NK Cells(natural killer cells)
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NANCY - March 4

Has any one heard of this?


Fortyfour - March 5

Yes, I was tested for this and my nk cells were 31% and should be under 15%. Doing treatments and have just had my blood redrawn to check killers Cells. I had 2 m/c at 8 weeks. Thanks


NANCY - March 5

What kind of treatments?


Fortyfour - March 7

I cannot talk about the one treatment but the other is ivig that I will do preconception. I just got the green light today to do ivf. Yeah.


NANCY - March 7

is it a trial

what is IVIG

I am so happy that you get to do your IVF cycle I wish you the best of luck

Much Baby dust to you and everyone else!!!!!


Fortyfour - March 8

The treatment is a trial yes. Why are you asking about killer cells. May I ask what you are going through? I see the doc on the 24th in order to discuss IVF time.


NANCY - March 8

I was told the my husband and I had unexplained infertility. They say all tests came back fine. I did a round of IVF and they retrieved 11 eggs. 6 of the eggs they let nature takes it's course and the other 5 they did ICSI. Out of the 6 eggs 1 fertilized and out of the 5 eggs that were ICSIed 4 made it. They said that my eggs were probably to hard for my husband's sperm to penetrate. I just went another round of IVF and ICSI last month and I had 17 eggs 10 fertilized and 9 fertilized normally. They put in 3 a 8,7,6 cell. It didn't work. So is there anything I can do besides IVF and ICSI to try while I save money to go another round of IVF that might work

I wrote this to Dr Smith and he had told me to get cked for this. I put a call into my doctors office asking them if I was cked for this and if I wasn't can I be. I spoke with one of the nurses and she said she was looking into gathering paper work what ever that means

I also miscarried at 8 weeks doing clomid. I forgot to tell Dr Smith that.

So just starting to look into this so any info you have is better than what I have

Thanks so much

Much Baby Dust to all of us here!!!!!!!


Fortyfour - March 10

Hi, I would look at Dr. Alan Beers website on immunology problems. Take care. Sorry for your loss.


NANCY - March 10

thanks so much for the information

good luck

Much baby dust to you!!!!


pj - March 11

i've been gone from this board for a long time, but in that time i've been tested for certain immunological problems and found that i have increased natural killer cells and test positive for antiphospholipid antibodies.
my new doctor suggests heparin therapy and ivig infusions.
as i understand it, heprain is a daily shot that thins out my blood so that it doesn't clog up any connections (i.e. blood vessels) forming between my body and my baby. the ivig infusions are so that my immune system doesn't perceive the embryos as a foreign object (like a disease would seem) and they have a chance of implanting and making it.
it is so good to have this new information so that we can treat what's wrong and have a better chance at having a baby.
now i just worry that we spent so much money getting a baby that we won't have any left to raise it.
fortyfour, it's good to see your update. good luck!
and nancy, nice to meet you . i hope you are able to find out what is in your way so that it can be treated.


Fortyfour - March 15

Hi pj- I dont know if I mentioned before but they found out I have a clotting disorder also. MTHFR the c -one. homo only. I will take the folgard and asa and heparin for that. I am now reviewing prices and how to do the ivig. Good luck to all and baby dust to all.


NANCY - March 22

fourtyfour - just thinking about you good luck on Friday!!!


Fortyfour - March 23

Thank you Nancy- I hope this time is our last time to have to go through this. Baby dust to all.


NANCY - April 4




Fortyfour - April 6

Hi Nancy - I was not excited after the visit because the doc was looking at my hysterosalpingogram and now wants to do a hysteroscopy because he thinks that I have a septum that need to be removed. I was ready to scream if I do have one and he takes it out it will not until July that we can try. I told him I was not happy and that I was not getting any younger and he said well the egss are frozen. I told him yeah but not the rest of me. Geez I will now be 46 when and if I have a baby. Dont they get it. I will be raising a baby and going through menopause. Men!!!!!! I hope he looks in there and no septum. Take care all.


NANCY - April 11

What is a septum?

I'm so sorry that your visit didn't go well. I am thinking of you. I hope that everything works out for you.


Fortyfour - April 11

Hi Nancy- I guess it forms when we are forming as a fetus. When the uterus forms it makes an area like scar tissue that makes it hard for the baby to implant in and then get enough circulation. Thanks for asking.



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