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Mahogany Heart - November 24


Funny you ask me that. I'm the one that post every web site when I get something from it but for some reason I forgot to post that one on pain killers. I will have to fine it and will get back with you.


We understand. I still haven't got any replies from the email I sent you.


Mahogany Heart - November 24


[size=4][color=Red]I was going over the pledge list and I don't see the oath on your sign on. You must take the oath. Ovulex Page 11. You have been on the pledge list with out the oath please take the oath as soon as possible.

Hugs and Love


sarah soveran - November 24

mh yes i did its on ovulex 2 page 2 i wrote a big message then i did the pledge at the bottem of it just go there and look :D but yah you guys im scared you ladies said that you had like out of control periods well mine was like that to and ever since i have been on ovulex well its been like a month and a week but yah my period still has not come is that crazy or what im scared i really want this to work and i really wonder if it will or not do you guys have any idea what i should do?

but yah i gotta go lay down for awhile ok so talk to yah ladies later babydust to all of you!! :D


WishingandHoping - November 24

MH - you understood me right. I do ovulate two days in a row and I have every time since starting the FM back in June. So i guess the twins thing is a possibility. We will see. :)
Good night everyone.


tta - November 24

Good morning to my sisters
Page 6 already! i am so ashamed of myself
i took a lot of time to catch up with posts here. good work my sisters.

so sorry i have not been posting; i have been feeling down for a couple of days but i am ok now. during those days, i remembered the pledge and it gave me some push not to be discouraged but look up. everywhere you go it seem severyone is having a baby. my in-laws are always calling to say hello in the guise of checking if something is happening yet that was why iw as so down.

sorry it's against the pledge but i find that after i cried i felt better so here am i now.

How is the mummy on the board? seems others will soon join you. Sarah why not test and give us the joy.

still can't get my ticker on have tried so many times. cd21 today

mh i don't know why i cannot download the chat software on aol. iit always stops halfway.

bless you all


Mahogany Heart - November 24


Thank you I see it.


Wow!!! That is very possible if you are releasing two eggs.


Not sure what is going on. Try it on another search engine like msn.com.

Sister Hood,

This is something you should know: Increased estrogen levels cause the glands around your cervix to secrete cervical fluid. Initially, the cervical fluid will be sticky, but as the levels of estrogen rise, it will become creamy and then like raw egg white. Cervical fluid has several purposes in human reproduction: 1) it is a natural lubricant; 2) it provides nutrients for sperm to live; and 3) it provides sperm a means to travel to the fallopian tubes. Cervical fluid is what enables conception to take place. Without it, sperm would die within a few hours and would not be able to reach the egg in the fallopian tube.

On that note that may be one of our problems when you OV and know you OV and didn't get pregnant. It is all about CM. I believe that is why Ovulex is so good it helps your CM because I saw a difference my CM after taking not even the first week.


Andrea - November 24

my gosh 24 hours since i was here and the board has grown soooooo much! i love that!!!!

ok here is what happened last night......

i was having some cramps and mild pain (i've had ovarian cyst and it kinda felt like that) didn't really warrent a trip to the ER but i can't get into see my dr. until next wednesday, so he said just go to the hospital.

had some blood work done and 3 hours later i saw a doctor. he was great. he said my levels are perfect for
5 1/2 weeks and that becasue they are high enough - he could do an ultrasound. (he did it himself as there was no tech there at 9pm)
he said we and should definetly be able to see and make sure the baby is in the uterus. after a tedious 20 mins with him poking around not saying anything he showed me the screen....
i saw a tiny little flickering (about the size of a smartie) - IT WAS THE BABY'S HEART BEAT!!!!
It was so exciting!!! I couldn't beleive it - i thought it was too early but he said everything looks ok.

(although he does want me to have another ultrasound today or tommorrow by the hospital technician, so she can record all the necessary data to send to my dr - they were just using a small emergency room sonogram machine)

he said the pain is probibly the ligaments growing and streching. what a releif.

;D so exciting to see the little heart beating!!!! amazing that something so tiny has such a fast beating heart.
will let you all know how the next ultra sound goes - will probibly schedule it for tommorrow so dh can come.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Andrea - November 24

i love hearing were you all are from
native, I LOVE NEW YORK CITY!!! have you ever been to toronto?
they are so much a like, toronto is like a small new york.

love the multi-culturalism and diversity we have here too.
new york and toronto both offer me great opportunity because i am in show business....i remember the first time i went there - we were driving in from jersery and just as we went over george washington i saw NYC.

i burst out laughing and while tears poured down my face - i was so happy to finally see the city i had dreamed about forever and i have gone back so many times since. haven't been there in over a year - miss it so much!

toronto is great.....but i am so jealos texas, florida, and georgia - we got our first big snow last night! anyone wants me to visit them down there during this canadian winter just let me know (my bags are already packed!!!)...teehee...although i shouldn't complain - i know my canadian sisters in the west get it WAY worse than we do in ontario. :o


Native - November 24

Good Morning to all my sistas......Sorry Andrea-I haven't had the pleasure of visiting Toronto or even Canada. I'm so ashamed of sayng that ??? The bad part is I have family that lives in Quebec (I hope I'm spelling it right). I've traveled to many places, but never had the opportunity to visit Canada. I hear it's so beautiful and clean! I love cleanliness and nature. I think that's why I feel that New York City does not impress so much. If and when you make it back to NYC, give me a call and I could show you around to some of the best places to go. Like a little restaurant called "Serendipity" it has the best frozen hot chocolate you could put your lips to. It was one of Oprah's favorite things. Cute little spot with victorian decor. My email address is [email protected] Also, on the West side highway, there is a place where you can walk on a tight rope and swing (of course there is a safety harness). One of the best experiences I have ever done and believe me I have done quite a bit of things. White-water rafting, mountain climbing, sky diving, skiing, camping, hiking, bungee jumping, making out on the brooklyn bridge with my DH :o.......so many adventures! I wonder why I haven't dropped any of the weight, I mean I'm active and all. That is why I stay clear of provera-I know for a fact that it cause me to gain so much weight. Anyway, life is fun, but sometimes you are given hurdles to jump over ;D I lost sight of that in the last 4 years and if it weren't for the support that I receive from you wonderful women, then I don't know if I could get through it. I told my DH last night, how meaningful and informative this group is. He was very glad for me. My DH is not an emotional person although he was glad for me, he came across dry ??? Sometime I don't undrstand him, but I guess that is what keeps our marriage moving.

Well I know I spilled a lot of info. about me on this board, but I hope that someone can relate.

AND BABY DUST TO YOU ALL........................


Native - November 24

By the way Andrea, I'm so happy for you. You heard the baby's heart beating......that has to be the most exciting and most wonderful feeling in the world :D Keep it going going girl! You and your precious little one are in my prayers for joyous delivery.



Tosha - November 24

Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!

Congratulations Andrea! How exciting for you! I can only imagine what that must feel like! And yes, we get much more snow and cold weather in the west :)

I am testing my new ticker as today is a depressing day. Not only did AF come early but somewhat unexpectedly. I am anxiously awaiting talking to my Doctor Dec. 23rd.

Have a great holiday American Sisters


Andrea - November 24

i will absolutly give you a shout next time i'm down your way - dh love new york too - he came once with me when we first got together - nyc was the place we first said i love you to eachother!!! your right - canada is beautiful - and yes you did spell quebec correctly :)

i love how you give detail - spill away - it's nice to get to know everyone!!!!!

thanks for keeping me and little baby in your prayers - i have my fingers crossed for everyone - waiting for the next success story - baby dust!!!!

Tosha - keep the faith - stay possitive and lean on us whenever you need too!!! we are here for you


Tosha - November 24

Thanks Andrea, it's just one of those days to feel sorry for myself :(


Native - November 24

I find it so romantic that you two expressed the three little magic words to each other in NYC. How more romantic can that be ;) Sounds like something from the movies. Was it at Central Park or on a carriage ride? let me know.


Mahogany Heart - November 24


Thats nice.. Did you know missed periods can cause weight gain?


Are you sure it is a full cycle and you are not spotting? You came entirely to early for a cycle but just on time for implantation bleeding.

I Love My Sister Hood!
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Tosha - November 24

MH - Unfortunately I am sure. I have unbelievable cramps and full force AF. What a lousy day. And DH is coming home tonight to boot. What terrible news for him. We figured this was the month for sure.

Has anyone on this board tried IUI or IVF?



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