Ovulex III
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Mahogany Heart - December 1


Keep the faith!!! We will check more into it.


Sounds more like implantation bleeding. Keep your fingers cross.


Lablane - December 1

You don't have to worry about me I know that we will be expecting too, I can just feel it. Thanks for the encouargement.

We are praying for you that this is great news, but if not there is always next month. We love you and your future baby to be.

Lots of Baby Dust to everyone today!!!!


Mahogany Heart - December 1

One thing I can say about the Sisterhood I have permission to be as noisy as I want to be.


Now DH have been sick is he feeling any better to BD? You are so fertile he can't mess this. You are two days from Ovulation and you better get it going on. We need another Ovulex and green tea story.

I wonder who is next. It is almost like to much to handle. We are on a race with OV.


c - December 1

[/url] >


beans - December 1

Lablane - I didn't tell my fertility doc I was taking Ovulex, when I see her I will ask. I did however discuss it with my primary doc. and he thinks it's ok to take them together. I will do some additional research and keep you posted. When you speak with your dr, please let me know what he thinks.
I want to thank you and MH for your kind words and support. Baby dust to all of us.


Nanci And Dessie - December 1

hey All of a sudden my tickers aren't matching up hum.... Anyway... I read the article you sent MH It makes you sit back and think. Eyes Wide Open..

How it going Amanda?

[size=10]BaBy DuSt !!![/size]


Nanci And Dessie - December 1

[size=10][color=Red]SIT AND SPIN !![/color][/size]

You have a lot of nerve.. What's wrong... Nothin' else to do but be a bit*h... You need to catch a grib..


Mahogany Heart - December 1

Wow Tiffany Ann you are real angry!!! Did the sisterhood do something to upset you? I don't see myself as anyones mother but a coach. we are all here to help one another stay on track. One can post at anytime and talk about there problem of infertilty but to actually try and do something towards it give hope.

Sorry you are having such a hard time with your infertility but hope is still alive and we are here for you as well.


TammieT - December 1

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this site, but I have read all of the bulletins (Ovulex I, II, and now III). I really love the support that you all are giving each other. You ladies are truly amazing and have a rare gift that no one can replace. I hope that everyone keeps up the great spirit and try not to let some foolish outsider (who apparently doesn't have anything better to do than to try and stir up mess), get your hope down.

Love all the support you give each other and people like myself.

MH - Keep up the great work.



WishingandHoping - December 1

MH - I agree...you are a great woman and I really appreciated your verse from yesterday. That is one of my favorites and one that I pray often.

TammieT - welcome! Have you started Ovulex? How long have you been TTC?

Still feeling a little under the weather and not taking any cold medicines just to be safe. Hopefully it will pass soon. Enjoying the weather here as it is nice and cool every day with lots of sunshine. Hope everyone is doing well. :)


Nanci And Dessie - December 1

Sorry ladies Didn't mean to react like that... But just [glow=red,2,300]Hit Me[/glow] the wrong way..


TammieT - December 1

I started taking Ovulex November 6, 2005. My DH and I have been trying for over a year. I'm also doing the green tea and vitamins.


Mahogany Heart - December 1


Its ok this is what we are going to go up against negative things. Now if we were out hurting or doing stupid stuff then I can understand the negative but we are all trying to help one another and accomplish our goal.


sarah soveran - December 1

OMG..... who was that im sorry but she has no write to say things like that to us at all that was sooo rude what did we ever do to her to make her say things like that..

nanci and dessie i think oyu had every write to get angry that was roud what the heck was that


TammieT - December 1

Tiffany Ann,

Seems to me like YOU are the only pathetic, phony person on this site. You really need to grow up. If you can't stand the heat, GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!!!!


TammieT - December 1

I would like to make the pleadge and become a part of this Sisterhood:

I pledge, I Tammie, will not let anyone or anything discourage me nor will I allow myself to become depress or overwhelm with anything or over anybody. I will conquer this Infertility with my head held high! I am the head and not the tail!

I Love My Sister Hood!
Twenty-one Sisters on the Pledge:
Mahogany Heart
Nanci And Dessie
Andrea (Conquered Infertility)
Sarah Soveran
aka Novella
Lablane aka Jessica



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