new here-just saying HI
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4baby4us - December 6

[color=Purple]Hi everyone

Apparently I need to learn how to use all those buttons up there. I had this whole HI written out and I went to change the color and it all disappeared. :'(

Well Hi again

Ive been other TTC boards and they dont really have an IF board. Everyone just wants a baby, then POOF! they get a BFP. I dont think they understand what we go through to TRY to even GET pg, in hopes to keep the pg long enough to even have a baby. KWIM?

We just completed our first IVF #1, and got a BFP. But we were heade home from Thanksgiving holidays and we were hit by a drunk driver on the 23rd. And had a m/c a few days later. We're in a long battle with the lawyers office to even answer their phone.

Well I could go on and on about everything else but just wanted to start out with a HELLO first.[/color]


vligertwood - December 6

Oh Tracy,

I am so sorry to hear about the accident. Its hard enough going through everything to get a BFP but then to lose it all due to someone else's stupidity. I can't imagine how angry I would be.

HUGS Let us know what your RE says.



Brianandjena - December 8

Welcome! *HUG* and I am so sorry for the accident. I will be praying for you. YOu know I have read a lot of forums and more often than not after one seccessful (even if there is a m/c) it seems that they get preg the next time faster. I hope this is the case for you and ur husband.


bdantonio - December 8

tracy how far were u


4baby4us - December 10

Hi ladies...

I was 2w5d. Wasnt that far along. But we've waited forever it seemed to even to be able to afford to try IVF. Then that jerk stole it away. We decided to sign the COBRA ins and we're gonna try once more. But we're not telling the family this time until we're 6-8 weeks along. We got everyones hopes up, then we were ALL devestated by this.


bdantonio - December 10

tracy i will pray that all works out for you.


Marina - December 12

Tracy,do you have frozen embies left?If so,it's going to be easier this time...Sorry for what happen to you :(,I hope you can win the court(you know, in our case it will be so hard to prove that it happen because of the accident,not a natural m/c),I hope you got a good lawyer.Good luck,we'll see you here!


4baby4us - December 12

Thanks ladies. No we didnt freeze any. We couldnt afford another $1000. Then another $3000 for an FET.

But this new RE includes freezing in her fees, and FET is $1000.

Still not sure what we're doing, but DH is so excited to think we have another chance.

Yes, we hired some of the "best" attorneys in Houston. They just never return phone calls.



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