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RNORST - July 14

Leslie Ann,
we have been trying for 2 1/2 years, its very hard to keep postive, but we need to keep our heads up. The more we worry about all of this the harder it is for us to get preg. I have had so many people tell me that they had a hard time getting preg. too, and once they stopped trying it happen. I think its because they stopped worring about it. I try to stop thinking about it but its impossiable. I ordered an e-book from the internet before and it talks about the secrets of getting preg., timing, herbs, and to relax and clear our minds. and to meditate every day. I think we get so worked up about this that we are stopping our body from doing what they are suppost to do. I have never really meditate before, but I don't think its a bad idea. I have a friend at church, that says we need to get up in the morning and be postive and alway keep faith in the Lord that He will provide. I had the hardest time keeping positve after last month, we prayed and prayed and hoped we were in Gods timing and spent 1000.00 on IUI which was unsusessful. That when I decied to try ovulex for 3 month and take a break and save up money for the next IUI, which Iam going to be faithful and beleive that I wont need to get it done in November. Do you know when we worry and stress about this we are turning our backs against God, and its the devil that is doing it to us. When I start to get down, it helps me to think that if Iam down and worring the devil is very pleased.


RNORST - July 14

hey girls, I forgot to ask, I had egg like cm yesterday should I O today, or is it a couple of days after EWCM?


Inga - July 14

Hey Everyone,

So AF did show up yesterday. Ugh! I had to go to the doctors office today to learn how to give myself Follistim inejctions. I am just trying to roll with the punches at this point. I hope all of you are doing well.

Congrats Gatton. There's nothing like a success story to give us all some hope and motivation to stay on course. We can do it ladies.


NANCY - July 14

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. My AF was about 29-31 days. Yes I was late I got to 37 days or 38 days late. I thought that I was pregnant that month.

I know that this might sound weird but 2 months before I became pregnant I went through a cycle of IVF and it failed. I was really upset over it. I think to my self now that if I did get pregnant I wouldn't have the baby that God intended me to have. I also would have been on this site and met all you wonderful and caring women. I think about and pray for all of you ladies.

My mother always told me that God works in mysterious ways!!!!

I wish much baby dust to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thank God that we have each other!!!!!!!!!!



LeslieAnn - July 15

Renee~ You are so right. My mom went to this whole seminar about how negative thinking is the work of the devil and he delights in it. The seminar was all about learning to think positive and rejoice in what the Lord has already given you. It does bum me out that I am not pregnant yet, but I do have a lot to be thankful for. I mean, I have an awesome DH, great family, friends, job...tons to be thankful for. Maybe if I just stop worrying about what I don't have, it will happen.

Inga~ Sorry that AF had to show. :( I always hate to see her come. Good luck with everything!

Nancy~ It is definitely amazing that you got pregnant on Ovulex, and I'm so glad that you are here, and that you still check in on this board even now that you're pregnant. Sometimes I sneak in and look at the pregnancy board to follow what is going on with everyone. It's so cool to hear about everything that's going on in your pregnancies. I am so excited for you!


Isa - July 15


I've spent the last two days reading all the threads. I have such a feeling of comfort knowing that I’m not the only one out there facing these problems and reading about those overcoming it leaves me with great hope..

I have been ttc for about 8 months now with no success. i regularly get my AF every 28-30 days. As far as I can tell I’m ovulating every month. I haven't tried using a FM. I do have ovarian cysts, which my doc says will not prevent me from having children. But I am still worried that I am not getting pregnant.

I just order Ovulex online and it should be here by Monday. I can't wait to start taking it and be able to post a success story about it too...

Good luck to all and I’m sending lots of baby dust out to everyone...


keepingthefaith - July 16

;D Well Hello all you wonderful ladies! I am new to this site. I have been doing lots of reading on message boards and such about Ovulex. I am in the Air Force as well as my wonderful husband. Currently we are not stationed in the same place, but with Gods' help that will change. We oredered a six month supply of Ovulex and I started taking it this week. We are hopeful and optimistic. I know that it will happen in God's timing. :) We are praying that God will bless our family.
My fathers side if the family (women) have all had a hard time getting pregnant, except my grandmother. All my aunts did. One took a few years to have her first child and then 10 years later she had her second. She never used birthcontrol since she didn't get preg that easy. My other aunt was about the same. I have not been checked out by a doc, but have never used bc and have never been preg. I am hoping that the Ovulex will help regulate my system. I usually have a cylce of 30-40 days, except when I am really stressed. :) If there is any good advice you could offer me I would greatly appreciate it! God Bless and Baby dust to all!

"I can do all things through christ who strenghtens me"


LeslieAnn - July 16

Hi keepingthefaith and Isa,

Welcome to our group! Good luck with your Ovulex, hopefully it will work for you soon. We have had some success stories on this site, so there is hope and support for anyone who wants to join in our discussion.

DH and I have been trying since 10/05 with no luck. This is my second month on Ovulex, I can't tell if this is our month yet or not but we are hopeful. I've had some symptoms but I don't know if it's pms or not. Be sure to update us on how things are going with you guys! It's always good to hear from everyone.

Again, welcome to the group!



Mist - July 16

Hey ladies ,

How is everyone? I am in a depressed mood today. I was hoping for a little encouragement. I hope I am not out of line by saying that but I guess it just one of those days. I just feel like giving up I have been fighting this long game for so long it just doesn't seem hopeful.

I was so thrilled when I found out last May that I was pregnant I was so happy and then I lost it:( sometimes I wonder if there was something I did that could have caused it? Well I am praying over the sittuation but sometime I need a shoulder to cry on.

I am now on day 53 of my cycle and it seems like there is no AF in sight. I dunno I am thinking about calling my doctor and start on provera and maybe another round of Femara. Do you all think that would be safe with ovulex? I am so desperate :(.

Also is there any chance you can ovulate without AF. I have a lot of CM but I dunno?


LeslieAnn - July 16


I know how you feel. Earlier this week I was so discouraged. I got a opk and then my tempertaure didn't really go up, so I didn't think I ovulated and I thought we were done for this cycle. But last night I noticed I had ewcm and I was in the mood...so I decided what the heck, it's worth a shot and we BD'ed. Then today I got a + opk. I could hardly believe it. Either I read the other test wrong or I had delayed ovulation. Either way there is still hope! So I guess even when you feel like everything is hopeless things can turn around! I know it feels like it's never going to happen but don't give up hope. I almost gave up for this cycle and if I had I would have missed ovulation.

As for your m/c, I'm so sorry you had to experience that. Nothing is worse than losing a pregnancy/child as far as I'm concerned. But I'm sure there is nothing you did to cause it to happen. I read this before about miscarriages: http://www.askdramy.com/preventmiscarriage.html. It's totally understandable that you're sad, but don't feel like it's because of anything you did, because it's not. I know it's hard, but I have faith that you will make it through and you will conceive again.



NANCY - July 16


Having a m/c is one of the hardest things to go through. People feel bad for you but no one truly understands unless they went through it. I use to read a poem to myself that made me cry but it did make me feel better after time. I use to ball reading this poem but it was all my feels rolled into this poem. The poem is called "Just Those Few Weeks." ( I found it on line)

I remember people telling me that Oh your young it'll happen again for you I went home and cried. I thought to myself how insensitive. I rememver thinking how would that person have felt if I said that to them about there already born child. People just don't think.

So take your time talk it out we are all here for you!!!!!

Remember I am spreading much baby dust!!!!!


Isa - July 16

Thank you for the warm welcome. I have a question. I haven't recieved my ovulex yet, hoping it arrives tomorrow. But i'm leaving on vacation and i'm not sure if i will have a fridge in the hotel. Does it have to in the fridge at all times.


Mist - July 17

Thank You Lesile & Nancy for the kind words! Today just really was a down day for me. I have those kind of days a lot now that I see all of my friends with children. But I know God has a time and place for everything and I guess my lesson is to learn to have patience. But boy its getting really hard!

Still praying, still stay true to my faith!



MaggiesMom - July 17

Howdy all. This is my first post here and am happy to see there are folks on here.

I'm 36 years old and have been trying to get pregnant since January. I'm told that at my age I should get fertility help after six months but I'm just not sure I want to go that route.

I started taking Ovulex on Saturday and am wondering if anyone out there is taking it or has taken it before. I've read lots of good stuff about it, only a couple of negative posts, but they are from last year. Any ideas?

Oh, and my name on here is MaggiesMom because if I ever have a little girl her name will be Maggie.

Here's hoping.


RNORST - July 17

Nancy, thank you for writing in about, two months after your ivf you got preg. That really gives me hope, last month we had a failed IUI, and I was looking for a reason why it didn't happen. That is the perfect answer.

Welcome, its nice to see more people on here. MaggiesMom I have been taking ovulex for about a week now, and hoping it works. What cycle day are you on?

LeslieAnn, good to hear that you O. I still don't think that I have, which its only cd14 for me, but I had ewcm 3 days ago. I think thats why I haven't got preg. yet, I don't know if I'm O? Last month when we did IUI, I was on clomid and only made 1 egg, which makes me think if I was on fertlilty drug and I only made 1 egg, if I wasn't I propably would have had none. What cycle day are you on? And since you got a + opk, did your temp. go up that next morning? Keep me posted, are cycle are going to be pretty close.



LeslieAnn - July 17

MaggiesMom~ Welcome! I am on my second month of Ovulex. I had some side effects my first month which included spotting, headaches and backaches but all of those have left now. I seem to be having better luck with ewcm now that I'm on it, and it decreased my pain with AF last month.

Renee~ I got my + opk yesterday and it was CD19. My usual cycle was around 35 days, but I'm not sure what it will end up being this month with the Ovulex. I haven't had a big temperature rise yet, but I think I will actually be ovulating today so I would expect my temp to rise either tomorrow or the next day. At least I hope that's what will happen! I am really paranoid today because I don't know if we will have a chance to BD tonight, but we did it last night and the night before so I think we still have a chance for this month.

Don't stress out too much about whether you O. I was really stressing about it for awhile and it seems that I am O'ing most cycles. How long are your cycles normally? I think Sammy said that the Ovulex made her ovulate later than usual. I read a lot about "anovulation" (the medical term for it) and I think I found an article on www.webmd.com which said that anovulation can usually be corrected easily with medications. So even if you don't O, the odds are still good that you will be able to get preggo with some medication. I hope this helps! Good luck this cycle! I will be thinking of you!

Good luck and baby dust to everyone else!




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