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garffan - November 12

Thank you so much Amanda.. I will also pray for you and that your wish may come true as well..


Andrea - November 12

hi everyone.
happy thanksgiving to my american sisters!!!!
(we canadians had ours already)
so my weekend will be busy our santa clause parade is this weekend and it's a night time glow in the dark themed parade!!! i have my daughter 8, nephew 6 and neice 18 months. i love seeing dh around babies!
going to take a hpt on monday (will have been 12 days past ovulation). hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!!

mahogany, how are you feeling? think af is coming?


garffan - November 12

Hello Andrea,
Well Happy Thanksgiving(late) Good luck 0n hpt....
may Baby Dust fall upon you :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


sarah soveran - November 12

hey there my ladies hows everyone doing today i just wanted to say hi and say im having a great day no a/f yet but im still waiting never no whats going on with my bodie


Amanda - November 12

Is anyone here still getting milky white cm around time of af or a few days before? Does that mean I could be ovulating later than usual. I don't have any o testers so yeah :P I am also having lower back aches. I never had this right before or during af it is usually dry ::)


sarah soveran - November 13


hey there well with me i have the same its like milky white and im not sure if that tell me im ovulating or not really i do need to know more hahaha cause i could be missing my oportunity sooner then i think you know well i guess ill have to by things thats will tell me but i gotta go to sleep gotta move in the morning later gals

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Tosha - November 13

Hello Ladies,

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! When my DH came home from out of town we decided to head up to the lake for the long week-end. Turned out great actually because of my CBFM readings, I peaked both days he was home this week-end! I noticed big differences with Ovulex and/or the green tea. Much, much more CM and mild cramping. I am hoping that is a good sign!

I generally take my Ovulex at 7am and 7pm although I have deviated from that sometimes depending on the circumstances. Now I guess it just a waiting game (yet again). We went to DH's Mom's for dinner and got the baby pressure big time. Avoided it as much as possible but man that is getting beyond buggy.

Good luck taking your test tomorrow Andrea!

Mahogany, I sure do hope you had your chance to shine!

What wonderful Christmas gifts we all pray for....

Baby Dust to everyone...


sarah soveran - November 14

hey everyone wow i just finished moving most of my stuuf into our new place wich was so hard ughh!! gotta hate moving yesturday i found out my friend is pregnant she is 5 months and its a girl :) :D :) :D im soooo happy for her i really am and like to hours when i went into work i found out one of the guys at work his wife is pregnant wow i cant believe it im soo happy for them you know.. its been really hard for me and my bf to get close lately because of all this work we have to do but ill get back to you ladies later!!!!!!


Mahogany Heart - November 14


I'm feeling ok. I'm not having any symptoms of AF but she will be on tomorrow like clock work due to the Provera. Now if she doesn't come on I must go see my Doctor ASAP.


Well my charting told me I OV November 7, 2005 but I'm not sure. I will know tomorrow if I'm you know what or not because of AF. She should be here no later then 10:00am in the morning because of the time I took my Provera. When I take it at 6:00pm she comes five days later no later then 2:30pm. I know it may sound strange to some of you but I'm on top of this thing. I would have my fertiles laughing and they would call me when the time came. I'm so on top of this thing. Now a couple of days on the Provera I was late so that may have AF timing off. I will let you all know. She is do to arrive no earlier and no later than November 14, 2005.

I Love My Sister Hood.
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AMANDa - November 14

Sore bbs with stinging nipples and dark brown spots on areola.
not much cramping AF anymore
Late AF with increased cm
thought for sure AF was coming 2 days ago had very bad cramps and felt wet, checked and only discharge
Only 4 more days until I decide to test, I don't want to be let down


AMANDa - November 14

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tta - November 14

hello all
happy new week to everyone
i felt bad when MH said i wasn't keeping in touch enough: so very sorry about it 'cos i know it is true and i will try to be a better sister now
so to answer the questions:

1.) How long is your cycle; 27, 28, 32 or 40 days? 27 days

2.) What type of supplement of fertility pills you were taking? clomid 100mg, omega-3, evening primrose oil

3.) Did you take any prenatal vitamins and or folic acid? prenatal multivits (once in a while- the pills are horse sized and you need to take 4 hah!) and folic acid about 4 small tablets

4.) How was your stress level the week before and the week of OV? i am expecting to ov this week and i will say i'm not realy stressed if you say thinking about tttcing is not stress. but sice morning i have been having twinging cramp pains so..

5.) If you had any pain like headaches, cramps or any type of pain that you had to take a pain reliever for what type of pain reliever did you take? for af i take felvin and paracetamol but at any other time i sleep through it (i know someone who took a very common drug that you would think had no effect and she miscarried at 10 weeks so since then i have been scared)

6.) Your BD pattern, was it every other day or every day? well we started yesterday and we will see if we can hold it up every other day else we do it every two days

7.) Did you drink green tea and if so which one decaf or caffeine? no i couldn't get it but i am taking grapes

8.) How was your caffeine intake the week before, of and after OV? i do't take coffee

9.) Do you a tilted (tipped) uterus? i used to but last month i got it but to anteverted by my doctor after he did a procedure to check if my tubes were open.

so i hope this helps.
thanks so much and yes i like th eticker stuff will get on it soon
have a lovely day


Andrea - November 14

morning everyone ;D

amanda how are you feeling? symptoms wise?

well i am 12 days past ovulaiton and was going to test first thing this morning, but i had to go to the loo so bad that i didn't have time to get out a hpt

i heard that waiting 4 hours before testing is just as good as using first morning urine. anyone know???


tta - November 14

fingers crossed for you Andrea
let us know how it goes: i pray you get a BFP that will be a big booster



Mahogany Heart - November 14

Well my Sister Hood,

AF is spotting she should be here full visit before long. So went on and changed my Ticker. I'm so excited! I'm just waiting for her to come on full visit.


cin - November 14

good morning all,
MH i did not take test this wknd cuz i thought i would start today! but still nothing :(
HOWEVER does it mean anything that I have CM as of right now? i guess i will be starting like any day now??? guess i nvr paid much attention to any of the signs..



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