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Les23 - November 22

I thought we could start a new thread again the other one is getting so long.


Les23 - November 22

MH I did watch Vegas. I know what you mean about Monica. I was telling Dave last night that I did not like Monica and that the show is starting to go south since she is in it. And then she flew off the roof!! I do not care how she left the show as long as she left. She is a major B. Danny was her puppet or she was wanting him to be. I love that show!! The only thing that bothers me about any other characters is that Mary's boobs are always ready to pop out of everything she is wearing. But she is sweet so she makes up for it with her personality.

Okay here is the question. Like I stated before about his cousin. He is in the military and he was married to this tramp that had 2 kids already and they had one together. Well that is not a problem. But they were living on base in Kansas and then he was shipped off to Iraq and and when he came home he found out that she had slept with everyone on the base basically and that she was now a stripper in the local strip club. So they got divorced about a year ago. We none liked her she was a mean little witch to all of us. Well now he is remarried to a lovely lady they got married in June. Well they are expecting their first boy next month, henze why they got married. Well anyway ever since Dave and I have been together we have always said that we wanted to name our first born child Logan after DH and his grandpa on his mother side. Well now Cousin and Wife want to name their baby Logan. We just found out about this because they had said something to DH brother and Tom told him that Dave and I were going to name ours Logan. They whole family knows we have been trying for a long time and that the first was going to be Logan boy or girl. Well they have all said something to them about this to which I am thinking that they would not use that name. Well last month we were all together and she came up to me and asked if it was okay if they used the name since we were not prego and they were, she said she did not want to put a bee in my bonnet. Well I asked why they wanted to use it because this cousin is no kin to Dave's grandpa because he is on the DH's dad's side of the family. She said it was the only name they can agree on. I told her that if she could not agree on another name out of the BILLIONS of names out there then go ahead and use it. This really upsets me. Just because ever girl Brett comes into contact with gets prego by looking at him does not mean they should get everything. As of just last week they were still using the name. I am super pissed and so is DH. What should we do? Am I being stupid?


Tosha - November 22

Hi Les23,

I read the posts and I have moved over to the new board! I don't watch Medium or Vegas... I love Alias and LOST so I can't comment there, but I do have comments on your other paragraph.

I do NOT think one bit that you are being selfish or stupid over them choosing/stealing Logan away from you! I am VERY much like you and it would drive me insane! I've heard of people stealing baby names before which is why I have never told a single soul what I would name my children.

My BIL had always said he wanted to name his son "Jagger" (to each their own I guess! hehe). Anyways, his cousin named their first born that! Granted BIL is not married and has nobody pregnant, but they still stole his name! He has been furious ever since. It's not a common name and yet they stole it!

I think you should be honest with them and tell them that you would hope they can pick another name out of the millions of names out there. If you don't, it will forever be a cause of conflict and you will regret not telling them your honest opinion. Trust me on this one, you have to tell them. You won't want to look at their baby and be thinking negative thoughts.

I hope this helps. Good luck Les23!


cin - November 22

No I don't think you are Les23 and especially since it is already TOUCHY SUBJCT!! I would speak with them both and just let them know how yall feel. It doesn't matter if you all arn't preg YET but it just means that much more to you both if and when you are!! Plus that is kinds SHISTY of any one to take a name that you had already announced... my opinion atleast...
Just talk with them, they should understand!!


Les23 - November 22

Well I think you are both right. I just wish we would not have said anything but when we were talking about it we were the only ones in the family that were married and thinking of kids.
I guess it hurts more because they know that we have been trying and that we had the name. You would think if you told someone what you wanted to name your child they would think of a different one. I can not get over it.
It is hard to say anything to anyone in DH family. They are so stupid sometimes. Everything is always kept hush hush and then nothing ever gets fixed. I already told Lauren I wanted to use the name I think that the DH should talk to Brett. It is his cousin and I have never made him do anything like that in my family. When something needed to be said I said it in my family so I think it is time for DH to do the same with his family.
I was so mad!!! I still am!!
I was like listen you little B i liked you until right now!!! She has not even known her husband for a year yet has not been part of the family for even 6 months yet and she is stealing my name!!! I have been around for over 6 years and married into it for 5 so it is time for her to back off!! She is lucky she is prego or I would have to kick her little A$$!!!!!! HEHE


Debbie - November 22

Hi ladies, I'm Debbie. I've been reading your discussion boards for some time and I should say I'm very impressed with your strong faith and the support that you give each other. I am sailing in the same boat as you guys and would love to be a part of the sisterhood and the pledge :)

My history -- I'm 25, DH is 28 & we've been ttc since 4 months only but ever since I started getting my AF they were erratic & regularly irregular. I'm 67 days late and can't predict when I can expect anything. My OB/GYN recommended Clomid but I wanted to correct this the natural way.
So, I ordered my Ovulex after reading your posts and I'm waiting for it to arrive (hopefully tomorrow).

Will post again tomorrow.

Bye now & Baby Dust to you all.


Andrea - November 22

les23, LOVED medium last night - sent dh to the convienience store to get the toronto sun (had the 3d glasses) at like 5 mins. to 9 and they were all out - he did bring me candy though!!!

ok about the name thing....evil evil evil...who steals someones favorite name???
ESPECIALLY if they know your ttc with some difficulty - that is soooooo wrong.
you'd better give those name stealers an earful this weekend before it's too late....at least your name "Logan" has special meaning (and by the way LOVE IT, for a girl or boy)...and they just want it because they can't agree....what kinda crap is that?

hey if they won't listen to you jsut give them my phone # - i'm full of enough preg hormones right now to scare the boogy man himself.


Mahogany Heart - November 22

Love the new board. Will comment on Les23 name thing. Same thing almost happen in my family with same name Logan, WOW!!! This is a small world. On my way to work..

Hugs and Love


Les23 - November 22

Welcome Debbie glad to have you.
Andrea - thanks so much for the offer i may be sending her your way just for that fact that they fight may be fair between two pregnant people!!!!
MH - well this name must be more popular than i thought.
Really this is crap and DH will be saying something to Brett!


sarah soveran - November 22

hey les23 honestly in my opinion they are being a little rude only because they know how hard it is for you to get pregnant and the fact that they are they can take the name you have chosen for your little one i find it a little weird how like you said there are millions of names out there and they chose the only one you have ever wanted its kinda like there rubbing it in your face but i think that you should just sit donw and tell them how much it really means to you. by the way very cute name especially for a girl :D


Les23 - November 22

Thanks for all the compliments on the name yah all. I really like it for a girl the most but it would be fine for a boy too.
Saturday when we got home Dh and I were trying to figure out what remodeling we are wanting to do now in the house. I know we are going to be building new decks this spring. But when we moved it the first floor was 3 huge bedrooms. 28 x 14 each of them and then there was a bathroom. In the basement there is a kitchen bathroom 2 bedrooms, laundry room, furnace room and a living room. It was originally a basement home and then they built the first floor and made it just huge ass bedrooms. Well we knocked one wall out upstairs and made it a living room it has a fire place and we kept one of the bedrooms upstairs as our bedroom and then the other bedroom is where DH sister is currently staying in. Well we want to knock out the walls of that bedroom and make it a kitchen and dining room. The living room right now is 28x14 which is nice but we only use half of it because we have the tv in a little area next to the fireplace so we are facing the fire place and tv when sitting up there. I hate the basement. it is completely finished but there are hardly and windows except for the walk out sliding doors so it is always dark down there. the upstairs is so much lighter. well i told DH that i do not feel right having the baby's bedroom down stairs. so we decided to build a wall to seperate the living room in half and make one half the baby's room and the other the living room. also i did not like the idea of having the baby upstairs and having to go up and down the stairs to the basement to get to the kitchen. so that is why we are going to be moving the kitchen. so we are making plans for baby LOGAN when ever he or she arrives. it makes me feel like it is not going to be long now.


Mahogany Heart - November 22

Ok I'm going try this before I leave. I have two cousins we are all like second cousin. We are all born of first cousins. Well our Great Grandfather Logan was a Mulatto and we are on the African American side I guest my name tells it all. Well anyway. One of the cousin was pregnant and she said she was naming her child rather its a girl or boy, Logan. Well the other cousin got wind of it from her grandmother because they are still living and they are sisters, offspring of Logan. My grandmother from Logan was murder by my mom's sister's daddy. Well anyway. The other cousin who was not pregnant as yet but was upset and called the other cousin and told her not to name her baby Logan because she was married now and when she get pregnant she would name her first child that. Now all this happen in 2000 or 2001 any way the cousin who was married but not yet pregnant did not have her first kid until this year and she had twin boys. The other cousin who had her baby in 2000 or 2001 name her little girl any way Logan. Do I have a moral to this story? No but what I could say is these cousins never really talked to each other, even when they were going to the same college. There was no communication until one founded out the other was naming her child Logan and she called to confront her about the name. Now if they had knew of that in the beginning then I could see it being a problem. I not sure what the twins name are. Logan must be a very powerful name because it can tear a family apart.


sarah soveran - November 22

hey ladies boy am i sad i keep watching those baby stories on tv and they are sooo amazing it just makes me think more about how it would be for me

andrea hey gurl when you go to your do to get and ultra sound you should show me the pic im sure all of us would love to see the baby you will have..

hey guys did you know that they say when you are on ovulex if you are to get pregnant that most babies turn out to be more strong and smart kinda like faster to learn things faster then women who have babies on a regular term


Les23 - November 22

Sara - where did you hear that about the Ovulex?

MH - wow your family is as bad as mine. Although no murdering has happened. "Yet"
Well everyone says to just use it anyways. It would not be a problem if they were never going to be around of if we all were not that close. But it is a close net family and they will be coming home when he finishes in the Army. But who knows when that will be.


WishingandHoping - November 22

Wow!! Lots going on today!!

Sarah - would love to know where you read that about Ovelux too.

Also someone asked on the previous thread how long you should drink the green tea? Any thoughts Andrea? Thanks.

My sister was laughing at me last night as I was trying to drink every last bit of it. :P

Anyways, Les23 definitely share your feelings. It will be worth it in the end.

Tosha - My DH and I love Alias and Lost. I am also a reality TV nut. Gotta love it!!

Hope everyone is having a great day! ;)


sarah soveran - November 22


it was on the old site of ovulex at the bottem of it it said that babies are more likely to become strong and healthy then the usuall mother who gets pregnant but who knows write maybe they just want lots of people to buy the product but they say it was proven by mothers who have become pregnant that they said there babies learned to walk talk and respond then the averege baby have you guys heard anything like this or read something simular............ but i gotta go to work now

hey i have ??? does it matter how much green tea you are drinking like i mean do you have to drink it everyday twice a day or what


Debbie - November 22

Hi all,

I've read that taking multi vitamins helps a lot while ttc. Especially, one with B complex, vitamins C & E and minerals like iron, selenium, calcium & of course folic acid. I'm taking GNC's UltraMega for women (it has green tea extract too).
Also, omega 3 fatty acids are recommended. I got that too at GNC. Sometimes the reason can be some deficiencies due to inadequate nutrition especially for vegetarians like me.

I don't know if u r already taking all these but just thought I'd share what I know.




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