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LeslieAnn - July 21

SarahRose~ No, that wasn't harsh at all. To be fair, I guess I should say it wasn't my dr. (just her office) that I called last month when I was having irregular bleeding. I was starting to worry about endo, and they had me talk to a different dr. because my usual one was on vacation. But I kind of got the feeling that this other doctor was kind of blowing me off and just didn't want to spend the time dealing with me. It's a terrible thing to say but that's the way she seemed when she talked to me. I know doctors aren't trained to be social workers or counselors but I was obviously really concerned and she was just like oh it's no big deal you don't even have the most important symptom and besides you have to get surgery to test for it. But since then I have seen my real dr and she referred me to a fertility specialist so hopefully if I do have anything worth being concerned about he will find it. Thanks for the feedback!



soon2bmommy - July 21

Good Morning Sistahs:

Stopping by to say "HELLO" and to wish all of you tons of baby dust and 9 full months of a healthy pregnancy.

P.s. other than being extremely exhausted all the time, all is well!

luv you all


RNORST - July 21

Ladies, thank you so much for your feed back, its always worth just checking with your doc. I have been reading alot about endo. on the interenet and all do say different symptons, but quite a few said the only symptons may be infertility. Now I can't wait to go to the OBGYN to see what she says, my appt. is Aug. 14th.

I would like to get the surgey done to see if I have it, but the thought of surgey scares me. You ladies that had the surgey how was it, and did it help you?
My cousin who has endo had the surgey done and she was in stage 2 out of 4, and they told her to hurry up and get preg. if she wanted kids, after the surgey she has had 5 preg. and the out come of 3 kids. The last one was not planed, I was like I'm trying so hard to get preg. and she has endo. and seem to have no problem. So I'm sure the surgey really makes a differece.



Sarah Rose - July 21

Ambersparkle- My symtoms were painful periods, pain with intercourse, pain with bowel movements, pain with O, heavy periods, and then I also have a heavy feeling sometimes in my lower stomach like my insides are going to fall out( when I have my period), pain woth urination( when I have my period),main symtom BAD cramps so bad that they keep me in bed.

I didn't find that I had a whole lot if relief from the surgery my doctor wanted me to go on lupron shots after surgery. This was just not an option for me because of the side effects and that I did want to get pregnant.( these shot put you in a fake menopauseal stage need I say more!)
My doctor told me that the first 6mo. after my surgery would be the highest at achieving pregnacy and now it has been almost a year. I did however get some relief from my endo with acpucunture, and have been doing that for about six monthes that is were I am headed right now. Hop this helps- Sarah


Honey - July 21

Hey everyone!

How's it going? I'me fine how about you?

Is everyone still strong in the race? I hope so!!!

Much baby dust and love to all of you!



lili246 - July 21

Hi Ladies!
How is everyone doing? Hope that all of you are doing great!
Well Like I mention a few days ago on sunday I tested for fertility and both lines came dark, so I guess I would ovulating anytime. Up to this point my temp. is still the same, it has been 97.6 for 4 days now and no raise! I tested again for fertility and it seems that the test line is getting dark again? It is not as dark as the control line but you can see the test light getting sorta dark! What does that mean? AGAIN? That I should be ovulating for sure now?
Has any of you gone thru this problem before? I have not misses a day of BD cause I thought I would be O soon! But it seems that I am ovulating kinda late. I have irregular periods, and the past couple of months I would O on day 28 of my cycle. Could this me cause Ovulex. Today is 2 weeks taking Ovulex?

Please give me some feedback if any of you ladies have gone thru this or if you know anything about it?

Thank you very much.

baby Dust for all of you! God Bless!

Have a great weekened!!



Monica - July 21

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wow, I haven't been on this board in awhile......and I see that I have missed ALOT of information.

I loved reading the meaning of everyone's screen names......and I see that alot of you definitely have a really cute history behind your names. Very cute!

Babybop: How are you? Are you still using the geritol tonic that we talked about a little while ago; or just the ovulex? If so, how is that going..........Please keep me posted on your success with all of this, and I do have your phone number so I will be contacting you whenever I can get some free time to do so.

Soon2bmommy: How is everything going? Do you have morning sickness at all, or are you just extremely exhausted..........Also, are you still planning to come down to Atlanta to visit on next month? If so, please let me know...

Mahogany Heart: How have you been? I have really missed seeing your uplifting posts lately......

Keep the Faith Ladies!
Monica ;)


Cassee - July 21

Hey everyone,
this is the first time I have posted, but I have really enjoyed reading all of your posts for the last few weeks. My DH and I have been TTC for about 9 months now. (since Oct.) but with no luck. I have started taking vitex and red clover along w/ prenatals for about two weeks now. I have PCOS and have always had difficutly with my cycle. I lost weight when I was younger and everything pretty much balanced out, until DEPO! I was on the shot for about a year, gained 50lbs, switched to the pill for the last 4 years, and when I went off in October nothing has been very normal. So I am hopeing that things start to get better now that I am taking an active role in my health.


soon2bmommy - July 21


Hey girl - Your are almost 17 weeks already - God does time fly - happy to see that all is well with you - I missed you tremendously. Unfortunately dh doesn't think it would be a good idea for me to fly right now so I may not make it to Atl next month :(. I have a doctor's visit monday and plan to ask my doctor what he thinks about me flying - so we will see.

Did you have the ultrasound to determine the gender of your baby yet? If so - boy or girl?

I'll be waiting with baited breath - love you girl


RNORST - July 21

Cassee, its nice to have you on here.
How many CD do you usual have?

I had a +opk on wed. temp went up to 98.3 thursday and then today it went back down to 98.0. Its been doing that these last few months. I'm hoping it will be high again tommorrow.

Have a good weekend.


Citygirl - July 22

Hi Everyone.

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We have a birthday party on the upper lake I'm looking forward to having a relaxing day floating down the lazy river. A full DE-STRESS day !!!!!

FYI: My username is my nickname from my husband's family-I don't think half of them know my real name :-). I was born and raised right outside Philadelphia, PA and Married me a man from the sticks of SC. If you've seen the movie RADIO - That's the town my husband was born in. We now live in Moncks Corner which in also in the sticks but about 45 minutes from Charleston - CIVILIZATION! MORE IMPORTANTLY -- A MALL!

Babybop - I just want to say thank you for you kind words of encouragement - a couple pages back. I have really been dealing with some negative feelings lately and wanting to give up and i was also trying to talk myself out of trying anymore. I've read some of your posts and it is very comforting to know that its not just me and that it's ok - maybe even normal at times. Don't get me wrong - I'm sorry you feel that way sometimes- its just that just knowing someone else has also had some of those feelings makes me want to get up, brush myself off - tell myself to knock it off - and keep trying.

I know that it will happen in God's time, It's just that his time and my time - don't seem to be the same time - at least not for the last 2 years anyway. Hopefully we'll get on the same time zone soon!!!! :)

To everyone else: Thank you. All of your stories and posts of things going on in your lives regarding ttc and your lives in general - it has help us all at one time or another - well at least it's helped me. Each of you have touched my heart - reading these posts has been a tremendous help and a significant part of this journey that i am on and shamefully almost stopped. I just want you all to know how important you are. I don't know who started this post or when but I am thankfull - I hope she isn't here anymore because she's taking care of a little one.

Ok - I'm done rambling now. - Sorry.

Baby Dust to ALL!



Cassee - July 22

when I was on the pill and for 2 months after I went off I was at 30 CD, on the dot, like clockwork. I had ovarian cysts all the time though. I have had up to 5 on the left and 7 on the right at one time, and my GYN said the BC would help, but not at all. since Jan i have been pretty irregular. Jan was late about a week, then feb was Really really heavy (which it hasnt been that way in years) and then in March I didnt have a cycle at all. In april my OBGYN gave me Provera (turned me into a hormonal maniac) and may was pretty normal, but in June I was two weeks late again. I am about CD24, but I feel Like I have a cyst again.
I just purchased a book I found online, its a nutritional guide for women w/ PCOS and infertility. Our bodies and dietary needs are different from women w/out PCOS, so normal eating habits just dont work. hopefully that helps, and more important I have the will and control to follow it. Wish me luck!
Positive thinking and Baby Dust to all the ladies!


Monica - July 22


Soon2bmommy: I have my next doctor's appointment on this Wednesday, the 26th......and then I am scheduled to have my next ultrasound on the following week. That is where we will find out if we are having a boy or a girl; and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
Trust me, as soon as I know....I will let you know ;).

Also I see that you are also moving right along very nicely with your pregnancy, and I am SOOOOO happy for you girl!

Take Care!


volkim - July 23

Hi girls! Well, I'm back from the beach and happy to say that I have had no ill effects from the Ovulex so far. I've been on it about 12 or 13 days now. I should be ovulating real soon if the Ovulex is working properly. Just hope that period will be normal and on time...unless of course I get pregnant!

Lili- I read where you were getting positives on fertility tests but still not REALLY ovulating. I was having that problem awhile back too. I never could figure it out. It was like the tests were saying I was ovulating all the time. I quit using them for that reason b/c it was too stressful. Now I rely solely on temp changes. Let me know if you find out what could be making us get false positives. Any other probs with the Ovulex yet?



lynn52377 - July 23

Hi all ..I am new to the board and just wanted to say hi.. I have been reading the posts and have gotten the most valuable information from you all...
TTC 2 years...and started Ovulex 11 days ago. i am very irregular.. Hoping this works .......Baby dust to all


sammy71 - July 23

Hey all.
Things have been hectic this week at work. Nothing like going on vacation for a week and coming back to a "mad house". AF came yesterday and I didn't O this month so there was no TWW. At least we had fun BD without the stress.

This was my second month on the Ovulex and I wanted to let you know that after the first month of being 5 days late on AF this month it was back to my normal CDs of 27. Still feeling great and no more side effects from the Ovulex. It really does give you an overall feeling of wellness. This AF I had no cramps, no bad moods and so far no blood clots. Maybe it is doing something to my system.

Well, hope everyone is well. Sounds like we have a LOT of newbies on board. Welcome. YJ and Juel you've been awful quiet recently. Hope all is well.

Anyway, I'm off to Sunday School so better sign off. Take care and baby dust to all. Sammy



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