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Mahogany Heart - November 21


You did it girl!!! Your Ticker is pretty.


Thank you for your beauty ticker 5 weeks pregnant. Good luck on your new car. Let us know when you tell the family. I so glad that we were the first to know. That makes our Sister Hood stronger. Wow what a Bond we have.


Seem like you are having problems as well with your ticker.
Are you still have problems putting your ticker on. You have to cut and past the link from the BOX. do not cut and paste (Fertility Friend's Circles, phpBB, Invision Power Board, vBulletin...) onlly the link from it in the BOX under it.
Then cut and paste it into your Profile BOX that reads
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Mahogany Heart - November 21

TTA and Garffan,

Are you guys ticker in the right place?


AF has completely left for out of town it seems to be. Last night I had a mug of green tea. Tonight I will as well. You know what I have done everyone personal summary who have email me their questionnaire expect my own. lol. Alright I'm going to mess around here and miss OV. Let me do my own then I will share it with all of you.

Hugs and Love
Keep the Faith!!!
I Love My Sister Hood.
Thirteen Sisters on the Pledge:
Mahogany Heart
Nanci And Dessie
Andrea(Conquered Infertility)
Sarah Soveran


cin - November 21

Thx MH for the new thread, it appears that there are not to many similiar situations on this forum for me to relate to. Though we are all trying to achieve the same goal, for me understanding and knowing excactly what is wrong is somewhat a relief but on same note bit stressful knowing a decision has to be made to reach my GOAL of being a mother (surgery to reconstruct my tubes or simply IVF). Just know ladies that if it doesn't happen for you within a reasonable amount of time you have to do more extensive research to understand your problem before AGE becomes another factor of delaying your process also keep in mind that adoption is another OPTION. Wish u all best of luck xxxxxxxxcin


Mahogany Heart - November 21

You are welcome Cin,

I can't give up now and non of us are going to give up. What does the xxxxxxxxcin mean?

Hugs and Love
Mahogany Heart


cin - November 21

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo > hugs n kisses
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > many hugs


Mahogany Heart - November 21

Ok we miss u Girl.


Tosha - November 21

Hello everyone!

Man there was a lot to read through over the week-end! Welcome to everyone who is new here!

Sara, have you tested yet? We are hardly waiting to hear!

Nothing too new with me. DH left back for out of town last night after a busy week-end with family. I am hoping this week will be slower!

Talk to you all soon!


Mahogany Heart - November 21


Hope you got a chance to enjoy DH and BD. How is your CM?

You know I was wondering about that question how often do you ask anyone how is their CM? With ttc you ask that question.


waiting4ababy - November 21

Good morning everyone!! How are we today? I am realxed and well rested due to taking off the entire week. Woohoo!!! Yes MH I recieved it Saturday morning and took the first pill yesterday morning, and I took my 3rd pill this morning. I am feeling a little crampy for some reason maybe its doing its job who knows? Just waiting to see what the miracle drug has instore. Luckily I don't need an help with it bring my period on because every 30 days aunt flo flies on in...lol. Hopefully Ovulex will ground that flight for all of us. Cheers everyone!!! Have a beautiful day at least we are alive!!


Mahogany Heart - November 21


I so glad you receive it. Don't forget your green tea.


Mahogany Heart - November 21

[size=4]Ladies you need to try and chart as well because that will tell you if you are pregnant also by your temp. I know its hard but it helps calculate your OV and let you know other things. We must cover all grounds. Its getting ready to be a race for the Egg!!![/size]


waiting4ababy - November 21

yes I drank a cup yesterday after searching through my cupboards and I found a 3 pack so I have enough to drink today I have to go out and get more by tomorrow. I hear what you all are saying about the taste. Not really a sit down and enjoy tea is it. hahaha. Oh well the measures that one take are amazing.


Mahogany Heart - November 21

I know what my other Sisters are saying but when DH makes it it taste good to me. He puts the right measure of sugar. Not to sweet not bad but just right. Maybe its a mind thing because when he is making it he thinks about his future baby. I will be back after 5:00pm.


sarah soveran - November 21

well ladies i tested today and it says i am ovulating but i didnt appear to be to certain but i guess we can try. :D so i gotta got o work then wheni get home lol ;D im feeling much better now then i did yesturday but i gotta get ready for work just going to drink some green tea then i off!!!!!

hope you ladies are all doing well :D


Nanci And Dessie - November 21

Hi Ladies, Welcome to all the new ladies.. Well I went and got my green tea and an OV testing kit. Took a test today and I should be Ov'ing in a couple of days.. I'm so excited.... How are you all doing... Sarah- BD ! BD!
Baby Dust To Everyone !!!


Mahogany Heart - November 21


When we were talking about testing we were talking about a Pregnancy Test not a Ovulation Test. You are late on your cycle from what your ticker is saying. So we thought that it would be time for you to take a Pregnancy test.

Hugs and Love



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