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beans - December 2

Good morning everyone,

Lablane - So Sorry to hear about the neg test.
I just switched my fertility dr. too. I wasn't happy with my last dr. The new dr. I'm with now is very nice and I feel as though I can ask her anything no matter how stupid I think the question may sound. I honestly wish she were my dr. from the beginning. I think you should try the other. It's stressful enough just going to the doc, so go to one your comfortable with. Do you want to try IUI? DH? I had IUI several times, although it was unsuccessful, my experience was ok - not many side effects. What type of treatments are you currently doing thru you fertility doc now?

MH – Thanks for the email tip.

Unfortunately, AF came this morning. I’ve been taking Ovulex for one month. Usually my cycle lasts 32+ days. This month only 28 days and my cramps aren’t as severe as usual. I am optimistic and really think Ovulex is doing something good.

We’ll I’m off to start my Christmas Shopping, Les23, I can’t believe you’re finishing up!

Be a great day. Lots of Baby Dust.


Mahogany Heart - December 2


Everything is going to be alright. Have he (DR.) told you in details your problem and I'm sure you have told us maybe I need to reread prior post. We have so many sisters and it is hard to keep up. I'm trying to organize a book or something.


Mahogany Heart - December 2


I like that DH knows he has work to be done. My DH is coming down with something as well.

CIN, ;)

Maybe she erase them. We did not need them here no way. How are you?


You are welcome.


Tosha - December 2

Good Morning Ladies,

I haven't been on in awhile and missed yet more drama. I think the negative posts must have been deleted because I couldn't find them either. Good riddance, we need positive thinking with this issue! Plus it's the holiday season, where is the peace and joy!?

It's almost time for somebody to start a new thread, this is a long one! I am just not technologically advanced enough for that! hehe

I hope everyone is having a Happy TGIF. I have my work Christmas Party tomorrow already. That always signifies I am running behind in the Christmas shopping!



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