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Amanda - December 14

sorry look under forums


Amanda - December 14

Joined: Nov 06, 2005
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Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2005 2:03 pm

We used preseed this time around too and I got a on Saturday, I would definately recommend it too!!!


Joined: Oct 02, 2005
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Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2005 8:32 pm

on your ! Preseed worked for us too! All the best over the next 9 months!



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Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2005 1:01 am


H&H 9 months!


TTC Princess

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Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2005 4:49 am

Seems like Preseed is the secret weapon huh? I am going to O in a day or 2, and its too late now, but if I don't get my BFP this month, looks like I am ordering preseed!

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Peaches - December 14

Amanda, make sure you keep us posted on everything...I'm so happy for you..Hopefully we can hear more good news like that one soon..

Ladies no period yet, i'm really worried...I dont know what heck is going on..I'm feeling real depressed....................


Peaches - December 14

Hey ladies, I have a real dumb question.. How does preseed work? Can it be taken along with ovulex?????


Amanda - December 14

Yes, preseed can be taken with ovulex. Preseed is just a sperm friendly lube that actually helps the sperm reach the egg and has the same balance as semen You will read more on the web site


Peaches - December 14

Thank you, Amanda..how long did you have to take it before you got pregnant?


Peaches - December 14

hey ladies..after hearing about Amanda's beautiful new's I just ordered preseed...I'm just willing to try everything and anything possible to conceive. So we'll see


Amanda - December 14

I used it twice this cycle along with a few other girls and we all (except for one who is not sure) got our bfps. That's the only thing I tried this month with prenatals. Where did you order from? Baby dust to you this cycle


Peaches - December 14


I ordered it from www.babyhopes.com .. wow, so it really does help..I was reading all the information from their webiste., it sounds like it helps..Thank you so much amanda..I hope it works the only thing is that I dont get my period every month, and I started the ovulex last month, and I still havent gotten it..I was spotting just a little dropp on sat, but no p yet.. i'm confused


Native - December 14

Hello Ladies,
I see that we have some new ladies since I've been here and I just want to say Hi and welcome. MH has pretty kept me abreast as to what has been going and so thanx girl ;D (I think you should start your own advice column, cause you're great at it!)

I finally got a day off of work and it feels good to be home during the day time to watch my HGTV and Food channels. I also registered on the new site, but could not use my name. So now I'm Native _E

By the way I got my AF last week for 4 days and she was good to me. Now how do I update this ticker thing?

Amanda-honey! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! This is a good feeling and what a beautiful gift for the holidays and many more days to come. Take very good care of yourself and thanx for the tip about Pre-seed, I just put in my order an hour ago. By the way I read on their site that they do not ship to Canada. For all my Canadian ladies who are thinking about purchasing Pre-seed, check out their site and read up on shipping methods. Maybe you can make alternative plans for shipment. Let us know what happens!

By the way I sweenten my green tea with honey and add some lemon, orange, tangerine wedges or a cinnammon stick to it. It tastes great! You can even combine fresh ginger and lemon, what a great combo! Honey is okay, because it is a natural sweetner. But if you can go fot the gust-o and drink green tea as is, then you're a special kind of lady and you mean business, LOL.

My DH is doing okay with the Amberoz and it makes him a little more, well you know ;) and that's fine by me. Yesterday was out 15 year Wedding Anniversary and I had to work. But never-the-less, he surprised me at work with my favorite perfume, orchids (my favorite flower) and dinner. So we had our special moment right before the stroke of midnight. LOVE HIM!

As for having certain dreams while on Ovulex, well it has happened to me several times, but I'm not complaining. They're good dreams and I enjoy them and so should you. ;D

Well gotta go, I'll keep checking and reading. Sending baby dust to all you ladies.


Morgan01 - December 14

Hello, ladies.


It's so exciting to hear your news!!! Hopefully the rest of the sisterhood will follow with the BFP's. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.


I know this may sound strange, but I read on a website that if you use egg whites while you are ov it is sperm friendly and will help conceive like the pre-seed. I looked into pre-seed a while back, but I never ordered it. I am thinking about trying the egg white theory. I may end up trying the pre-seed also.

Have a great day!!! Baby dust to all!!!!


Les23 - December 14

Well I congrats to all the new mom's to be so far. It seems to me that our journey is becoming smaller.

Well lets see what is new with me........ I am in the tww period of my cycle now. Don't let the ticker fool yah. I ovulated later on day 25 so we are now waiting and crossing our fingers.

My friend Kris had her baby this morning. A little girl 7 pounds 12 ounces. I am going up to the hospital later after work to see the new arrival. I am excited. This is their second. They already have a 3 year old little boy. He is so funny. They had not named her yet as of 11 this morning. They can not agree on a name. Gosh I wish that was my problem huh..


Shara - December 14

Hi Morgan,

I have heard something about it before in the past, but since you posed the question I did a little research for you. However keep in mind when reading the quote below that you can not add the yolk to the white in any way or you could cause infection. You might want to do a little research. I also read on other forums a lot of success stories using the eggwhites while on clomid and other fertility drugs to help with hostile or absent cm.

Also, when you crack the egg and seperate it leave it at room temp for only 2-3 minutes before insertion.

**Topic: Pregnancy - Normal
Subject: Using eggwhites to conceive

Tonie W.'s book says that you can use egg whites to conceive when
cervical fluid is lacking.
Egg white is a lubricant for vaginal dryness and a buffer for the sperm against the acidity of the vagina. If cervical mucus is truly absent, the sperm have no mechanism to swim through the cervix and artificial insemination is the better choice.
The egg is cracked and the yolk separated from the white. The white is then instilled into the vagina with a douching bulk or applied to the penis as a coating.
I have no information on the risk of salmonella from placing egg white in the vagina.

This information is provided for education and is not a medical consultation. If you have specific questions please speak with your healthcare provider.


Mahogany Heart - December 14

Hope everyone is fine. Right now Sisters I am so sick. I will be back online when I'm feeling better. I been feeling like this for two days now. Prayer for me I get better.


sarah soveran - December 15

MH hope you get better you will be ok trust me i will pray for you :) i hope everyone is doing ok and having a good week im sure trying to get through it well i

peaches yah the wierd thing is i thought my period was coming when i was spotting and then the next day it was gone so i dont no what is up either but i dont like it to much

love yah guys baby dust you all


Peaches - December 15

Hello ladies..how is everyone doing...I'm not feeling well today, i think i'm getting the flu because my body is aching and i just dont feel very well...

Sarah, i know what you mean, i still havent gotten my period..Sat when I spotted, it was only one drop and that was it..so i dont know either..Yesterday I order preseed so I hope that works..but we will see




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