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lili246 - July 27

Hi Girls,
Hows everyone doing?
I've read some of the comments that some of you have posted and I just want to say one thing. NEVER LOSE THE FAITH!! God will listen to you it just takes time!
If it didn't happen this month chances are that it might happen next month.
Ecarroll I know how you feel girl, but keep praying, never lose that faith that you have. Everyone with faith is a winner sooner or later! I just know how frustrated it gets at times but always be positive. you are not the only one going through this. We are with you because all of us are here for support from each other.
Even though I don't you, but I for sure know how you feel and the emotions you are going through. We are with you girl, just never lose that faith!!
God Bless You!


My temp. has gone up to 97.6, 97.8, 98.1 to 98.4 so it seems like everyday it is going up. I am in CD 38 and no AF yet! YAY!
I am feeling kinda weird today. I feel a slightly side pain once in a while in my stomach. My boobs are starting to feel weird to. It seems like they are getting kinda hard. I hope this is a sign of PG. My CD is sometimes from 36 all the way to 49 so I can't tell if I am Blessed (PG) So I guess I am in the hardest time of waiting!
I will keep you all posted on what happens with me.

I Love you all and please never lose faith, keep praying and you'll be blessed sooner or later it just takes time!
We are all united one way or the other!

-baby Dust to al of US!



ECARROLL - July 27

Oh you guys are the best!!!!!!!!
Even though I don't know any of you personally, it sure does feel like it. Thanks for the encouragement. And I will keep trying, I think the fact that we have been trying for 4 1/2 yrs is really starting to get to me. I have an app. on Mon Jul31 to see what's going on and why AF hasn't came. I probally will start clomid though, I am so anxious to have another baby till sometimes I even dream of how he will look, smile, coo, and smell. Crazy isn't it? BABY DUST to ALL and Never Lose Faith!!


RNORST - July 27

Have any of you ladies ever hear any thing about red clover. I heard it can help with fertility. Has any one heard any thing?



soon2bmommy - July 27

Good Afternoon to all the Soon to be Mommies

Praying for you and sending an immeasurable amount of baby dust your way.

Hang in there - Your miracles are on the way.


sammy71 - July 27

Red Clover Leaf and Red Raspberry (both great for fertility) are ingredients in Ovulex so if you didn't know you are actually already taking it.

Hang in there. I've been dealing with infertility for 12 years and it never gets any easier. All you can do is try to keep your mind busy. I because so obsessed with baby making that after nine years I ended up divorced. I am now remarried to a wonderful man but he only wants a child if it happens naturally. He's okay with the ovulex because he doesn't believe it will work. Sometimes I feel like I am on a quest all on my own. Men do not understand the biological yearnings that women feel because they don't have the same chemical make up we have. Hang in there and keep the faith.

As for the mentioning of adoption being less stressful I'll tell you from experience it's not. It is every bit the emotional rollercoaster as fertility treatments and TTC. I have a six year old adopted son and he is beautiful but I also had to keep the faith and believe that things would work out with his birthmother. Both directions are equally stressful but both are worth it. DEFINITELY.

If anyone wants to talk about adoption let me know it's a wonderful experience and I've got tons to share. It taught me that it wasn't about carrying a baby for nine months but about being a mom and raising a child.

Good luck everyone and baby dust this month. Sammy71


megzrahh - July 27

So sorry if this is TMI, but since day 2 of taking ovulex and this is my second cycle now, i have had a slight irritation down there when visiting the toilet for a number 1. im just wondering if anyone has had the same problem or does anyone know if there is something in the ingredients that could possibly cause thrush or anything ? ive never had this problem before until i started taking ovulex, im thinking maybe my body is getting too much of something ? not sure, any ideas or helpful information would be great, thanks !!!

Baby dust xoxoxox


LeslieAnn - July 27

Sammy~ Sorry, it was probably a little presumptuous to assume that adoption was less stressful than ttc. It seems from what you are saying that there is just a whole new bag of emotional obstacles there. I would love to talk to you about adoption sometime, if you don't mind. While it's not something that DH and I are considering in the immediate future, we have decided that we would love to be adoptive parents some day. I am a law student and I decided I wanted to do it when I took a class on Children and the Law. I talked to DH and he said it was something he'd be interested in too. However, I think we will probably try to adopt a child out of foster care. I am aware of all the extra challenges that go along with that, especially with birth parents in the picture, but I really feel that foster children do not get placed as often as they should. I just hope that we will have strong enough parenting skills to help kids who have been in foster care and possibly the juvenile system.

Anyways, how are you doing? How is your cycle going?



Cassee - July 27


I started taking Red Clover and Vitex the supplements, My Best friend was taking red clover to regulate her cycle and we now have Brenna Boo who is 18 months!
I am taking the supplements separately instead of vitex, because they seemed to be the strongest to regulate hormones and that way they only cost me $10 and I can regulate what brand and how much.


Cassee - July 27

"I am taking the supplements separately instead of vitex" I meant Ovulex. :l)


lynn52377 - July 28

Good Evening Ladies.....
How's it going for everyone?
Just sitting around thinking about babies and getting PG....It's all i got on the mind these days


ValleyB1 - July 28

Hey all,
Just thought I'd pop in to see what's going on. Hey amber and babybop - thanks for the warm welcome :^)

I really love those tickers at the end of your autosiggy's where do you get them?

I think I'm going to break down and get the Ovulex tomorrow although I did hear that your cycles will be heavier. Has anyone experienced that?


lynn52377 - July 28

Hey valley
i have been on ovulex for 15 days ....no AF yet..
my last one was feb 27th and i am very irregular.. she has a mind of her own.
GL to you !!!


lucyw - July 28

Hey ladies!! Thanks for all your help and advice. I really enjoy reading what everyone has to say. I'm thinking about ordering Ovulex this weekend. My husband is worried that it's some crazy pill that people are just tryng to make money off of and he is worried that i may have bad side effects. I told him it would be just like taking herbal supplements of any kind. Anyway, I haven't heard much about red clover. I would be interested to hear more if anyone knows about it and if it can help. I could definitely try that.



lynn52377 - July 28

Hi Amie
I got mine on ebay ...Much cheaper..
GL to u!!!


lucyw - July 28

sammy- you mentioned that red clover is in ovulex. i wasn't able to find it in the list of ingredients. and i looked up other names for it. are you sure it's in there? just wondering. thanks


lucyw - July 28

thanks lynn52377, i'll have to check it out.



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