Ovulex IV
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beans - December 9

Lablane - Glad to hear your happy with your new dr and have a plan. I am praying for you and your dh. I know it will happen for all of us.

Much Love & Baby Dust to all!


Peaches - December 9

hello sista's....I'm so glad you guys liked the poem..It's very heart touching...but i kmow you ladies would like it as much as i did. Girls, i did a big bobo today, i forgott to take my ovulex in the morning, and i just remembered when i was on my way home from work..before i would drink it when i wake up like @ 6, but now since i know i'm supposed to drink it every 12 hours, i drink it like @ 9:30..i had a potluck and an all day meeting all day today, so my mind was just all over the place at work and i forgott...I hope it doesnt mess me up..do you ladies think i should drink tonight before i go to bed or just drink it in morning?? Ladies i need your help..


beans - December 9

Peaches - I am reading the 'Ovulex Instructions for Use' which says, "If for any reason you miss a dose, make it up as soon as possible and continue to follow your dosage schedule." I hope this helps.


Mahogany Heart - December 9

No take it asap. like now


Peaches - December 9

Thank you girls..I just took it...should i take the next one in the morning? i'm just a little worried now?


Mahogany Heart - December 9

Yes continue as schedule, please.


Peaches - December 9

Thank you my dear..I'm just worried..I dont want to srew it up..you know..I love the belly picture on your posting, one beautiful day, that's going to be out belly ;) My sister is 7 months pregnant and I love rubbing her belly..it's beautiful..

Lebrane, please keep us posted on when your dr. tells you about using ovulex..I'm really interested on what she will say...I wish you the best luck...I know you just like all of us will fight and get rid of this infertility that's messing with our futures..



Shara - December 9

Hi all

I loves the poem also it is very heart touching
I am praying for all of my sisters and we will get through this.

Ms. DC Congratulations
You know I live for the good news! I am so excited for you. We need a little neice or nephew- it is heart warming when one of us makes it!

Sisters my email is [email protected] Make sure you take the pledge Love You


Peaches - December 9

hey ladies...do any of you watch making the band3..i'm so into it... ;)


mary2 - December 9

hi!i am 27 yrs old married for three years and my periods
got irregular after tat.for 1 yr i was menstruating once in 2 months
and sometimes twice a month.since i was planning to start a family doctor prescribed medicines for conceiving.my reports were normal 2
years back but when i got checked up again in dec 2004 i had elevated
FSH and Prolactin hormones.my DR said it waspremature menopause and i
wont be able to conceive.i want to have a baby.i came to know about ovulex which gave me a hope that i too can conceive.
i would like to know whether ovulex is really helpful?


sarah soveran - December 9

peaches yah i watch that its good yah i really messed up i forgot to take my ovulex twice im scared im going to mess it up i really hope i will be ok

hope everyone is doing ok mh will that throw me off track


Lablane - December 9

Good Morning Ladies,

Welcome Mary - First off I think I would get a 2nd opinion. Have you been tested for PCOS or Endometerousous? At 29 I doubt they can give you an answer like that without doing more test. I really suggest finding another doctor.

As for your question on Ovulex we have had 4 success stories so far and I think that is enough for me to know I am trying it. Our sisterhood is here to help in any way so please feel free to ask anything that you need to.

Lots of Love and Baby Dust to you and all my sisters.

Lablane ;)


Les23 - December 9

Okay I am a little scattered brain today. Who were the other 2 Ovulex success stories. Andrea and DC are the only two I remember on the board. Where was I!!????

Anyways I hope everyone is having a great day!!


Lablane - December 9

Check Ovulex IV Page 8 post 112 from MH.



Mahogany Heart - December 9


I can't believe if anyone you forgot about fembot and Tresa.


Les23 - December 9

What can I say I am an idiot.

But do not worry I think I am just brain dead this week. Yesterday I walked into the gas station and saw a really close friend and I go, Charles and he goes Charles? Then I go Chuck, I mean Chad!! I felt like a complete idiot. I mean I was at there house this past weekend. They I was like where is your truck why are you driving the uhuhuhuhuh
It took me almost 15 seconds to remember that I wanted to ask why he is driving, get this the CAR!! I could not remember what a car was!! I think I am loosing it!!



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