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Faith76 - December 8


That is such a SWEEEEET poem. It perfectly explains the way I feel. Thanks!


LILSILKY - December 8



sarah soveran - December 8

peaches, wow that is like the best poem i have ever seen it tells the way we are all feeling its like you read my mind on how i feel that is amazing very nice i think i just caught myself crying...

nanci and dessie thank you i feel very good and just some what stressed but im ok thanks for asking

mh how are you i hope you are doing great and keeping positive i know you are

les23 how are you doing i also hope you are ok infact i hope all the ladies are doing well love to all you ladies and much babydust to you


Nanci And Dessie - December 8

Hello Sisters, Newbies and Guests,
Well today Af came to visit.. Ovulex has gotten my cycle to 28 days... Wow... I had been 30-32 days every since I can remember... Maybeee... ;)

Peaches- loved the peom.. Sooo Heart Felt.

Love Wishes and Baby Dust to all..


Lablane - December 8

Good Morning Everyone,

Peaches that was absoultely perfect. That explains exactly how I feel. Thank you for sharing.

Hope everyone's day is going well.

Much Love and Hope,



beans - December 8

Good Morning.

Peaches - I love the poem, thank you for sharing.

Nanci - Ovulex did the same for me too...usually I'm 32+ days, last month 28 days.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Lots of Love and Baby Dust


Mahogany Heart - December 8


Just something to share. I met a little girl today by the name of Heaven and that was her first name. WOW!!!

[size=6][glow=blue,2,300][color=Blue]We are not here to give up!!! We are here to Conquer this Infertility!!! Are you with me!!! [/color][/size][/glow]


Tosha - December 8

Congratulations Mrs D.C! Wow, what excitement for Christmas!! I wish you a healthy, happy 9 months!

WishingandHoping - I taped Alias last night to watch with my DH when he gets home tonight so I can't "talk" about it until tomorrow! hehe Do you remember Sark now that you watched it? The bad dude who was romantically involved with Vaughn's wife Lauren? hehe Thank-you for remembering, yes my DH made it home safe and went back up the next morning. I had incredible guilt about him driving so much, but he did it! He comes home tonight and leaves Sunday night again.

Peaches the poem was very touching and sentimental. Thank-you for sharing.

Have a great day everyone...


Les23 - December 8

I love the poem thanks for posting it.

I am doing good except the snow outside. it started snowing at 5 this morning and has not let up. we are suppose to get like 6 inches. I HATE SNOW!!!!!

WEll my fm is still saying high. no peak yet. oh well. I am sure it will come soon.

DC congrats on the BFP!! I am so happy we are hearing success stories. It is really uplifting.

Anyway nothing really new here. I am at work freezing my bum off.

PUPPY UPDATE - They are peeing everywhere!!!! I want them out ASAP! They are the cutest things but the messiest. I keep them in the furnace room so they will not run around peeing everywhere. But the sister inlaw lets them run everywhere during the day. I guess a friend of mine went by my house on Saturday morning and sister in law showed the puppies to her son. Kris said that she was there for around 20 minutes and she counted that the puppies peed on my living room 8 times. I was like what did she do to clean it up? and Kris said that she dabbed it with a paper towel. I was like no wonder my house is starting smell funny. she will not even use carpet cleaner on the spots. i have really dark carpet so you can not see where they went to when i get home i do not know exactly where they have peed that day. this is driving me crazy!!

In fact on my way home last night I prayed in the car for the Lord to give me strength to put up with her for another month living with us. And when i got home I blew up. you should have seen my house. she was home all day and it was awful. she left before i got home and my house was such a mess, it took me a good half hour to pick up all the glasses, plates, ect. and take them to the kitchen. I am on my last nerve.


YaBB - December 8

Peaches I love your poem! It is what we are all feeling!

Today I started putting up my x-mas tree. I'm a little late doing it because I just bought it. For two years my dh and I lived in a apartment and had a three feet tree. In Sept. we moved in our house!

I heard everyone talk about having headaches. I have some also but, I have sinus so I not sure if it's ovulex or just my sinus. Has anyone felt light headed taking ovulex? I have about three times. The third was late night. I'm not sure if is it from the ovulex or not. I know I'm not prego. My Af was more heavier than usual. I have also been drinking green tea. Even before I starting taking ovulex. My friend's sisterlaw was just drinking the green tea and a little while later became prego.
Please let me know if everyone has been feeling light headed. I'm not sure if I'm coming down or fighting a bug. I don't know to call my doctor. I don't want him to thing I'm crazy!
Hope everyone has a great day!


Faith76 - December 8

Wow LILSILKY....you and I started Ovulex on the same day. Cool!


sarah soveran - December 8

hey there ladies wow is there lots of snow here its crazy and soo sooo cold but what can you do. well xmas is almost here and yes mh i am with you all the way and thats for sure i keep my word with you we will do this i just can feel it i really can

les23 sounds like your pups are a hand full thats great i love animals

well i hope everyone else is doing good finally lastr day to work then i have a day off tomorow then back to work but thats ok. ill talk to you all later


Mahogany Heart - December 8

Ladies don't forget to check out the thread "Helpful Websites"


WishingandHoping - December 8

Tosha - i remember now. I won't ruin the episode for you. Good as usual. Glad that your DH made it home safe and I pray he is home safe tonight as well.

Doing good today. AF has really got me going though. She is definitely worse since being off the pill. It seems like every month is gets even worse. Oh well. At least she shows up and I get to try again. :)

Have a great night everyone!!


Lablane - December 9

Good afternoon Ladies,

I went to my new doctor today. I really like her and her staff. They didn't treat me like an idiot and they really sounded like they care.

Guess what, she says I have PCOS. 2 years and I finally know what's wrong. She took blood today to run some more test. She said she will probably put me on Matformin w/ fertitlity pills and give it a couple of months then if that doesn't work than IVF. They do want to test DH again but more than just a sperm count. Please pray that it comes out fine. She sounded real optimistic that she can help us out and that hopefully it wouldn't be to much longer.

I told her I was taking Ovulex and Dh is taking Amberoz and she said that she doesn't know anything about it. She was going to research it.

Are any of you taking Letrozol? If so please talk to your docotr about stopping, it has been found that it is causing birth defects. My doctor said they are doing major backstepping. It was never approved to use for fertility just for breast cancer patients. Just a warning I don't want to scare anyone.

Much Love Sisters, we will beat this



beans - December 9

Lablane - Glad to hear your happy with your new dr and have a plan. I am praying for you and your dh. I know it will happen for all of us.

Much Love & Baby Dust to all!



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