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Peaches - December 10

hey ladies..so i'm spotting...so i'm so relieved..now i know my period is going to be coming any day..I'm surprised that i didnt get any cramps this time, I guess the ovulex is helping me, eventho my period took more than 30 days to get here, but i guess my body just needs to get used to it. Pray for me ladies, as I do for all of you..I'M HAPPY


YaBB - December 11

Hello ladies, sorry I haven't be on. I have been working and putting together my x-mas tree. I'm finally done. I hope everything is going good with everyone! Today it looks like I'm O. Which is weird because I been O the past six months on my 14th day and today it's the 10th. I know the writing on ovulex is suppose to help you O longer. So hopefully this is a good thing! I noticed when my AF came 10 days ago my systoms were barely there. Which was a relieve! Hopefully the ovulex works soon!
Baby dust to all!


sarah soveran - December 11

hey there peaches, yah its like noone thats has babies really even want babies its like really cmon theres a new life and you are not even happy about, my friend has a baby and shes like well if you want a baby you can have mine and started laughing me and her got into this foight one time cause she told me if she could change everyothing and start over she would and i was like hey you know thats not fare to anthony (her son) it wasnt his choise to be brought into this world why should he be punished because you regret what happend... and she got mad at me saying that thats not what she ment but i was there when she said it and trust me at the moment she ment it it was so sad.... but anyway im babiling on ohwell...

happy you are getting your period i wish mine would come


sarah soveran - December 11

WHERE IS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mahogany Heart - December 11


You know it is the Holidays and everything and I'm sure everyone is shopping and doing things and lot of us don't have internet access at home. Give them some time they will be back soon.


Peaches - December 12

hey there ladies..just got home from doing some Christmas shopping..I love Christmas...I have 4 nieces ages 3-10, and I love buying stuff for them....and my sister is expecting too, so i'm buying her baby stuff too...I just cant wait to buy things for my own baby.. :)

Well, I still havent gotten my period, i was spotting yesterday, but not today, so I dont know what's going on right now..I just need to keep my mind on something else and think too much about it and let it be...

Sarah, I have a lot of friends that same the same things about their kids..i just always stay quite, and just shake my head..

How is everyone's weekend going...


Mahogany Heart - December 12


Just being noisy when was the first day of your last cycle? If you don't mind me asking.


Peaches - December 12

MH, the first day of my last cycle was 11/4.. Of course I dont mind you asking..


Mahogany Heart - December 12

To the Sisters,

Time is running out and If I haven't receive your email subject line "Confiriming the Conference Call" then I take it that you are not interested in helping with the Project we have going on. I know alot of have other things going on and may not be able to help and that is fine.

The SisterHood has been through alot lately and with the Holidays everything is hasn't settle as yet. Now I will be MIA for the next couple days and you all know where I am.

Hugs and Love


Mahogany Heart - December 12


How long is it?


Mahogany Heart - December 12


I don't know the history of your cycle. Let me read your posts and I will get back with you. If you like email your cycle length.


Peaches - December 12


I really dont know because i'm very irregular..I stared taking the ovulex pills, 11/15..

this year so far the months that I did get my period are Jan, April, May, June, August, & last month Nov. so as you can see it's very hard to keep count..I write on my calendar, but's it's just very frustating. So I'm hoping Ovulex can help me get my cycles to be regular to I can conceive..


Mahogany Heart - December 12

Ok I understand. My cycle is just like that.


Peaches - December 12

it sucks huh! but it's ok, I have faith, and i know that we are going to be ok. :)


Mahogany Heart - December 12

Twenty-three Sisters on the Pledge:
[color=Pink]Mahogany Heart[/color]
[color=Pink]Nanci And Dessie[/color]
Andrea (Conquered Infertility)
Sarah Soveran
aka Novella
[color=Pink]Lablane aka Jessica[/color]
[color=Pink]Christie (Hugs31)[/color]


sarah soveran - December 12

MH yah i know that it is the hoidays i was just asking thats all.......

i hope you all are doing good im just feeling not me tonight i have asthma and i had an attack just like a half hour ago it really hurt.. i really hate having asthma it really isnt the best thing to have but i gotta deal with it.

well talk to you all later



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