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sammy71 - July 23

Hey all.
Things have been hectic this week at work. Nothing like going on vacation for a week and coming back to a "mad house". AF came yesterday and I didn't O this month so there was no TWW. At least we had fun BD without the stress.

This was my second month on the Ovulex and I wanted to let you know that after the first month of being 5 days late on AF this month it was back to my normal CDs of 27. Still feeling great and no more side effects from the Ovulex. It really does give you an overall feeling of wellness. This AF I had no cramps, no bad moods and so far no blood clots. Maybe it is doing something to my system.

Well, hope everyone is well. Sounds like we have a LOT of newbies on board. Welcome. YJ and Juel you've been awful quiet recently. Hope all is well.

Anyway, I'm off to Sunday School so better sign off. Take care and baby dust to all. Sammy


LeslieAnn - July 24

Hi Lynn, welcome to the board! Hopefully Ovulex will work for you! GL and let us know how everything goes.

This cycle must not be it for us. I have had some symptoms (peeing a lot, sore boobs, etc.) but I have had no cm at all since about 2 dpo. That is really weird for me because I usually have it all the time. In any case, most pg women I think say they have a lot, so I take that as not being a very good sign.

Everyone else, good luck! Hopefully you will get your bfp's soon.



lili246 - July 24


Yeah it get's stressful at times! My temp. is still low and I guess I should be calm. I have not had any side effects with ovulex yet! I hope it helps soon!

Baby Dust to all you us!!



lynn52377 - July 24

Thanks !!!...So glad i found this board!!!!
Day 13 of ovulex ..i have felt a little crampy the last couple days, gassy, and sore back. Just hoping and praying that this works ...
I was on Depo (last inj. was 10years ago) It was the worst thing i chose. My AF has been irregular ever since. Not to mention the weight gain 100llbs...I have managed to take it off...finally. It has been alittle more frequent in the past 2 years..last one was march i think. i have been getting it every few months. Sure was nice not having AF at the time (on depo) Now i just pray so i can get pg.
I also had had a pap 2 years ago and they said i had pcos ........so i pray that this works i really want a baby. Never thought i would have any trouble getting PG. When you are younger you think that when you want a baby it is suppose to happen when you want it to..cruel joke....Have a good day all!!! Baby dust to all!!


RNORST - July 24

I'm having the same signs, my boobs are very sore and swollen, I'm also peeing all the time. I'm only on cd 21, I think I may have O on CD 16 and my boob started to hurt on cd 18. My cm is also more sticky them usual, I also usual have a lot.

Did any one else have signs like this, I'm wondering if its from the ovulex? My boobs are not usual this swollen and heavy this early in my cycle.
My temp. has been doing funny things also. It went from 98.0 (maybe O Day), then 98.3, 98.0, 98.5, 98.1, 98.1. I usual stays above 98.4 untill day of af.



lili246 - July 24


I do agree with you. I have doing fertility test strips and showed a + last sunday 7-16-06 but my temp. has been low and hasn't been high. I thought I would be O within hours after the positive testing. My temp. has been in 97.6 to 97.9 and thats it I have not showed sigh of high temp for O. So this is weird could this be a cause of the Ovulex. If it is I am worry about it cause why is it doing this, when should I know that I am O.... :/
That is true when I get a high temp. I usally have 98.6 until the day of my AF.
So please ladies give me some feedback on this problem..

Baby dust to all of us!!



Honey - July 24

Hey evryone I just stopped in to say hello! Hope everyone is fine as wine! LOL

Love you and Baby Dust to all!



LeslieAnn - July 24

Renee~ Wow, hopefully those are pg symptoms for you. That is pretty similar to what I'm having. My temp went up from 97.9 to 98.6 at 1 dpo, but it has fallen slightly, down to 98.4 for the last few days, and it usually is anywhere from 98.6-98.9 'til AF. DH is convinced that I'm pregnant this cycle, but I just have a feeling that I'm not. Of course every time I think I am pg I'm not, so that means nothing. Well, I'll keep you in my prayers and hope you get your bfp this month. I haven't heard of Ovulex causing those symptoms, but I'm not sure.



LeslieAnn - July 24

Honey~ How are things going with you and your little one? It's so nice that you drop in to say "hi" every once in awhile. :)


RNORST - July 24


That is so funny that alot of us has had low BBT. Have you been above 98.0 yet? What cd are you on?


Let's just hope and pray for each other that this could be the month. I'm just like you I don't feel that I could be preg., but every month I think Iam, Iam not. When do you excepet af? Mine should be around Aug. 4th, unless ovulex makes it longer. Was you late with your first month of ovulex? Keep me posted on all of the symptoms you are having.

Good luck to everyone and I will still be praying for all of you!



ambersparkle - July 24

Hi all!! Hope that everyone is doing well! :)

I am on day 33 with Ovulex...and no AF in sight. Should I be worried?? I am worried. I am going on a family trip this weekend and not exactly thrilled that AF may decide to come along for the journey. I don't know...I haven't had AF in a while and have no clue when she is coming.

Has anyone on ovulex been incredibly late with AF?

Has Ovulex successfully regulated anyone's AF?- this is my major hope and the reason I gave in and ordered it (besides obviously wanting to get pregnant).

Anyway, can anyone who has been on Ovulex for a month or more offer their AF experiences w/Ovulex???


sammy71 - July 24

Hey Ambersparkle.
The first month I was on Ovulex it made AF 5 days late. This month (2nd) it was right on time. I had not cramps, not mood swings, nothing and I'm only on CD3 and AF is done. Usually I use about 8 tampys a day and this time I only used about 8 the entire AF.

Even if I don't get a BFP it's nice not having a 7 day AF with lots of cramps, clots and flooding.

Good luck. Sammy71


lili246 - July 24


I am so irregular that don't know when my AF is coming. I am in CD 35 today. I've been all the way thru CD 49 sometimes so Like I say I am so irregular and most of the time don't know when my AF is coming. Last month it came on CD 36 and don't think that it will happen this time because I haven't had any sympthoms. Which I don't normally have anyways so yeah I am frustrated. :-/

And no my temp. has not been above 98.0 yet! It has been from 97.6 to 97.9 which I just had today! Hopefully it will keep going high these days.

It's just so hard to hear other ladies say that it's so easy for them to get PG fast. Which others like us are having a hard time getting PG. But we still need to have faith and our turn will come soon!

Good Luck to all of us Ladies!
God Bless us all!
baby Dust to all of US!



ValleyB1 - July 25

Hello all,
I stumbled across this site because I am seriously considering taking Ovulex and I'm encouraged by what I've read so far.

I had a m/c back in January at 5 months and we've been trying since April of this year. I've also changed gyne's because my last one was just clueless. Since that change I've learned alot about my body with my new doctor.

Recently I had an HCG but hubby and I haven't success yet but we're prayerful.

I didn't stop taking my prenatals (thank GOD for chewable ones) and someone recommended Robitussin to me (but I'm allergic - DOH!!) Also, I mixed some Geritol tonic in papaya juice and hubby drinks it without having much of an aftertaste that is noticeable. I also put some into some Arizona teas.

Let's see what else - oh my screen name is just what my friends call me.

Soon2b...I am going to try to send you a personal message (we're the same age in the same city)

Anyway - just thought I would pop in and say hello and if anyone would like to share their success stories with Ovulex, I'm willing to listen/read.

Blessings and baby dust!


Isa - July 25

Hello all just got back from vacation.. i winded up waiting to take ovulex till i got home today.. the only problem is that i scheduled to ovulate in two days. Has anyone started so close to ovulation...

My id is my nickname.... sorry no cute story....=(....

Baby dust to all.....


andrea1974 - July 25

hi i am new here. My husband and i have been ttc about six months now. I am on my fourth bottle of ovulex and this month i am 6 days late. i am thinking to stop the ovulex but i cant decide whether i should could i please get some advise on what i should do. I also read that while taking ovulex there are two different types of discharge, a white lotion discharge and a eggwhite sticky discharge. i did experience athe white lotion discharge but i have never seen the eggwhite discharge



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