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kotkot005 - November 23

hey girls.
i have been to this website several times. last week i recieved by pack of three month supply of ovulex, i want to give it atry since clomid didnt work for me . i have been on clomid for 13 seperate cycles, one of them successed but ended with a miscarriage.
i did a lap last Oct. wich revealed that everything is normal except assuring being diagnosed with PCOS.
well.. my friend's fiance works in USA and he sent me the pack last week. i am really determinate to give it a try since my next step will be injectables. i am looking for buddies who started ovulex recently. any advices will help also.
wish you all the best ;D


moosha21 - November 26

welcome kotkot I'm getting ready to start my second bottle of ovulex I'm hoping this work I also bought fertiltea I heard that's suppose to help too and then i ran across this website that has this clinically proven herb call fertil xx if ovulex don't work this month then i'm a try that but anyway good luck!



kotkot005 - November 26

hi ashely wish you all the luck on your second bottle... well i am on CD6. i suffered from the nuesa the couple first days which is completly gone by now. so tell me.. have you been diagnosed with something specific?
since when have you been trying?
me myself, i have been trying for almost two years now and i have been on several cycles of clomid .. one of them was successful but ended with an early miscarriage.
i did all the procedures such as hsg and lap. which revealed that everything is allright except the fact that i have PCOS.
wish you all the luck


moosha21 - November 26

no i haven't been diagnosed with anything yet but i do have an appt to make sure nothing is wrong because I never been pregnant before and that got me worried and i've been trying for two yrs. and nothing not even a scare so i'm starting to wonder if i ovulate.


ness319 - November 30

Hello ladies,

I have been using Fertile XX, which has the some of the same herbs that are in Ovulex, for the past two months and I have actually seen a difference in my monthly cycle. I developed a hormonal imbalance which created me to have a Luteal Phase Defficiency. (Low Progesterone and spotting) and thereby I am unable to get my embryo to implant. Well this month, my Luteal Phase got extended by two days. I have been spotting from 8-9 dpo and now I just spotted this morning which is 11 dpo. So I am so happy that I have found something that is actually working!!!! Much baby dust to you all!!!!!


kotkot005 - December 11

hi there ...it is nice ness how ovulex is improving your cycle:) for me it is CD22 and nothinbg's unusal.
i have always have normal cycles .. the weird thing is that i have PCOS, i really do not have strong symptoms of PCOS .. only the infertility thing . i am slim , no facial hair and just have my period on time (anovulatory cycls) as my dr. confirmed to me.
i do not know what ovulex will do for me since i have a pretty normal cycles. but that's what iam determinat to try right up the moment.
i wish you all the best.
baby dust



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