I also have PCOS and just bought a book on PCOS diet, that is all natural, it had soo much info on PCOS and what causes it and how you can almost alleviate all symptons. You do want to keep in mind if you dont take metformin, you MUST do something to handle your blood sugar, because if you dont it is VERY dangerous to you body.

I have decided not to take Ovulex, myself. I keep reading everyones entries, and rather than regulate anyone, it seems like everyone has become less regular. Being late....once AF does come, she doesnt ever leave. I'll pass :oP.

I have started taking Red Clover and Vitex, and so far my cycst I had is gone and I feel better hormonally. (been on both for about a month). Once my body gets adjusted to these I want to try fennugreek, I found some great stuff about it online and in my new book.

Good luck and baby dust to all


LeslieAnn - July 28

Renee~ I think most people have temps that fall before AF but for some reason mine is still high when AF starts and it falls a day or two after. My dr. told me this is normal but it's still annoying because I can never tell if AF is coming or not. Your symptoms sound promising. I definitely understand not wanting to get your hopes up, though. I try not to each month, too. Plus I've never been pregnant before so I have no idea what to expect. Probably when and if I do get pregnant I'll have no clue because I have no idea what to expect.

dreamer~ I have questioned the effectiveness of Ovulex (for myself) a few times. I think it does help some women but I don't know if it's really helping me that much. I did have less pms last month but if AF shows this month I've definitely had a lot more than usual.

Cassee~ I definitely understand your decision to not take Ovulex, and taking the herbs alone is less expensive and could possibly be just as effective. I haven't had a delayed cycle yet but it is something I'm worried about because a lot of people have. If you decide not to take it, I hope you still post on these boards anyway because I love to hear from everyone, whether they're on Ovulex or not. Maybe we could even make a general thread for everyone to post on.

MaggiesMom, are you still around? I haven't seen a post from you lately. Did you have your appointment yet?

As always, good luck and baby dust to everybody!



RNORST - July 28

Thanks for your prayers! :D What cd are you on?
My son is the same way with other kids, he just loves to play and gets so excitied when he sees other kids. I want nothing more than to give him a play mate.

I have been preg. twice before, but I really don't remember all of my early symptoms. I remember there was a dead give away with my boobs, but I can't remember what they felt like. ???

Good luck and Iam praying for all of you girls!



Honey - July 28


I remember with my first child very bad cramps. I though AF was just coming to but nothing happened I kept waiting and waiting and then I took a test. It was like I was having a peroid with no blood. I'm not saying your preggo but thats what it sounds like to me!


Let us know if you do get that BFP and I want to hear you YELLLL IIIIITT!!!! LOL

God bless and baby dust to all!



lili246 - July 28

I am in CD 39 today and my temp. raised to 98.8, and no AF. I really can't tell when my AF is coming anyways and this was way before I started taking Ovulex. So I am not blaming this on ovulex because I was like this way before I started taking Ovulex.

On my first PG, I didn't even realized that I was PG, because it was my first PG and didn't know how it was going to feel like but I remember it was on a december that I had my AF in the begining of the month and the two weeks after I had my AF again, it wasn't actually that bad it was most of it spotting for about 2 to 3 days and that's it. Then about 3 weeks later I couldn't handle my booms, they would hurt so much even if I touch my bra or shirt, they would hurt and i fel like they were growing and they felt kinda hard. So yeah that was the main issue my boobs couldn;t even touch then not just a bit! So then in February the first weeks that's when I tested for PG and yeah it came positive I couldn;t beleive it so I had to test 3 times before I went to the doctor and they confirm my PG. So yeah this is what I felt like on my first PG.

So I kinda know what to look this time!

So Have a gret weekend and I'll keep you all in my prayers!

God Bless.



RNORST - July 28

How many days have you had a high temp.? How many cd do you range from?

Have a good weekend!


Juelferret1 - July 28

Hey all--

It's been awhile since I posted...last week I went to the pool with my son on his last day before his first day of Kindergarten (they have year round school) and I got sunburned really bad- 2nd degree burns on my legs. I could hardly walk. :'( Now I'm finally starting to recover, my legs don't hurt anymore!! I'm almost as happy about that as I would be a BFP at this point!

Well, I'm two days past my AF time and she has yet to visit me. I've been feeling REALLY tired. I don't know if it's because I may be PG, or if it's AF coming finally. I have also had sore bb's but I've had that off and on this cycle. Also have had headaches. Right now i'm tired and have a headache, laugh. I am putting off testing, maybe I will test next weekend...AF should definitely show up by then. I don't want to see a BFN!!

How are you all doing?? I've missed reading all your posts!! We are due for a BFP soon, I can feel it!

[glow=green,2,300]Good luck to all!! Keep the faith!!!![/glow]


:) ;) :D ;D ::) 8)


lili246 - July 28

I really hope that this is your time and that you get a BFP! Best Wishes!

My temp. started to raise since last saturday it started with 97.8, 97.9, 98.1, 98.4, and now 98.8 so it's been about 5 days that is high.
My CD various from 36 to 42 to 49. So actually it is very hard to me to figure out around what time I should be O.
Right now I am at CD 39, so hopefully I'll get lucky this time!!

-baby Dust to all of you!!



Mist - July 28

Yes dream I think its a money making scam. I am now on cd 64. I have just finished provera so I can actually have a period. Well I am sure it has helped some but not as many as it hasn't helped! ???

[quote author=dreamerbeyond link=board=4;threadid=2624;start=345#23030 date=1154111741]
Is anyone else beginnning to this this ovulex stuff is a bunch of bull? I mean, they are just herbs and after 2 months of taking them with no results......


lynn52377 - July 29

Ok ...RE to the bottles........I have a bottle that is white and a brownish red with ovulex written in black......I also noticed that they are only 300mg caps
It is from selmedica. anyone with this bottle??


Mist - July 29

well I haven't read about the concern on bottles, but my bottle is purple and white, 500mg, 60 capsules-but I counted and had over 70?

My Herbal Blend contains:

Chaste-Tree, Rasberry Leaf, Black Cohosh, Ginko Leaf,
Echinacea Purpurea Tops, Bromelain, Garlic Bulb, Ginger Root, Ginseng, Mate, Meadowsweet, St. John's Wort, Valerian Root.

I dunno what have of that stuff is?


Isa - July 29

Sending baby dust to all....

Keep your heads up.... our time will come real soon...


LeslieAnn - July 29

Hey everyone,

AF showed this morning. :( I'm kind of bummed, but at least my cycle shortened on Ovulex. And I'm ovulating and my LP is longer than it used to be so that's a good sign at least. GL to everyone else this month!




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