Ovulex and PCOS
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Chrystal - March 30

Please someone help me....I'm at my wits end. I've read alot of posts from women who have PCOS and are taking Ovulex and all of them say that the Ovulex made them start AF. I will be starting my second bottle tomorrow night and I still haven't seen AF, I can't even be sure that I've O'd. I am beginning to think that this Ovulex isn't going to work for me, but I can't afford anything else. Someone please respond......

Love and Baby Dust,


touchoflove - April 4

I also have PCOS and started taking ovulex on 2/28 and I haven't seen my pd yet take a hpt and it was negative and I still have a little cramping on my rt side but no pd
and I also order another bottle of ovulex my husband want me to try to take the hpt again because it was to early to take I will see this week again, if no pd by 4/22 I too will not take ovulex and start back on the metformin at least I will have a pd


Luellie - April 30

Hi Ladies, I also have PCOS, i was diagnosed about a year ago, but I think i've had it for many years. I started Ovulex Wed 4/25 and started AF Friday 4/27, which I'm very excited about because I missed AF last month, and AF this month is just crazy, very heavy.
I know how frustrating it is, I think i've probably taken over 100 EPT test, but i'm positive about Ovulex.

Stay positive ya'll.


mommywanaB - June 11

I was diagnosed earlier this year with PCOS, I have been doing alot of research about different methods to try and concieve. i just ran across the website for Ovulex today and came across this site. Has anyone heard of anyone actually concieving due to Ovulex? I am currently on Metformin and haven't even gotten a period. I have an appt. with an OB next month to discuss my options, but if people swear by this drug, why not right? If you guys know of this actually working, please let me know. Email"

[email protected]


kbla87 - June 21

I was diagnosed in Nov 04 with PCOS after about four years of my mom trying to tell my doctors I had it and none of them would officially diagnose me.

I got married in May 05, been TTC ever since. No luck. Periods VERY irregular w/out BC. Haven't tried much because of having no insurance. Finally got insurance in April...losing it in two weeks because of job change. I just don't know what to do anymore...all my friends are pregnant or have kids. I want a baby of my own and although my DH wanted to wait when we first got married, he wants one now, too!

I just want to know what has worked for other women who have PCOS. Support of those who know what is going on is such a necessity...family is supportive, but don't know first hand. Had my sister tell me she knows how I feel...with my two beautiful neices (that she had no problem conceiving) standing right there. Made me so mad!

Thanks for listening...need to rant sometimes!




Yukon Queen - June 21

My dear Kbla87,you are not alone,was diagnosed the same yr as you.Been ttc for 2 yrs , am just trying ovulex after using clomid for 3 cycles,my af is irregular too.
Will go back to my dr any time,he already told me to do some blood work again.
It s a tiring experience but we dont have to give up,God will make our dreams come thru.
You may have to try ovulex,it works cos there have been marvelous testmonies about it and that s why am using it.
Its well.


Luellie - June 22

Hi ya'll. I was diagnosed with PCOS on 4/06 and have been ttc before then. I took prednisone for about 6 months and no luck, and now i'm trying Ovulex. My AF's are also irregular, I get AF about 10 times a year, which isn't too bad. I am also overweight which can cause PCOS? I've read that by losing weight, you can increase your chances of getting PG having PCOS, so i've lost weight, but i'm still trying.
I have an appt with my Endocrinologist on July 9th, maybe i'll be PG before then.
Stay positive ya'll and good luck.

baby dust.


Yukon Queen - June 22

I too am over weight,its difficult ttc and knowing that its affected by wt(pcos)
Few pounds that i have lost before i ve gained back since i stopped my metformin 1month ago.
Will do a bld test according to my dr b/4 restarting metf ,well am keeping the faith and doing my best.



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