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wishfulthinking - November 15

Hi I'm new to this message board. I had a tubal reversal on 7/3/06. My right tube is 7 and my left is 7.5 (whcich are considered great..(anything 7 or more is suppose to give you the best chances). But I know serveral who have gotten BFP with much shorter ones.

Every month I don't get PG I try something new. Right now I'm on Ovulex, primrose. prenatals and I take extra folic acid. My DH has low sperm count and slow swimmers, per hsi last semen analysis. He has another one tomorrow, but since his last one three months ago, he has been taking a multivitamine , extra zinc, vitamine C and Fertilmale, so hopefully this will help!! I'm so hoping so. I look forward to reading all of your stories and sharing more of's soooo great to have soooo much support...lots of BABY DUST to all.


reversal 7/3/06


Ange - November 15

Welcome wishfullthinking,

Why do you come and join the ovulex XII board. It is filled with lots of us taking the same vitamins and herbs you are taking. I myself have been trying for 14 years and still hopefull. I was very close to conquering my infertility I just know it. I am taking EPO, Flaxseed, Prenatals, Green tea and herbs from a herbalist.

I am sending you lots of babydust your way


wishfulthinking - November 15

Thanks, Ange. I haven't been part of a message board or anything, I read them a lot though. I think I will join that board, I know if I see your name then I'm at the right forum. Thanks so much!! and I'm wishing you the best in TTC, know that God is GOOD and that he sends his blessings when you least expect it. look forward to our journey together.


angelarettig - July 17

I am not 11 weeks pregnant. I got pregnant on my second round of menopur shots. I have 6 shots left over and I would love for someone to get the opportunity to use them so they do not go to waste. Please let me know if you need them. I have the needles and qcaps that go with it. Please let me know if they would be helpful to you. I would like to sell them for around $400.

Thanks and good luck to all of you!


Islandgirl - August 19

Hi I am new here and would appreciate an explanation of the abbreviations.


Shara - August 19

Hi Islandgirl and Wishfulthinking and welcome to the board. It is filled with great support and love from women who are going through the same thing that you are!!! Feel free to look at all the threads and drop us a line anytime!!

Island girl - what abbreviations are you having trouble - there a lot of them. If you go to the Shared Journey Support Forum (first page) at the top of the page - click on abbreviations and that should help also!!!


Mahogany Heart - August 22



Shara - September 27

To alll of the sisters

Please email me at [email protected] I have something I would like to tell you. In the subject line type in SIsterhood so that I know that it is from you!!! IN addition, if you have aol instant messenger please let me know that also so that I can add you to mine!!!
Talk to you all later!



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