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Mahogany Heart - December 12

So exactly what would you say did it? So when I make the new thread I can put what did it....

I think this is beautiful. Now you can answer your emails that you have been neglecting. Because we miss you and was so worry about you.


amanda - December 12

sorry i'm so lame I didn't see the last one


amanda - December 12

I'm so sorry I just get quite and go to my own little corner when upset sad or depressed and that probably only makes it worse, but that's how I've always dealt with stuff. I am sorry for making you guys worry.

On what did it I definitely can almost assure you that it was the preseed I only used that and prenatals and I am pretty positive that was it you guys should really check that stuff out.


Mahogany Heart - December 12

No Amanda,

You are ok!!! This is your moment so its ok. You can stop crying now you have Conquer this Infertility.


Mahogany Heart - December 12

Ok so it was the Pre-seed and pre-natal vitamins. So was your cycle regular or irregular?


amanda - December 12

I was on a 26 day cycle and I have been using prenatals so I honestly think that the preseed did it


Mahogany Heart - December 12

That good. Pre-Seed did it. Hey post the website in Helpful Web Sites if you can.

I'm so happy for you. You go Girl!!!


Nanci And Dessie - December 12

[move][glow=Yellow,2,300]Congradulations Amanda !!![/glow][/move]
I'm so happy to hear your Well and Expecting.... Awesome news.... I'm so excited for you... Now relax and enjoy the Holidays


Mahogany Heart - December 12

[glow=blue,2,300][size=4][move]You did it Girl!!![/move][/size][/glow]



Love you Girl!!![/size][/glow][/move]


beans - December 12

Amanda - what wonderful news, Congratulations!


Amanda - December 12

preseed.com twoweekwait.com (to see how some others did it) and this was the only sites but the preseed lube really makes a difference


beans - December 12

Shara - thank you for the support, it means a lot. I'm looking for vacay spots in the bahamas, not sure if it's too late to go away. If not, maybe somewhere close like skiing, although I'd much rather go somewhere warm.

MH - I received your email. Thank you for the encouraging words..very helpful.


YaBB - December 13

Amanda Congrats! Your our success story #5. I'm so happy for you. What is preseed and can you buy it?

Wow sister we have another success story! I makes me stay + and know each and everyone of us will be bless with a little pride and joy soon!

Baby dust to all!


Peaches - December 13

Amanda CONGATS..oh wow how exciting...I'm so happy for you..Healthy 9 months to you and baby . I wish you the best of everything..HOW EXCITING....

So ladies I still havent gotten my period, and i'm not spotting anymore..I was spotting saturday...I know I'm not pregnant because I took 2 test not so long ago (clear blue)..I dont know, what the heck is going on with my body..I dont want to stres about it, but I cant seem to get it together right now..I feel so depressed and I'm running out of patience already...

PST sweetie, let's not try to stress over it, we are going to get what we want and girl it's going to happen to us too..I feel crying all the time too, 2 yrs and no luck...I feel like i'm left behind..Especially when my hubby's fam is always telling me that it's my turn..Sunday we were out to dinner with my n-laws, and they told us that my hubby's brothers wife is expecting her 3rd child..so then my mother-n-law looked at me and said that by the time I get preg she's going to a great great great grandmother since we are taking so long...It made me feel like I wanted to burst out in tears, and I did when I got home..the thing is that I want a baby so bad, and it frustrates me that It out of my control to make it happen...and it hurts even more because I know my hubby wants a baby so bad, and he's great with kids..it brakes my heart when I look into his eyes because I know the deperation for a baby is there...He's very supportive of him though, but I dont know ladies it hurts so bad..and I dont think I have any more tears to cry :(


Shara - December 13

Congratulations Amanda!!

You know I live for this - I am so happy for you!!

Well you know you have to stay connected and let us know how everything is progressing. I pray for your healthy pregnancy and your big bundle of joy!!!

Love you


Shara - December 13

Hey Peaches,
If I had a penny for everytime someone told me "it was my turn" I would be rich!! Don't worry or stress about it because it could hurt your chances too. Even though that is easier said than done (I know if no one else does) I am praying for you and it will be our turn soon enough. It is trying to time seems to be mounting and no results but trust "the labourer is worthy of his reward" 1 Timothy 5:18
So it will be our time when its our time!!



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