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Mahogany Heart - November 30

Lablane, Faith76

Ladies you must create your own ticker the Hearts are already in use. It will confuse the Sisterhood. Please change your tickers please.


Lablane - November 30

What about this one?



Faith76 - November 30


Will do....sorry about that! Thanks!!!


Faith76 - November 30

Mh, Is this one okay? Please let me know if not. Thanks!



Mahogany Heart - November 30

Thank you Ladies,

Tickers you have now were other sisters but they change them so I guess its ok not sure. Everyone have their own ticker and that makes us all unique and I'm able to tell one another apart when posting. I will learn you by your ticker as well and it keeps me update on your process as well as your progress.


Mahogany Heart - November 30

My ticker is telling me I OV in 3 days but I have ewcm.


Lablane - November 30

I don't mean to sound stupid but since I just started having normal cycles on Clomid not really sure. That comes after ovulation? If so usually how long after?


Lablane - November 30

Correction : Ovulex. I'm tired don't no where my mind is.


Mahogany Heart - November 30


Ok when I was Clomid it only stayed in my system for three months after that. I came on regular for three months straight. Then it went back to where is AF? Ovulation comes 14 days after your last period they say.

When I started Ovulex I hadn't seen my cycle as yet for over 130 then I went to the Doctor and he put me back on provera to jump started my cycle.

When I got pregnant last year I took clomid everyother month because I did not like the side effects.


Debbie - November 30

Lablane, did you have irregular periods before taking ovulex? If so how irregular were they and how long after you starting ovulex did they regularize?

Baby dust everyone!



Lablane - November 30

I have always been very irregular sometimes 28 days, 45, 54, 62 except when I was on the pill. Clomid couldn't straigthen me out all it did was make me have bad side effects. I have been on Ovulex for about 4 months now and things seem to be balancing out.



Mahogany Heart - November 30

Sisters please check your email I sent you something. If you are on the pledge and I did not send you the email Sublect: "Here It Is" that mean I don't have your email address.

I Love My Sister Hood!
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Faith76 - November 30


I received your emails, thanks-a-1,000,000! The additional information helps in this quest to conceive.

Since my Ovulex order didn't arrive yet, I'm preparing myself for when it does. Are you or anyone else out there taking prenatal or some other vitamin with your Ovulex? I read that some ladies are taking vitamins and some green tea. I plan to use green tea also, but as for the vitamins, I don't know which one to use. Please help!


Lablane - November 30

I am using prenatal vitamins and 400mg folic acid also. Not sure if this helps.


Mahogany Heart - November 30

Alot of us are on prenatal and folic acid.


Debbie - November 30

And green tea.



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