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WishingandHoping - November 19

Like Sarah I went out and bought my green tea today. I couldn't find Lipton decaf so I bought another decaf brand, but made sure that it had the least amount of caffenine compared to the others on the market.

I just finished my first glass and the taste wasn't great. With each gulp I kept telling myself if it will help me conceive, I will do anything. ;) Does anyone know if you can do the flavored green teas? Thanks.

Hope everyone is enjoying a great weekend. We are off to a progressive dinner with a bunch of other couples. Mexican themed. Should be good. :D


Andrea - November 20

hi everyone - thanks for asking how i'm doing!!!

i feel ok but oh my goodness i am a bundle of rage...my emotions are so out of control.....dh is going nuts i'm sure - but he is so patient. well i guess this means my hormone levels are rising!!!

looks like we are coming up on a crucial time for so many sisters right now - ovulating/ending the 2 week wait....so exciting waiting for our next ovulex/green tea success!!!

and...for those where they might know me from....
i was on;
road to avonlea(u canadian girls know that ol' show!!!) and commercials


Mahogany Heart - November 20

Wow everyone went out and brought their decaf green tea. So did I.

You know Ladies you can sweeten it. My DH made my mugs last year and they were nice. He will also make it for me this time around.


This is for you http://lilypie.com/create_baby_days.php

Love and hugs


garffan - November 20

Sarah, The best green tea to buy is Celestial Seasonings Authentic green tea. to me it has the best taste. Also does anyone else have a little bit of cramping on the ovulex? I have had mild cramping for the last 2 days. Hope all is well with my sisterhood..
Baby Dust to us all :) :D ;D 8) ::) :P :) ;) :D ;D :o 8)[glow=red,2,300]TEXT[/glow] ::) :P :) ;) :D ;D :D ;) :) >:( :( :)


sarah soveran - November 20

hey there my ladies yah this green tea is not the best but like you guys anything will do if it helps us yay it really not that bad i was thinking way worse then it was lol :D but yah im gonna go buy some more of it try better tasting ones and so on us sisters are so very strong i just know our faith will keep us hoping i just know it we deserve it baby dust to my gurls :D good night and good luck yo you all


Mahogany Heart - November 20


In a earlier posting I said that I cramped not even a week while on Ovulex. Page 13

4. The most important thing is when I went to my Dr. he told me I did not have any cysts on my ovaries and I always have cysts when my cycle is in delayed from coming on. That is why I believe I was cramping within the first week of Ovulex. I believe the Ovulex removed them just like Clomid does.

I believe it is a good sign from Ovulex.

Also I see that you are trying to use some of the different graphics.

when you click on one you get this [ glow = red , 2,300 ]TEXT [ / glow ] minus the spaces.

You then have to put what you want to glow where the is TEXT.
[ glow = red , 2,300 ] Make sure you have no spaces and then you get it. Garffan, that is how it worksbut don't forget to delete the word TEXT [ / glow ]

[glow=red,2,300]Make sure you have no spaces and then you get it. Garffan, that is how it works.[/glow]

As for your Ticker you have to cut and paste the bbCode:
(Fertility Friend's Circles, phpBB, Invision Power Board, vBulletin...)

into your Profile
Signatures are displayed at the bottom of each post or instant message. YaBBC code may be be used in your signature.

There you will have it. Anytime you use the graphics you must put what you have typed into the middle like bigs words
[ size = 4 ] [ / size ] minus the spaces.

You can change the number and cut and paste what you want big between the 4] [/ close in the space.


You can also change the the color of big words with what ever formula you like. You just have to play with it.
[ color = Green ] [ size = 4 ] Garffan [ / size ] [ / color ]
minus the spaces. The reason I'm putting the spaces to show you how it looks with out it changing the effect.


You also make the Green color big word move.

[ move ] [ color = Green ] [ size = 4 ] Garffan [ / size ] [ / color ] [ / move ] minus the spaces.


if you did not like the color you can type over what ever color you like. I also learned a little more but I would take the rest of the pages.

That was 101 Graphics.

Love and Hugs
Keep the Faith!!!


Mahogany Heart - November 20

[color=rainbow][size=4][glow=rainbow,2,300]Keep the Faith!!!
I Love My Sister Hood.
Thirteen Sisters on the Pledge:
Keep the Faith!!!
I Love My Sister Hood.
Thirteen Sisters on the Pledge:[/glow][/size][/color]
[move][glow=green,2,300]Mahogany Heart[/glow][/move]

[glow=yellow,2,300]Nanci And Dessie[/glow]


[glow=pink,2,300]Andrea(Conquered Infertility)[/glow]

[glow=navy,2,300]Sarah Soveran[/glow]



Native - November 20

Good morning to my Sistas,

Again to Andrea congratulations......

I brought the regular kind and the mandarin orange passion fruit both from lipton. In live in New York the testing capital of the world, so I have access to so many different varieties from so many differrent countries. I walked into the grocery store and there was a whole half an aisle dedicated to green tea. It's crazy! So I kept it simple and purchased lipton. Good luck!


Native - November 20

Nanci and Dessie- you and your DH look so cute together! It's great to put a face to a name. Sending baby dust to you!


Native - November 20

MH- thanks girl for the card that you sent me! You are more than thoughtful and kind. Sending major baby dust to you........


Native - November 20

MH- I decided not to go on provera anymore. I have gained to much weight while on it. I just can't stop eating. I also found out that provera is also used on patients who suffer from anorexia. I'm taking my chances with the Ovulex. I'm very patient! I waited 13 years, a few more months won't hurt me.


Mahogany Heart - November 20


You are welcome for the E-card.

I know how you feel about the Provera but I had to jump start it again and maybe I will not need to jump start it never again after this time. I took the Provera for 5 days and like clock work AF visit. You and I are so much alike. I remember when I was CD 101. I could not take it anymore and beside I purchase the charting site and I only purchased three months and at the rate of my cycle at CD 137 I wasn't getting any where. Trust me I did not want to do it again but I went on ahead. The only thing about me is that my cycle last for 8 days. When I was on Clomid my cycle would be 5 days only.

Baby Dust to All!!!

Keep the Faith!!!
I Love My Sister Hood.
Thirteen Sisters on the Pledge:
Mahogany Heart
Nanci And Dessie
Andrea(Conquered Infertility)
Sarah Soveran


WishingandHoping - November 20

Thanks for the advice everyone. I am drinking my second cup of green tea and it seems that I get more and more used to it with every sip.

Sorry about the emotional roller coaster you are on Andrea. Some of my friends are that way too. At least you have a husband that understands and will stick it out with you. ;)

Native - thanks for the advice on the flavors. When I run out of this one I might just try a new flavor.

Hope everyones weekend is going well. We have fun at our dinner last night. Lots of food. Getting ready for another week. Have a great evening everyone. ;D


waiting4ababy - November 20

hello everyone!! I have been reading your posts for awhile now and have just been waiting for my ovulex to arrive till I got in on the conversation! Well here is my story! My hubby and I have been trying to conceive for 5 years now. Wow time really flys by.... anyways we decided last year that it was time to get with the good old fertility doc. So we did and our first step was the clomid combined with IUI's. Well after 4 cycles of negative results we were like nope, no thanks cannot handle anymore disappointment being that we were thinking about going to 6 with that. So we talked further with the doc and he said next step IVF. So after thinking about it we said hey why not lets get the funds going and just do it we want to start our life.....so in June of this year we did it. It was a successful egg retrieval I think all together they collect 21 eggs from me. So that evening they put the sperm and the eggs in the dish to get to know each other.....well they decided they were not interested. So the next morning I answered the phone expecting to hear the wonderful news about how many of our babies were growing and instead she told me that none of them fertilized. WOW!! I was blown away. So they said we can save the sperm and do icsi which is putting the sperm in the egg for another 1700 bucks. But here I have eggs that missed that precious vital time that they needed. But of course after the long hard process we excepted. They did it and the eggs just came out okay after that point they put them back in my uterus and the 2 week wait was hell but the negative phone call was heart breaking but in away expected after that first morning call that I received to let me know they didn't fertilize, that was really what broke the ice. So now I am scared to spend another 12,000 grand but I am also worried about my body cause all those drugs are so very hard on your body you know! But the crazy thing is its still all undetermined infertility. My eggs are like top notch my uterus is crystal and my husband has like billions of sperm explain that. Anyways so I am here doing the natural stuff getting everything out of my mind and just letting nature take over I think my mind and stressing out has really blocked my from becoming pg. So ovulex is hopefully gonna be an added bonus for me. I am really looking forward to talking with all you girls this site has defiantly pumped me up!


waiting4ababy - November 20

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waiting4ababy - November 20

try this again

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