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MaggiesMom - July 20


That's why it's so good we have this message board. I was sooo wanting to talk about babies and stuff last night and my husband was waaaaaaay to into his survival gear and whatnot. I even told him about finding a place that will harvest the stemcells from the umbilical cord and save them for later and he made some comment about that technology being 25 years off or something. And that was it. I feel like I want to talk about this all the time but I have to recognize that he likely doens't. He's already got kids, so he knows he's okay. So I'm sitting over here feeling like there's something sooo wrong with me. I've never felt so freakin' insecure about anything.

Ugh. Sorry. I digress.

But yeah, Babybop. I have days when I just wanna be angry, too. Let's go have some chocolate. ;)


lili246 - July 20


Lydia Pinkham is a :
Nutritional Support to Help You Feel Better During Menstruation and Menopause.

It did help for me when I was taking it, because I used to have bad cramps when I had my AF, but while I was taking this medication it seem to help and probably up to this point because now that I am talking about my AF cramps are not that bad now.
Of course my AF is so irregular still!
But like I said I took this medication two years ago with other medication, while trying to get pregnant with my first child!

My temp. hasn't raised it is still low? I would think that I would be O by this time, Am I beeing late because of ovulex I wonder?

Baby Dust to all of you!



babybop - July 20

Well...Amber, my husband's real name is Hugh (he hates it) and he's a jr., so in highschool they gave him a nickname. Bop....and it's because he walks on his toes, giving the appearance of a "Bop" instead of a regular walk. He bops up and down as he walks.

HIS entire family and all of his friends have been calling him that for over 15 years. SO, Babybop is because my baby will also be Bop's baby....thus, the name. ;D



lili246 - July 20

Ok, Ladies- I know this is a little off the subject...but I think we should have a POLL!

POLL: What does your username mean/represent?


Lili represents for my nickname, my name is Liliana, most of my friends call me Lili. And the 246 I don't know I happen to have a user name lili246 at the fertility friend website where I do my charting and just to be the same and wouldn't forget I chose the same user with my nickname and the 246 number, which they don't represent anything in particular.



ECARROLL - July 20

Thanks for the info. LILI, I was considering using it, just to see what happens. I'm just like you, last AF before ovulex was in the middle of April. Now I'm on ovulex and AF still hasn't came, sometimes I think I'm broke, I know I'm not experiencing menapause, I'm only 26!!! Who knows????????

Hey Ambersparkle- My user name is my name E for Erica and my madien last name.


babybop - July 20

Let's have some chocolate indeed!


Amber: your personality sparkles thru your postings......the name is quite befitting!



LeslieAnn - July 20

POLL: What does your username mean/represent?

My first name is Leslie, but every time I try to sign up for "Leslie" as a username it's already taken, so I used my first and middle name. Leslie Ann. Pretty boring.

Ugh, speaking of chocolate, I just downed a piece of french silk pie at lunch. I SO didn't need it, but it was good. And still cheaper than Godiva ;), although I'd say that's worth the money.

I have no news related to pregnancy or the Ovulex today, how is everyone else doing?



RNORST - July 20

Well, my temp. went up from 98.0 yesterday with a + opk and today it was 98.3, and it usual keeps going up to about 98.7. Will see what tommorrow brings.

Well I have a cousin that has endometriosis, and we were talking and I wonder if I have it. About 2 years ago I started to get cramps around time of O. Some times it would get bad enough that it would even hurt down though my legs. And then of course at that time we are BD and I feel alot of pressure inside. It only last for like 2 days, right around O. So I looked up some stuff on the internet and it said some times the only signs are inferitlity, or also cramping all month, or just around your period or around O time. I think my cramps around O are worst than period cramps. I called my RE to ask about it and they told me it could be possiable that I have that. The only way to test is to do surgery. So I decieied to make a appt. with a OBGYN and see what she thinks. The RE tould me that endo. should not matter with what they want to do with me, which is injectables with IUI. Well what I have read so for is that the reason you have trouble getting preg. with endo. is with the lining and implantation. Well if I'm going to spend 1500.00 on a IUI, I sure want my lining to be good for implantion. I have an appt. with the OBGYN Aug.14. So hopefully I will know more than. So if thats what I have I don't plan on having any good news this month. Maybe one of my prays has been answered, I prayed God would lead me to where I should go or what I should do. It's funny how I was talking to my cousin and having this cramps at the same time.

Does any one have endometriosis?

My username is R for Renee and Norst for my madian name. Had my married name once and then my password would not work so I had to start all over.

Good Luck to all, Lets keep praying.


Honey - July 20

Hi everyone!

My user name reflects my skin color. It gets a really nice deep honey in the summer! :)



LeslieAnn - July 20

Renee~ I asked my dr. about endo a few months ago because I was worried I had it, and she told me that the most important symptom is very irregular cycles and that she didn't think I had it because my cycles were regular. However, I read a lot of articles on it and there were many symptoms listed, so I found my conversation with her to be cold comfort. Hopefully your ob/gyn can tell you more.



sammy71 - July 20

Sammy71 stands for my nickname as a kid. My initials spelled SAM. 71 stands for the year I was born.

My real name is Sarah and I don't think anyone I currently know has any idea that my nickname is Sammy. My dad use to call me his "little fishcake" (my mom is "big fishcake") but I didn't think that was an appropriate user name. LOL


NANCY - July 20

Well ladies my user name is no different than my Name!!



Sarah Rose - July 20

I have endometriosis I was diagnosed with it in Aug of 2005 when my doctor did a scope surgery. The reason I had it done was because my DH and I had been trying to get pregnant for 8 monthes and the longer I was off the pill the worse my periods got. I had all the 'classic' red flags of endo, but didn't want to believe that that it what was wrong with me. I have spent all this time trying not to get pregnant and now I can't? The doctor came into the recovery room after my surgery and told me that he had found alot of scar tissue and that some of the tissue had fused my bladder and my uterus together...and that fixing this problem and getting rid of the scar tissue would probably help our chances of concieving. He said that that he was really suprised that when he did this dye-test(were they shoot dye into you uterus and up though your tubes to see if there are is any blockages or scar tissue in your uterus) there wasn't any. I didn't really want to have this done but now that I have had it done I am glad that I did. It has kind of given me peace of mind, that I am not going crazy feeling the things that I am feeling(cramps at other times of the month with O,-pain with intercourse when that is the time it is supposed to feel best.) hope this helps-
Sarah Rose


Sarah Rose - July 21

I think that your doctor was feeding you a line. (I am sorry that was really harsh) It was just really fustrating I read your post. I am sure that you have a very good doctor. I have endo and I have reg. cycles, and some other women that I know have regular cycles too. Your doctor should know that no two people are alike and that their not all going to have the same symtoms. It was a good question especially if you are having trouble concieving.


ambersparkle - July 21

Sarah rose~
I have irregular periods, so now I'm sort of worried a little bit- what are the classic symptoms of endo? What were your symptoms? I've looked it up and every site has different symptoms listed...


LeslieAnn - July 21

SarahRose~ No, that wasn't harsh at all. To be fair, I guess I should say it wasn't my dr. (just her office) that I called last month when I was having irregular bleeding. I was starting to worry about endo, and they had me talk to a different dr. because my usual one was on vacation. But I kind of got the feeling that this other doctor was kind of blowing me off and just didn't want to spend the time dealing with me. It's a terrible thing to say but that's the way she seemed when she talked to me. I know doctors aren't trained to be social workers or counselors but I was obviously really concerned and she was just like oh it's no big deal you don't even have the most important symptom and besides you have to get surgery to test for it. But since then I have seen my real dr and she referred me to a fertility specialist so hopefully if I do have anything worth being concerned about he will find it. Thanks for the feedback!




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