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RLF5981 - October 18

I was surfing the web and came across this forum and decided that I needed to be part of it. The support for eachother here is so great! My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for over three years and we are getting ready to start our second ivf cycle. It's been a rough month, my last cycle was cancelled due to my estrogen levels bottoming. That was a very hard depressing state. I am getting ready to start an antagonist protocol. I am not exactly sure what that is. Could someone put it in real people terms?


Fortyfour - October 19

I loved your last line on your post. I feel the same way. I am sorry for your struggle. I hope your next ivf works for you. When are you doing it? Take care


sblanton2 - October 19

Welcome to the club, although I am sure it is one you would rather not be a part of... The ladies here are wonderful and have saved my sanity many times.
I have a great book that tells what the Antagonist protocol is. The book is " The couple's guide to invitro fertilization" by Liza Charlesworth. It explains that this protocol uses a new antogonist drug(brand names Antagon and Centrotide) basically just another drug that turns off ovulation...they should be using it in place of Lupron according to my book. It is a new drug and a lot of RE's are big fans. Ask Dr. Jacobs when he comes back on the 20th. I hope this helps a least a little.

Best of luck,


RLF5981 - October 19

Thanks you Sylvia for all the information, I will have to go out and pick up that book. It sounds like it will be great help! It really is nice to be able to discuss infertility will people who actually are going through it and understand themselves.

I found that line on google one day and thought that it was extremely fitting for the way life is going right now. I started taking my bc two days ago and will be starting the other drugs (not sure which antogonist I'll be on) next week. We are hoping for retrieval around the first week in Nov. Thanks so much for your support. ;D



Welcome and you certainly found the right site. I dont think I could function without it.. The support is the best you can get from alot of wonderful women going through your same struggle. Its so hard dealing with all the let downs ect.. Sometimes your friends and family just dont understand fully. These women live it and know first hand exactly how your feeling. You've joined a great bunch of women!!!
Good luck to you and again welcome!!


Mahogany Heart - October 28




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