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lucyw - July 28

thanks lynn52377, i'll have to check it out.


lynn52377 - July 28

i checked my bottle and it has red clover blossoms in it


lynn52377 - July 28

This is what i found about it......

Susun Weed lists red clover as the single most useful herb in establishing fertility. This herb's high vitamin content is very valuable to the uterus and it's high protein content benefits the whole body. It's also quite high in calcium & magnesium which relax the nervous system and help promote fertility. This herb also contains nearly every trace mineral needed by the glands. Daily use can help balance hormonal functioning.

Red clover contains isoflavones which have shown to be useful in helping to alleviate the symptoms of female menopause.

It is also used to to promote general prostate health and normal urinary tract function in males, and to support normal cholesterol levels.

This herb is a source of many valuable nutrients including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C. It is also considered to be one of the richest sources of isoflavones (water-soluble chemicals that act like estrogens and are found in many plants).

In folk medicine, it has been used to promote lymph flow and support immune system function. It is suggested to provide a mild sedative effect that can relax and relieve muscle cramping and nervousness.

Red clover is also known as a blood purifier, useful for improving the overall health of the liver. It may also act as a digestive aid and stimulator of digestive fluids and bile production.

Red clover helps with muscle relaxation and also is a good expectorant. Topically, it has been traditionally used as remedy for eczema.

Traditionally, the blossoms were used as a tonic taken in the spring to promote good health and peace of mind.

Other common uses of Red clover in herbal medicine include blood purification, alterative, antineoplastic, skin ailments, wounds; antispasmodic, bronchitis, coughs.

You can harvest the flowers in mid-summer and dry them for use in infusions, tinctures, etc.


StephMalkowski - July 28

I have question ladies.....since I was 24 days late and then AF was also an additional 24 days do you think I will still ovulate? I'm stopping the Ovulex as soon as I finish this bottle (about another week), but I'm wondering how to determine when I'll be back to "normal". Did I just skip ovulation this month? I'm soooooo confused! :( ?????


lucyw - July 28

thanks, lynn. i don't have ovulex yet, so i don't know, but i don't remember it being one of the ingredients listed. i did detailed research on every ingredient listed. and i printed out a lable from the bottle "supposedly" anyway. i didn't think it was in it. but that's cool that it is!


angelz9 - July 28

hi everyone
i have been watching this post for a while just reading up and not really posting .. i considered taking the ovulex but i decided to use the herbs instead no pill forms of them either i find that the pill forms take longer for the body to digest and the work so .. i had some pills of vitex and damaina ( sexual stimulant) so i started to open the capsules and put the put the powder in the herb tea i was making and i find i am getting the benefits quicker than with pills ...
my nauropath says that is because the the tea gets to the blood stream quicker maybe some of u may like to try that along the acupuncture..

i know our bodies are different but it is worth a try ...
list of herbs currently taking

Vitex (chasteberry) --seeds that can be grounded
red clover blossoms dried
red raspberry
licorce root
peppermint leaves ( adds a minty taste)
siberian & panax ginseng
lady's mantle

All the above are steeped together
vitamin E


i have gotten more cervical mucus no before af pain and 28 day cycle from 25-26-27 and i handle the stress alot better thats what ginseng does...
i also stopped looking at my problems and started focusing on my relationship with my God..

i believe that this formula will work for me oh and get Dh to use the ginseng and vitamin c , selenium and l-carnitine which builds back sperm count and really consider acupunture for him ..

these are just my thoughts guys and i wish u all the peace that surpasses all understanding



LeslieAnn - July 28

Ugh...did anyone have severe cramping before AF came? Is this from Ovulex? I have had mild cramping throughout this cycle but today I have really bad cramping like AF is here, only she's not. I want to take Advil so much but I don't know if I'm pg, and Tylenol doesn't work for my cramps. :( I took a test this morning and got a bfn, but I'm only 11 dpo so I'm not sure if it's okay to take advil yet or not. Anybody else experience this?


sammy71 - July 28

Lucyw -
I did a search on "ingredients of Ovulex" and Red Raspberry and Red Clover both came up as being listed. I was having problems with heartburn and no one could tell me why...well I found out that Ovulex also has Cayenne Fruit in it to speed up the metabolism and digestive juices...therefore the heartburn.

LeslieAnn -
No worries, you didn't hurt my feelings I just wanted everyone to know that adoption is just as stressful as the TTC journey. I had a wonderful experience but it was still up and down until we went to court and signed the final adoption decree. In Alabama the law makes you wait 90 days so I had my precious angel for three months not knowing if I was going to be able to keep him. Once the paperwork is signed and the parental rights are waved there is no chance anyone can take your baby away.

If you want to talk me e-mail me at [email protected]. I also have a friend who works in Foster care here in Alabama (there are 5000 children waiting for homes in Alabama) and she just adopted a little girl, "Aleia" who is beautiful. She is 4 looks just like Dora the Explorer and is so sweet...however she does suffer from night terrors due to a mother who was abusing her. It's very sad and yes you are right there are tons of children wanting a loving home and going to sleep at night wishing for a family.

As far as my cycle I had a very short and light AF this month so I'm please with the outcome however, I've been a little lax on taking my Ovulex and need to get back to a consistent regimate. I've gained five pounds and have become extremely constipated on Ovulex so it's a little disheartening but if it works it's will be "all good".

Anyway, take care and GL. Sammy


RNORST - July 28

Thanks to all the ladies that wrote in about red clover. If you look on the interent there are two different kinds of ovulex, they both have different ing. My bottle did not say any thing about red clover. It did have red raspberry, but not red clover. I called the ovulex 800 number and they told me that it did not have any in it. What color is the label on your ovulex? Mine is a purple label and mine has the same ing. from ovulex.com. There is also an ovulex that has a blue and pink label and they have diff. ing. in them. I also found that there was also an ovulex, that looked just like my bottle but had toally diff. ing. in it. I called the 800 # and asked if some one else makes it also, and she said its possiable but they are the ones that created it.


Raspberry Leaf, Black Cohosh, Ginkgo Leaf, Echinacea Purpurea Tops, Bromelain, Garluc Bulb, Ginger Root, Ginseng, Mate, Meadowsweet, St. John's Wort, Valerian Root .

Leslieann, sorry to hear about your cramps. Is your temp. still high?



ambersparkle - July 28

Lynn~Thanks for all the info on red clover. ...I have imbalanced hormones (plus really irregular periods) and also suffer from excema, so maybe that will be a really good option for me...

Is anyone else worried about the recent discovery by our board that there are different types and bottles of Ovulex?? I am wondering why that is...my bottle doesn't include red clover and the label is white with purple... Any others concerned???

As for me- I am on Day 37 with Ovulex and still no AF... I am really worried about that, but I will just keep taking it, I guess...About a week ago I thought for sure that AF was coming, I had cramping, a headache, and even the telltale acne breakout that I usually have about 3-4 days before AF....but NOTHING...

I am just depressed and worried that something is really wrong with me and I am not Oing at all... Anyway, my BBT therm. advised to not start charting until after AF, but that hasn't happened, so I just started taking it to see if it changed over time. 2 days ago it was 96.8, then yesterday 96.6, then today it was up to 97.4...so what is wrong with me???? I do suffer from insomnia sometimes, and all my info says that insomnia can alter your BBT...so, I don't know. I'm confused...

To all you ladies on this board- you are all a blessing to me. Thanks for putting up with me ramblings and worries...I am going out of town and won't be back until Monday evening. So, have a GREAT WEEKEND!!

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


FKH - July 28

Hello All,

Please help. No one wrote back to me when I wrote a few months ago. I feel really lonely.

I have PCOS and am desperate to have another child. I don't want to take METFORMIN or Clomid again and was hoping to try OVULEX.

Can anyone please tell me if it is safe. I read on one of these boards that someone had a m/c as a result of the OVULEX. I would appreciate any response and would love to get to know all of you who write on this board.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone.



LeslieAnn - July 28

FKH~ I'm probably not qualified to answer a question about whether Ovulex can cause m/c. I have not heard of anyone having a m/c from it, though, and my dr. said it was safe to take. It does say on my bottle that if you are pregnant you are supposed to consult a doctor before taking Ovulex. I think once you find out you're pregnant you're supposed to stop taking it.

Renee~ My temp. is still high, but it usually doesn't go down until a few days after AF starts anyway. I wonder if Ovulex isn't still messing up my cycle a little bit because I usually don't get cramps this bad until I have AF, and she is nowhere in sight as of now. Is your temp still up? Still having symptoms? I hope so, GL!

GL to everyone else as well! Have a great afternoon!



LeslieAnn - July 28

Sammy~ That is a great story about your friend. Hopefully Aleia will get over her night terrors. That is the only thing holding me back from becoming a foster parent right now. I don't know if I could help a child who has emotional issues like that. I don't have any experience parenting yet and I wouldn't want to get these kids in my care and then have no idea how to help them. I'm hoping when we are a little older we will have more knowledge about parenting, and will be ready. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge!



RNORST - July 28


Hi, it good to have you here. I have been on ovulex for 2 1/2 weeks and I have had no side effects. From what I have read it seems very safe, its all natural. If you order look to see what the ing. are because there are different kinds. I order the one with the
Chaste-Tree, Raspberry Leaf, Black Cohosh, Ginkgo Leaf, Echinacea Purpurea Tops, Bromelain, Garluc Bulb, Ginger Root, Ginseng, Mate, Meadowsweet, St. John's Wort, Valerian Root. (most of these things I have heard of before.)

Because the Ovulex 800 # told me they were the orignal makes of it?

Iam on cd 25, my bbt is still high, I had a little dip today(hoping it would be implantion?), my boobs are very sore and really swollen. My boobs got that way about two days after O. I have had them sore that soon before but never swollen that soon. Hoping its because Iam preg., but every time I think I'm, I'm not.

I don't think that ovulex would be the cause of a m/c, unless maybe if you took it for a while after you found out you were preg. A lot of people have m/c and not taking any med. I had a m/c with my first preg, at 6 weeks. I also have a son that is 4 1/2, we have been tring for 2 1/2 years. Even with one IUI that didn't work.

What CD are you on?



lucyw - July 28

FKH, I haven't started taking ovulex yet either, but have taken 3 cycles of clomid that did nothing for me. I have heard a lot of good things about Ovulex on this board and others. Of course, it will effect everyone differently, but it doesn't seem that the people who HAVE had side effects have had extremely bad ones. So i'm encouraged and willing to try it for a while. I think as long as you know your body and do some research on all the ingredients to make sure that you do not have a condition that may be affected by the Ovulex, it will be fine to try. You can always stop if you experience negative effects. I did a lot of research on EVERY ing. in ovulex and i did not feel there was a great risk of an overdose or adverse effects.
GL to you with your decision.


RNORST - July 28

your temp. doesn't go down untill a couple of days after af. Mine always drops the day of, so I know she's coming. My temp. yesterday was 98.9 and today 98.3. (I was hoping and praying that maybe it dipped because of implantation???) Well my boobs are still sore and swollen and I'm still peeing alot, I did have some mild cramps off and on yesterday. I just even hate having any signs, because I get excited thinking this may be the month and then disappionment every month for 2 1/2 years.

How bad are your cramps? are they keeping you from doing things? How may days have you had high temps over 98.0? I think if you have 16 or more its a really good sign. I have had 10 days of high temps. I hate this waiting period.

Good luck to all and baby dust to everyone!!!!!




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